[Top 10] DayZ Best Food

DayZ Best Food

2 very satisfying events can occur in DayZ - one, shooting a freshly spawned player in the face. Two - finding a can of baked beans after almost dying of starvation. You see, that’s the beauty of DayZ, you can find stacks of weapons, clothes, and plenty of other stuff, but you can’t find food, so you result to skinning players and eating human meat.

Today, I’ll be showing you the best foods that you can munch on while escaping hordes of zombies or getting shot at by Bambi-killers. Let’s get to it:

10. Human Steak

Not this again…

Now you might ask me - “Why are you such a degenerate ?”, my response is, I don’t have a clue! But what I have a clue about is that human meat both in real life and DayZ is not good for you - in real life, your conscience might suffer+you might vomit uncontrollably, in DayZ you might catch the infamous Brain Prion Disease, which will make you laugh for the rest of your life. What’s great about this food, is that it’s easily accessible if you know how to kill another player(+YOU GET A LOT OF MEAT FROM A PLAYER!). Just simply gut him with a knife and happy days! (Make sure you have space to carry the meat <3).

Why Human Steak is “great”:

  • Plenty of it drops after gutting a players corpse
  • Serves great as the last resort for finding food
  • Human meat is so great in DayZ, is that it even might make you laugh forever!

Stats: Human Steak

Raw Human Steak: 50 calories, 50 milliliters(water), 1x3(space)

Rotten Human Steak 25 calories, 25 milliliters(water), 1x3(space)

Baked Human Steak 200 calories, 50 milliliters(water), 1x3(space)

Boiled Human Steak 150 calories, 150 milliliters(water), 1x3(space)

Dried Human Steak 150 calories, 0 milliliters(water), 1x3(space)

Burned Human Steak 50 calories, 0 milliliters(water), 1x3(space)

9. Red Pine Mushroom

I don’t think you’ll die from this one. I think so...

This little fella is awesome, you’d think that he would save you from hunger, but it’s quite the opposite, it will save your miserable butt from dehydration. It can be found in forests and from what I remember, near hay bales.

What’s great about Red Pine Mushroom:

  • It’s pretty.
  • Doesn’t require a lot of space, thus you can keep it as a companion!
  • Solves thirst problems pretty efficiently.

Stats: Red Pine Mushroom(2slots, 1x2)

Raw: 20kcal, 95ml              

Rotten: 15kcal, 47.5ml

Baked: 80kcal, 71.25ml

Boiled: 60kcal, 120ml

Dried: 30kcal, 9.5ml

Burned: 15kcal, 23.75ml

8. Canned Tuna

Ignore the description in the picture. You’ll find a better one below!

Are you a cat? If yes, you’ll love this! It’s a tuna inside of a can that offers great calorie intake and also decent water value. It’s a pretty common food to find along the coasts and in houses. 

Warning: Opening this can may result in being mauled by kittens.

What’s great about the Canned Tuna;

  • You can hydrate yourself with the tuna oil
  • You can find it about everywhere
  • Attracts rabid kittens!

Stats: Canned Tuna(2 slots, 1x2)

150kcal, 100ml

7. Canned Spaghetti

Ate something similar in real life, tasted like sh..

Nutrient-wise, it’s a lot like canned tuna, but if you don’t like the smell of an outdated tuna can, then spaghetti in a can is most definitely for you! It weighs almost half a kilo, which means that it’s going to last for quite a bit. Make sure to have something to open the can with!

What’s great about the Spaghetti Can:

  • It’s canned food, so you don’t have to worry about it spoiling too fast
  • Half a kilo of Italian goodies!

Stats: Canned Spaghetti(4 slots, 2x2)

175kcal, 75ml

6. Cereals

Eating cereals without milk? Are you a psychopath or smtn.

Do not ever trust people who eat cereals without milk, and REALLY DON’T TRUST PEOPLE who eat cereals in DayZ without milk. They will most likely shoot you in the face for fun and giggles and in the last few seconds of your life, they will start crunching cereals in front of your ear. 

What’s great about the Cereals:

  • There’s a small chance of getting a compass from the box!
  • The cereal box looks very detailed
  • Idk generally it’s just a cool food item lol wat do u want me 2 say m8??

Stats: Cereals(9 slots, 3x3)

400kcal, 0ml

5. Powdered Milk

How do you even eat this thing?

