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the culling preview
Blood... Blood Everywhere.

10. Environmentally Conscious

Contrary to popular opinion, it’s a good idea to reach for the light!

It’s not all about you, y’know. Sometimes, you need to look out for the environment. In The Culling, you can recycle any object you like for F.U.N.C. The best way to watch out for the environment is to shove random objects into a blue vending machine in the forest (pictured above). It sounds weird, but I promise, it’s true.

9. Speared

I wonder where all that blood came from?

Thanks to the wonderful new movement in The Culling of sticking spears in the ground next to your victims, we get pictures like this! The spear is easily one of the more popular weapon types, so this is becoming a very common sight.

8. Punji Party

It almost looks like a smiley face from a certain angle!

Yes, this is a rather ridiculous strategy… but look at it! It’s just so beautiful! Littering the center of the arena with Punji sticks always makes the most beautiful pictures. Not to mention, it’s pretty much impossible to lose a fight when this is your playing field.

7. Stretching

Oh god, my hand’s stuck!

We’ve all fought those guys that know how to block, and… that’s about it. Pushing them is the obvious solution, making this function one of the best combat actions ever.

6. The Spiderweb

Anyone else hear the doorbell?

Snares are by far one of the most useful things in The Culling, leaving enemies stuck in place until they pull themselves free, or until you get a free backstab on them. So turning a random building into your personal spiderweb is one of the best-looking and most useful things you can do.

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