Top 10 Best Dark Mangas With Demons and Vampires

Best Dark Mangas, demon mangas, vampire mangas
Don't let this guy bite you!

Some of the most popular mangas are ones that features vampires or demons. Unfortunately, a lot of them are all about light-hearted slice of life topics. It’s time to celebrate the darkness that comes with supernatural creatures.

This is the perfect list if you love dark twisted stories!

10. Trinity Blood

Set in a post-apocalyptic world after Armageddon, humans and vampires are still at war. Though many want to coexist together a group of vampire extremists, Rosenkreuz Orden, won’t let that happen. To combat them, the Vatican must do everything they can, and that means sending out vampires who prey on other vampires.

This manga will have you wanting to read more and more!

9. Black Bird

Misao Harada just wants to be a normal sixteen year old girl and have a boyfriend. She, however, is far from normal-,she can see demons. During a demon attack she is saved by her neighbor, Kyou. She then finds out that Kyou is the leader of a Tengu clan. Misao now has two choices: to sleep with and marry Kyou or endure more demon attacks.

A twisted take on a romance!

8. Vampire Hunter D

Set in 12,090 A.D., Count Magnus Lee, a powerful vampire lord, and his army have ruled the world for thousands of years. When a girl is bit by Count Magnus Lee, she turns to D. D is half human and half vampire which makes him perfect for vampire hunting. D knows what he has to do. He must defeat Counts Magnus Lee's army, and put an end to the Count's rule.

Dark with many unnatural paranormal aspects!

7. Seraph of the End

After an Apocalypse Virus appeared wiping out almost all human adults, vampires have come out of the shadows and enslave the rest of the human race. The Moon Demon Company, a group dedicated to kill vampires, forms. The Moon Demon Company invites Yuuichirou Aman to join them. Yuuichirou Aman quickly accepts and wants to get revenge for his family.

Quick paced and packed with action!

6. Vampire Knight

Set at Cross Academy, a boarding school, there are two separate classes. There is the Day Class and the Night Class. The Night class, however, is not full of your typical students. The night class is all vampires. It is up to the Guardians, Yuki Cross and Zero Kiryu, to keep the Day Class safe from their classmates.

Very addictive story with lots of plot twists!

5. D. Gray-man

Near the end of the 19th century in England, Millennium Earl have made Akuma, which are mechanic weapons with suffering souls of the dead. Allen Walker joins an organization of Exorcists to destroy Akuma. Given by an apostle of God, Allen receives an anti-Akuma weapon as an arm which holds the power of "Innocence." Allen, along with the rest of the Exorcists, must defeat the Akuma and end Millennium Earls rule of the Earth.

A dark and mysterious story!

4. Blood+

With no recollection of her past, Saya has been with her adopted family living a normal life until a monster, Chiropteran, attacks her. Saya finds out that she is a born monster hunter. Saya, with the help of the Red Shield, must stop the Chiropteran before it’s too late.

Action-packed with a lot of violence!

3. Overlord

Momonga favorite online game, Yggdrasil, is about to get shut down. Momonga decides to stay in the game. Momonga is then transformed into his character, a very powerful skeleton. As the game turns off the non playable characters wake up and gain feelings. Momonga has one goal, to become the ruler of this new world.

What would you do if you lost your soul?

2. Hellsing

To combat the vampires and other supernatural threats the Royal Order of Protestant Knights has created a group called Hellsing. Hellsing, now led by Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, releases his most powerful weapon, a vampire named Alucard. During a fight Alucard wounds a cop named Seras Victoria. Seras now has to decide to die a human or become a vampire and fight.

A dark series with a lot of action and gore.

1. Berserk

In the Medieval times an orphan, Guts, was raised by a cruel mercenary leader. After suffering abuse from his adopted father, Guts kills him in self-defense. After an emotional and dramatic event, a broken Guts reinvests himself as the Black Swordsman. He then goes on a quest for vengeance.

Blood, gory and violent!

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