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Gaming's greatest heroes, all in one game!
Gaming's greatest heroes, all in one game!

Warrior Heroes:

12. Anub’arak


His spider-sense is tingling

Once Azjol-Nerub’s proud Spider King, the towering monstrosity Anub’arak fell during an invasion led by the Lich King. He was then resurrected and forced into servitude as the undead Traitor King.

Anub’arak likes to lord over insects, so every time he casts a spell, a scarab beetle is born. He can quickly burrow underground and then resurface to impale foes, and harden his carapace to give opponents a tougher fight. When royally pissed, he summons a ravenous swarm of locusts to deal periodic damage to enemies standing near him, or weaves a strong enough web to ensnare a single hero for eight seconds.

13. Chen


Kung fu pandaren

Chen Stormstout is many things in one: a wandering adventurer, a mighty warrior, one of Mother Nature’s biggest fans, and of course, a Brewmaster. Forever on the lookout for wondrous tales, rare ingredients, and a good drink, the globetrotting pandaren has been to the many corners of Azeroth, and has participated in many of the world’s most groundbreaking events.

Chen likes to drink, and for good reason: it augments his armor! This pandaren also brings his martial arts expertise, fiery breath, and enormous barrel to the battlefield. He can even split himself into three elemental spirits, each with its own special techniques.

14. Stitches


He just wants to play!

A creation of the depraved Abercrombie the Embalmer, Stiches is a towering mass of rotting, undead flesh sent to terrorize the populace of the village of Darkshire. Now the abomination roams Duskwood, slaughtering and feasting upon all unfortunate enough to cross his path, and… looking for friends to play with?

When it comes to Heroes of the Storm characters, Stiches is a clear favorite, and it’s easy to see why. Stitches is a force to be reckoned, not only because of the ease with which he wields his enormous hook and cleaver, but also because he emits a poisonous gas cloud every time he’s hit. Perhaps the most dangerous thing about him, however, is his ability to gobble minions and heroes up. This nasty brute can also vomit putrid bile, damaging and slowing down opponents while improving his own movement speed. Not to be taken lightly!

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