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Gaming's greatest heroes, all in one game!
Gaming's greatest heroes, all in one game!

7. Valla


Fear the woman who can fight in high heels

Valla was the lone survivor of a hellish invasion that slaughtered everyone in her village. The traumatic experience filled her with a fury she couldn’t contain – until the Demon Hunters found her. Devoted to ridding Sanctuary of demonic pestilence, they gave her rage direction and honed her skills. With her new family, Valla now vows to eradicate all evil plaguing the lands. And she’ll do all that in high heels and a corset tight enough to crush lesser ribcages.

A prodigy with the crossbow, Valla fires multiple arrows simultaneously in a wide arc, and special arrows that attack in a chain. She can even rain arrows on competitors. She also boasts the agility of a champion gymnast, able to somersault to safety, and shoot her arrows while pirouetting like a top. It’s now wonder she’s one of the most popular Heroes of the Storm characters!

8. Illidan


Blind as a vampire bat

Named the “Betrayer” and imprisoned for 10,000 years for permitting the Burning Legion entry into his homeland, Illidan Stormrage was freed by Tyrande Whisperwind to atone for his sins. But the power-hungry Illidan sided with the Legion again, leading to his permanent banishment. Now he rules the shattered realm Outland with an iron fist, annihilating all who would oppose him.

Illidan uses his superior athleticism to his advantage, diving into combat swinging his twin blades, and dodging enemies with ease. His attacks have a vampiric quality, siphoning life energy from his targets to heal his wounds. At his most malevolent, he exterminates foes with a brutal charge, or transforms into a heinous demon capable of lightning-quick strikes and stealing the health of his enemies.

9. Raynor


Fighting for peace and justice

A former marshal on some backwater colony, Jim Raynor played a key role in the revolution to abolish the tyrannical Terran Confederacy. But the revolution’s leader, Arcturus Mengsk, turned out to be a genocidal psychopath, so Raynor turned his attention to bringing his ex-boss to justice. Though he’s got the Zerg – who are bent on the domination of every species – to worry about, too, it was his faith in Kerrigan that ultimately transformed her into a more heroic figure.

A beacon of hope in a sector torn apart by conflict, Raynor is an inspiration to allies, temporarily boosting their attack speed as well as his own. He’s a master marksman capable of demolishing foes with a single penetrating round. He can also summon two Raiders to assist him in combat, or the colossal Hyperion battleship to lay waste to all unfortunate enough to enter its shadow.

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