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10 Movies Every Call of Duty Player Should Watch

8. Red Dawn 1984 & 2012


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Red Dawn 2012: A marine and his brother lead a group of kids and try to free their town after it gets invaded by a group of North Korean troops.

Red Dawn is the classic what if scenario, that Call of Duty is known for. You can even have a debate that most of the missions in Call of Duty Modern Warfare is based off the 1984 version of Red Dawn. Even if you have only seen the 2012 version, the movie no matter what year you saw it still is pretty much Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

Red Dawn no matter what year is a must watch. You have believable characters. A semi believable scenario. Action, emotion, everything that is in Call of Duty is in this film one form or another. If you do not believe me, watch the movie then play Modern Warfare 2 mission “Wolverines”.

Why you should watch it? Good Story, Good Action, Entertaining

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