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Gaming's greatest heroes, all in one game!
Gaming's greatest heroes, all in one game!

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21. Rehgar


Are you not entertained??

Before he became Warchief Thrall’s trusted advisor, Rehgar Earthfury proved his mettle in the arena as a gladiator. That life is long behind him, however; now, as a shaman, he hopes to renew a world that has been brought to its knees by endless strife.

Rehgar takes his duties as a shaman seriously, healing and shielding allies in battle. Having led his own team of warriors in the past, he also knows how to bring out the bloodlust in his allies, which vastly improves their combat prowess.

22. Brightwing


Brightening up your day!

Looking like lizards with butterfly wings, the Faerie Dragons are known for their playful nature, and for assisting the night elves in their ventures. Possessing incredible magic, they can phase in and out of existence, a talent they exploit when engaging in mischief. And the adorable (yet lethal) Brightwing is all about mischief.

While Brightwing’s abilities heal allies as well as hurt foes, perhaps her most amusing trick is turning enemies into sheep with her polymorph spell. She can also teleport, and use pixie dust to increase a target hero’s movement speed. When it comes to healers, Brightwing is one of the best Heroes of the Storm Characters.

23. Li Li


Small stature, big mouth

Li Li Stormstout had a boring childhood, until she began spending time in the library. This introduced her to the travel journals of her uncle, Chen, which awakened in her a yearning for adventure. Now, as an adventurer herself, the mischievous pandaren accompanies Chen on his journeys.

Li Li knows a thing or two about healing brews, making her a boon to all parties. But she’s far from helpless, capable of summoning elemental dragons that will have all foes running.

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