[Guide] DayZ How To Activate Night Vision

DayZ How To Activate Night Vision
5 eyes!

Howdy boys, do you like to see stuff in the dark? Are you wondering why that guy is using NV Goggles when it’s sunny - we will never find out and we’ll likely never find the NV Goggles as they’re extremely rare, but if you wanna test your luck you should try lookin’ for ‘em at the airfields, military outposts or maybe crashed helicopter sites. Don’t get your hopes up though, getting a bullet between your eyeballs is going to be the most likely outcome!

I’ll be showing you a quick guide on how to set up the NV Goggles, what items you need to combine with them, and plenty of other things - enough blah, blah, blah - let’s get into the guide:

Step 1: Get the right helmet

Looks like a headcrab without its tiny limbs!

This is a ballistic helmet, a helmet on which you can attach the grip for the NV Goggles. Keep in mind, a ballistic helmet is not the only headwear that you can have combined with the NV Goggles, I found out that you can use it in pair with a tactical helmet and probably other helmets that you’ll stumble into!

Step 2: NVG Headstrap

Looks like some weird BDSM device.

You’ll need to strap your NV Goggles to this thingy. No, you can’t use duct tape or super glue to attach the NV Goggles to your ballistic helmet!

Step 3: NV Goggles

Waow, you’re gonna look so cool soon!

Those are the super rare goggles that everyone is talkin’ about, like I said before, you’ll catch a bullet to the brain before you can find this crap!

Step 4: 9V Battery

A barely visible 9V battery.

Yes, you’ll need a 9V battery for your NV Goggles. You’ll most likely not batteries already inside the NV Goggles, so make sure to have some batteries with ya!

Step 5: Combine the 9V battery with the NV Goggles

Batteries inserted inside of the NV Goggles.

Drag your goggles to your hands, then proceed to combine the 9V battery with the NV Goggles, afterwards the battery should be appearing on the bottom left corner of the NV goggles in the “hands” slot. That means that you have successfully combined both of the items, hooray!

Step 6: Combining the NV Goggles with the NVG Headstrap

Almost there!

Drag the NVG Headstrap to your “hands” slot, then drag your NV Goggles(with the 9V battery inside) to the combine option, and voila, you just got yourself working NV Goggles - the second-last step now is to:

Step 7: Attaching the NV Goggles with your helmet


You have successfully attached the NV Goggles to your helmet, the default key to active night vision is L. It should look something like this:

And this will be you after a week of playing DayZ:


The simplest of tasks in DayZ can be very difficult and frustrating, hopefully with this quick and simple guide you have learned a couple of new things about DayZ. But remember, finding the NV Goggles is EXTREMELY FUC- HARD, I only found them once in my 400 hours of playtime(probably because I died on the coast somewhere before I could even reach an airfield) - but yeah, that’s the good old NV Goggles for ya!

Thank you for reading and cheers, have fun in DayZ!

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