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10 Movies Every Call of Duty Player Should Watch

1. Saving Private Ryan

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Saving Private Ryan: A group of soldiers goes behind enemy lines to find a solider after they learn his brothers have already been killed in action.

This is the golden standard to War movie making. This movie hitting the notes on everything. You could not ask for a better War movie. If the action does not get you, the story and emotion will. The concept of “No Man gets Left Behind” is so true in this movie. Not only do you get good actors playing roles that feel to fit them. You get beautiful camera angles, camera shots, positioning, I swear you cannot get any better than this film in the War genre.

I feel this movie is more history than any of the Call of Duty games. Its number one for so many reasons and instead of saying them I will just let you watch the film and enjoy it yourself. Fans of History, War, Call of Duty, Action, Drama, and Emotions will all love this movie. It has something for everyone.

Why you should watch it? Won five Oscars, 67 nominations, Great Action Movie, Great Drama Movie, Great War Movie, Great Plot, Great Acting

So there is my list I hope you people enjoy these movies and comment below about them or any movie you have seen that is good.

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