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Gaming's greatest heroes, all in one game!
Gaming's greatest heroes, all in one game!

34. Gazlowe


Hopefully his next invention doesn’t blow up in his face (Image from

Once a thief, the goblin Gazlowe served Thrall as his chief engineer during the early days of Orgrimmar city. Now he manages one of Kalimdor’s biggest port towns, and is one of the most respected individuals in the goblin community.

Gazlowe rides into battle with one of his inventions – a mechanical exoskeleton that packs quite a punch. He lays down proximity mines and zaps foes with a charged electric strike. He can also create turrets on the fly. Gazlowe is a salvager, collecting scrap from destroyed structures to restore mana and speed up ability cooldown. And when things heat up, his robo-goblin powers up to become a more lethal tool of destruction, or he drops a grav-o-bomb 3000, which sucks in enemies to deal heavy damage. One of the more complicated Heroes of the Storm characters, only an expert can use Gazlowe effectively.

35. Abathur


You’re not good enough for him (Image by Luke Mancini from DeviantArt and

Abathur loathes chaos to such a degree that we can safely say he’s suffering from obsessive-compulsive personality disorder. His passion, as you can expect, is order and perfection, particularly in the organisms that enter his laboratory. As the Zerg’s evolution master, his job is to ensure creatures are at the peak of their evolutionary potential – a job he’s doing quite well, thank you very much.

Abathur spawns mines and locusts, as well as gifts allied units or structures with armor and new abilities. The work he’s proudest of involves transforming minions into more lethal monstrosities, and creating perfect clones of allied hero units. One of the trickier Heroes of the Storm characters to play.

36. Sgt. Hammer


Girl loves her tanks

Sergeant Bama Kowalski, also known as “the Hammer,” likes ‘em big. And they don’t get more massive than a lumbering siege tank.

Sgt. Hammer’s tank can transform into a stationary siege weapon, which, thanks to its long range and power, is perfect for destroying enemy structures. Its artillery deals greater damage from afar, but when up close, the tank can lay spider mines or decimate foes with concussive blasts. Unleashing the full potential of her tank, Sgt. Hammer can have it fire a single, powerful missile, or call down a napalm strike to obliterate all in the affected area. Definitely one of the most explosive Heroes of the Storm characters!

And so there you have it, all 36 Heroes of the Storm characters. Take your pick!

So, been playing any Heroes o the Storm lately? Who are your favorite Heroes of the Storm characters, and why? Please share your opinions with us in the comments section below!

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