[Guide] DayZ How To Make a Fire

DayZ How To Make a Fire

Howdy guys, this is a quick and easy tutorial on how to start a fire in DayZ - why, to fire is extremely important in DayZ? First of all, if you have raw food of any type, you’ll need to cook it/boil it, stay warm, and dry up your clothes, when you’re sick, it might even boost up your recovery - that’s why knowing how to start a fire is so essential in DayZ.

Before we start though, if you hate articles, you can click on this video tutorial made by Archie Stormcloud: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBhVjQltM54 

1. How to make a campfire:

Step 1: Get your favorite knife out!

First things first, get your knife out and walk to the nearest tree, when you’re in front of it, you’re gonna get an option to cut off the bark, press LMB and make sure to pick up the bark from the ground!

Step 2: Slappin’ the bush!

The next step is to walk to a bush and start slapping it with your knife, it should drop a bunch of long sticks before collapsing!

Step 3: Breaking the long stick into smaller sticks

After you’ve slapped the bush, you should get at least 2 long sticks, drag one of them to your action bar and equip it, you’re gonna get an option to break it into smaller sticks, press LMB and BAM, you have short sticks, bravo!

Step 4: Combining bark with short sticks

Drag bark to the equipped short stick, you’re gonna get an option to create this:

So, combining bark with sticks will give you a campfire, how do you set it on fire tho?

Step 5: Crafting the Hand Drill Kit

How do you craft the Hand Drill Kit? You literally do the same thing as before, combine short sticks with bark, you’re gonna get an option to change to a different recipe and click LMB, bam, after around 10 seconds you’re gonna craft the Hand Drill Kit.

Step 6: Lighting your campfire

Equip your Hand Drill Kit and use it on your campfire -  and it should catch on fire, yay!

Now, you have to make sure to have a supply of wood, why? Because without fuel your campfire is gonna die out, you’re gonna be cold and uncozy, and kinda sad tbh ;<, thus make sure to cut down trees with your hatchet and throw some logs into the fire!

There are different ways of lighting your campfire, you can use matches:

You can also use a lighter:

2. Setting up a fire barrel

I’ll show you the second way of starting a fire in DayZ!

Step 1: Finding a barrel

If not for that ugly ass barrel it would have been a pretty view, but anyways, you can find it in sheds, agricultural buildings, and building sites, you can carry a barrel, but only with both of your hands, you can’t keep it in your inventory!

Step 2. Transforming a barrel into a fire barrel

You need a screwdriver, a crowbar, or a pickaxe to craft the fire barrel. Just walk up to it and click LMB, when the option pops up in the middle of your screen.

Step 3. Put firewood/rags/paper, etc inside of the fire barrel

Now you have a fire barrel with all the stuff to start a fire inside of it, all you need to do right now is to light it, it can be either with matches, a lighter the hand drill kit, taa daa, now you can start cooking your food or attracting other players!

3. Fireplace inside of a house

This is so simple it barely needs any explanation, all you need to do is to find a house located usually at the coast and check whether it has a fireplace - if it does, put some sticks, logs, and some kindling(paper, bandages, etc) and voila, you’ve got another fire ready.

1 IMPORTANT THING - smoke might come out of the chimney, attracting unwanted attention, aka bandits, Bambi’s, and me!

To sum it all up:

These are known to me ways of starting a fire in DayZ, they’ve got their pros and cons, but just make sure to bury your campfire after you’ve stopped using it, there might be a psychopath stalking you and it will just help him track you down even sooner! Anyways boys and gals, cheers and hope you enjoyed this article! CIAO BELLA

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