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Gaming's greatest heroes, all in one game!
Gaming's greatest heroes, all in one game!

Specialist Heroes

28. Sylvanas


Ungrateful undead

Once an accomplished ranger-general, Sylvanas Windrunner was killed defending her homeland, Silvermoon, from the Undead Scourge. Forced into enslavement as the Death Knight Arthas’ banshee, Syvanas eventually reclaimed her freedom. Gathering other freed undead under her rule, she became the Queen of the Forsaken, who now fight alongside the Orcs in the Horde.

On the battlefield, Sylvanas’ basic attacks stun enemy units and structures for a second. Her withering fire seeks heroes, while her shadow daggers damage several units at a time provided they’re clumped together. The banshees under her control can also be used to attack foes. At her most diabolical, Sylvanas employs exploding arrows and mind control to gain an advantage over the enemy.

29. The Lost Vikings


Probably historically accurate

The Lost Vikings are a trio of warrior Vikings operating as a single unit. They had just defeated the evil, intergalactic emperor, Tomator, when they stumbled into the Nexus.

The Vikings pummel the enemy senseless with spinning attacks. When caught in a tight spot, they can jump out of harm’s way, or temporarily boost their armor. When the going gets rough, the Vikings hop into their longboat, then proceed to bombard the opposition with cannon and mortar fire. Alternatively, they can immediately resurrect dead Vikings and gather them all in on spot. Never down for long and always eager for battle, the Vikings also boast the fastest respawn times in the game.

30. Azmodan


As ugly as sin

Azmodan is the Lord of Sin and one of the Lesser Evils – a group of butt-ugly demons reigning over the Burning Hells. As part of a scheme to control all the Hells for himself, Azmodan banished Diablo to Sanctuary. He then picked a fight with another Lesser Evil named Belial, embroiling the Hells in civil war. Ever the greedy demon, he has also set his sights on conquering Sanctuary.

Azmodan and his giant nipple rings may inspire fear and disgust, but as a general and master tactician, he also inspires allies, granting them additional health and the ability to cause more damage. He can summon demons – from warriors and lieutenants to a small army of grunts – and even incinerate foes with fire-based specials. At his nastiest, he creates a black pool around himself and his allies, temporarily augmenting their strength.

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