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DayZ Servers Temporarily Down for Xbox Experimental Update
DayZ servers were temporarily down for an Xbox Experimental update... Read More
DayZ Announces SpookyZ Winners!
DayZ has announced the winners of its 2021 SpookyZ Halloween... Read More
Content Creators Serve As Valuable Resource for DayZ Skill Building
DayZ recently posted a tweet asking the DayZ player community which... Read More
If the Flies in Dayz’s Halloween Mode Are Pissing You Off This Will Make You Very Happy!
DayZ has announced a solution for players to get a little respite... Read More
DayZ How To Fix a Broken Leg
Howdy guys, have you ever wandered around Elektrozavodsk and wondered... Read More
DayZ How To Find Friends
Whether it’s Chernarus, Livonia, Namalsk, or whatever, if you want to... Read More
DayZ How To Attach Barbed Wire
Yes, it’s the good old barbed wire that will give you 7 cuts in about... Read More
DayZ Admin Commands You Should Know
What does the picture have to do with the name of the article?... Read More
DayZ How To Activate Night Vision
Howdy boys, do you like to see stuff in the dark? Are you wondering... Read More
DayZ Best Food
2 very satisfying events can occur in DayZ - one, shooting a freshly... Read More
DayZ How To Make a Base
Well, why do you make a base in DayZ? Why is it important - if you... Read More
DayZ How To Cure Sickness
  Howdy boys and girls, let me tell you something about... Read More
DayZ How To Make a Splint
  So, you’ve decided to break your legs by jumping off a... Read More
DayZ How To Make a Fire
Howdy guys, this is a quick and easy tutorial on how to start a fire... Read More
Dayz Beginners Guide
Hi guys, do you know this wonderful game called DayZ? I remember... Read More
Dayz Best Melee Weapons
Are you out of luck and the only weapon that you’ve managed to find... Read More
BEST DayZ Loot Locations
[Top 10] BEST DayZ Loot Locations Realistic survival shooter DayZ... Read More
DayZ Best Weapons
[Top 10] DayZ Best Weapons and How To Get Them (2020 Edition)... Read More
Dayz Best Base Locations
[Top 10] Dayz Best Base Locations And Why They're So Good Creating... Read More
Best DayZ Servers
[Top 10] Best DayZ Servers That Are Fun (2020 Edition) Picking a... Read More
 Games Like DayZ Players running into the bleak distance
Can you survive the zombie apocalypse? Play games like DayZ and find... Read More
Popular PC Games
What Are The Most Played PC Games in 2016? Only half-way through... Read More
Time to crack zombie skulls!
Unleash your inner zombie slayer in the best zombie games you can... Read More
 10 Best Zombie Survival Games To Prepare You For a Zombie Apocalypse
  It's never too early to prepare for the end of the world.... Read More
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