[Guide] DayZ How To Find Your Friends

DayZ How To Find Friends
Moment of peace.

Whether it’s Chernarus, Livonia, Namalsk, or whatever, if you want to play with your friends you’ll most likely be faced with a realization that you won’t spawn next to each other. You’ll probably spawn somewhere around Kamenka and your buddy will spawn in Zaliv Guba(Yeah, I know).

In this guide, I’ll be showing you how to meet up with your buddy, so you can loot, kill, eat human meat and shoot Bambis with sniper rifles for sport! Anyways, enough talkin’, let’s get to the guide:

Step 1: Spawning

It’s kinda nice in here.

So, you have spawned - what now? Take a look around and check if there are any unique locations - it could be anything, a house, an oddly shaped piece of land, a lighthouse, etc.

If you’re spawned literally in the middle of nowhere, try running in a straight line till you find a unique object/location(Again - a lake, a house, a lighthouse, etc).

Step 2: Finding the unique object or location

An island and a cigarette.

I found a lighthouse overlooking an island somewhere on the coast -  that’s great - now you should open up your map(it can be a map from iZurvive, doesn’t have to be an in-game map).

Coast - Lighthouse - Island, 3 locations that you should look out for in your map!

Step 3: Finding yourself on the map


So I found myself on the map, the place that I’m in is called Krutoy Cap, the island next to me is called Voron. But the name of this article is about finding your friends, not about finding yourself!

Step 4: Figuring out where your friend is

There’s your friend!

So your friend also found out where he is - in a coastal city overlooking the island of Voron. The best thing you can tell him is to find a highway and go east till both of you meet up.

Step 5: Meeting up

Perfect meeting spot for getting shot by a sniper hiding in the hills!

The red line is your buddy and the green line is you, the purple dot is the meeting point of you both. Congrats, you found yourselves and now it’s up to you both what you’re gonna do, I’d suggest some good old trolling, such as tying a freshly spawned player’s arms behind their back, practicing cannibalism, or just being a rare breed of a DayZ player, which is being honorable and helping others.

Step 6: What if you are in a large, urbanized area?

The good ol’ fireplace!

If for the love of God you can’t seem to locate your friend, tell him to start a fire inside one of the houses that has a fireplace. The fireplace will generate smoke coming out of the chimney, that way you’ll know which house your friend is in. Just remember, the smoke might not only attract YOU to the house.

Step 8: Dense forests

Smart or dumb?

My last method of finding your friends in DayZ might be the stupidest one, but it’s still a method! Pull out your gun and let out a shot in the air, gunshots in DayZ are pretty loud from afar and they can give your friend a direction to head for.

It’s a useful method, but a very risky one at that. A gunshot can attract zombies and other players to your location. You should use this method if you are in a dense forest without any unique objects/locations that can give you a lead(I highly advise to not fire shots in a city, it WILL attract zombies and cause only trouble for you).


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