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Gaming's greatest heroes, all in one game!
Gaming's greatest heroes, all in one game!

15. Arthas


The cold never bothered him anyway

Though he’s one of the most popular Heroes of the Storm characters, Arthas is one frozen heart that won’t be letting it go any time soon. Arthas Menethil was once the idealistic yet impatient prince of Lordaeron. In his desire to gain the power necessary to destroy the undead Scourge endangering his home, he was tricked into wielding the blade Frostmourne. Doing so cursed him, transforming him into a Death Knight. Now, as the Lich King of the Scourge, he is the nemesis of all things living, not to mention he’s a major pain in the posterior at summer beach parties.

Arthas brings his chilly persona to the arena, damaging and slowing down foes with ice-based attacks. But when he’s feeling extra mean, he can also summon an army of undead ghouls, or a huge skeletal dragon capable of dishing out ridiculous amounts of pain.

16. Diablo


Diablo, experiencing having breasts for the first time

Diablo, Lord of Terror, and the youngest of the Prime Evils. His fiendish machinations have embroiled the realm of Sanctuary in horror and chaos, claiming countless victims, and even spurning the angels of the High Heavens to intervene in mortal affairs. Though this devilish brute is no stranger to defeat, he is exceedingly resilient, never failing to return more powerful than ever – even if it means undergoing a sex change and growing breasts.

On the battlefield, Diablo enjoys throwing his weight around with fire-based and physical attacks, such as a grappling move that positions an enemy behind him. He also consumes the souls of the slain to increase his health. When feeling particularly evil, he likes placing exploding runes under opposing heroes, or lighting the place up with his fearsome lightning breath. One of the most terrifying Heroes of the Storm characters!

17. Tyrael


The faceless face of justice

As the Archangel of Justice, Tyrael has always had a soft spot for the mere mortals of Sanctuary – an enduring sentiment that has often put him at loggerheads with his fellow Archangels. Not one to care about what others think of him (haters gonna hate), he continues to serve as defender of humanity. With the holy sword El’druin in hand, he slays any and all demons who dare threaten those under his protection.

Fueled by righteous indignation, Tyrael smites evil by flinging his sword into the thick of battle. His divine aura shields him and allies from damage. He bowls over enemies with a vigorous charge attack, while his sanctification spell gives nearby friends temporary invulnerability. And when he dies, he explodes – which, you have to admit, is a pretty darn awesome way to go.

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