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Gaming's greatest heroes, all in one game!
Gaming's greatest heroes, all in one game!

18. E.T.C.


Rock n’ roll! (Image from

Nothing screams rock n’ roll more than a big, hairy, horned brute wielding a giant ax.

Headbanging E.T.C. enters the fray with scorching heavy metal riffs, invigorating allies with electrifying guitar solos and melting faces off enemies with devilish tunes. But a genuine rock god thrills with more than just his brutal melodies; E.T.C. also has all the right moves, such as a powerslide that stuns foes and a vicious stage dive that deals incredible damage.

19. Sonya


Making He-Man look like a wimp (Image by Luke Mancini from DeviantArt and

The Barbarians of the snow-coated Dreadlands have violence and savagery tattooed into their DNA. Her tribe may be long dead, and her homeland nothing more than a steaming pile of rubble, but Sonya lives on, always ready for battle, and forever looking for a way to reclaim her people’s past glory.

Sonya maims the competition with ruthless attacks, including a long range spear throw that pulls her towards the target, a seismic slam, and a whirlwind move that has her spinning around and disemboweling all in her path. Her most potent skills include leaping into the air and then crushing enemies upon landing, and transforming into fury incarnate, granting her immense attack and defense bonuses. A hack-and-slash hurricane in the right hands, Sonya needs high levels of competency to play properly.

20. Muradin


It’s hammer time!

When his stint mentoring Arthas went to hell, Muradin the dwarven mountain king was thought lost forever. But as luck would have it, Muradin didn’t die. He was in fact alive, albeit with a tiny problem of the amnesia kind. Now he and his magnificent beard serve as rulers to the Bronzebeard clan.

With his mighty hammer and ax, Muradin brings the power of the storm to the battleground. His electrifying moves can stun as well as hamper enemy movement, while a leap attack has him crashing on opponents with all the force of a meteor. He isn’t above using his fist in a battle, however, with a brutal haymaker that knocks a single foe several steps back. And when push comes to shove, he enters an avatar state that augments his health and offense.

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