Same nutrition as the cereals, the difference being is that this one doesn’t take 30000 slots of space. If memory serves me right, this item lasts for a pretty long time. I remember snorting the powdered milk like cocaine from Elektrozavodsk all up to the NW Airport.

What’s great about the Powdered Milk:

  • It’s like Whey Protein, too bad you can’t lift in DayZ.
  • Lasts for a long time
  • And it also doesn’t take too much space

Stats: Powdered Milk(2 slots, 1x2)

400kcal, 0ml

4. Canned Bacon

I’d eat the hell out of this thing tho

Canned bacon is a lovely item to eat, first of all, it’s goddamn bacon. I don’t care if it’s in a can or sewers, I WILL eat it. Luckily for you, bacon in DayZ can only be found in cans in military outposts/camps. Pretty nutritious and gives a small hydration boost, also lets the enemy that just killed you that you weren’t just a simple DayZ survivor, you were a survivor with canned bacon.

What’s great about the Canned Bacon:

  • The rarest can you find in DayZ!
  • The textures are very meme-worthy
  • According to the DayZ wiki, it lasts for 10 years.

Stats: Canned Bacon(4 slots, 2x2)

300kcal, 50ml

3. Deer Steak

You shot Bambi’s mother, you cold bastard!

A deer steak is always nice to have, as you don’t have to worry about deers in DayZ mauling you to death, just shoot at it with your Glock 13 times or just chase it down with a shovel, both will work. The benefit of this meat is that you don’t have to look for it in cities, where you can get your face chewed off or shoot off.

What’s great about the Deer Steak:

  • The owner of this steak won’t fight back
  • You don’t have to shoot a deer 13 times with a Glock, it only takes 1 bullet to the skull!
  • There are 2 types of Bambi’s in DayZ, those that spawn in forests and those that spawn on the coasts!

Stats: Deer Steak(2 slots, 1x2)

Raw Deer Steak 50kcal, 50ml

Rotten Deer Steak 25kcal, 25ml

Baked Deer Steak 350kcal, 50ml

Boiled Deer Steak 300kcal, 100ml

Dried Deer Steak 300kcal, 0ml

Burned Deer Steak 50kcal, 0ml

2. Bear Steak


If you have this piece of meat, it means that you have encountered a bear somewhere. I have no clue how you survived the encounter or how you killed that goddamn thing, but it surely deserved a reward, and the reward was some good ol’ Bear Steak. If you’re suicidal or burned out with DayZ, you can write hunting for a bear in your challenge book - it will either end with you get mauled to death, barely alive or with a bear laying motionless on the ground. Good luck.

What’s great about the Bear Steak:

  • By hunting down a bear you automatically get the badass status
  • Plenty of it drops after skinning a bear
  • One of the most nutritious foods in DayZ!

Stats: Bear Steak(4slots, 2x2)

Raw 50kcal, 50ml

Rotten 25kcal, 25ml

Baked 400kcal, 50ml

Boiled 350kcal, 150ml

Dried 350kcal, 0ml

Burning 50kcal, 0ml

1. Mackerel Fillet

Stare into the abyss.

The Mackerel. You can get this sweetheart by fishing and once you get this baby, you’re gonna goddamn bake it and eat it, bones and all. Find a relatively big water pool, get your fishing rod out, and start fishing for dat good old Mackerel.

The Mackerel Fillet is by far the most nutritious food out there, it also does a great job of hydrating you - Getting the Mackarel is also easier than hunting a goddamn bear, a bitten finger is always better than a missing spinal cord!

What’s great about the Mackerel Fillet:

  • The boiled Mackarel is the best Mackarel(400ml+400kcal)
  • Easy and safe to get
  • Just look at those eyes, wtf is up with them

Stats: Mackarel Fillet

Raw Mackarel Fillet 50kcal, 100ml

Rotten Mackarel Fillet 25kcal, 50ml

Baked Mackarel Fillet 600kcal, 100ml

Boiled Mackarel Fillet 400kcal, 400ml

Dried Mackarel Fillet 400kcal, 130ml

Burned Mackarel Fillet 50kcal, 0ml

That’s all folks, the best foods in DayZ that you’re gonna stumble upon. These foods are either easy to get, or extremely hard to get, or EXTREMELY DANGEROUS to get(*cough*bears*cough*). Anyways boys, have fun hunting deers, bear, and sinister Mackerels, I’m out and see ya!

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