[Top 20] RUST Best Skins That Look Great (Ranked)

Rust Best Skins
Rust has some of the best cosmetic skins, just look at this bone hammer.

There are so many great skins to choose from in Rust. In this article you will find what I consider to be the top 20 skins. These selections are ranked from good to best, 1 being the best.


20. Nordic Relic Eoka

See Nordic Relic Eoka: https://youtu.be/D7RVoZ3UmOk?t=54

This is one of the better Eoka skins in the game. It really gives off that Nordic vibe and allows you to unleash your inner viking on the enemies. 

How to get the Nordic Relic Eoka: You can buy this off of the Steam marketplace for just over $7.00.

Skin Rating: 57/100


19. Elite Forest Hoodie Camo 

See Elite Forest Hoodie Camo: https://youtu.be/nkhRyoFNy5M?t=145

This is a very clean camo hoodie that has a military vibe to it. Perfect for if you are residing in the forest biome looking to blend in. 

How to get the Elite Forest Hoodie Camo: You can purchase it off of the Steam marketplace for $8.42.

Skin Rating: 60/100


18. Gold Spirit Crossbow

See Gold Spirit Crossbow: https://youtu.be/qNPowrdCrSA?t=677

This crossbow skin is one of my favorite ones to use, especially while fighting in the desert. It feels like it belongs in the hands of ancient Egyptians with the different etches and symbols along with the gold coloring. 

How to get the Gold Spirit Crossbow: You can purchase it on the Steam marketplace for $29.58.

Skin Rating: 61/100


17. Raptor Facemask

See Raptor Facemask: https://youtu.be/CKWnek0wH4c?t=74

This is one of my favorite facemasks in the game. Giving a toothy crimson raptor feel, you will surely scare your prey before the battle even begins. 

How to get the Raptor Facemask: You can get this skin on the Steam marketplace at a low price of $0.97. 

Skin Rating: 62/100 


16. Gothic Reception 

See Gothic Reception: https://youtu.be/r60H4pBB_lI?t=214

For being one of the most powerful weapons in the game, you NEED a rocket launcher skin. And what better skin to get than the Gothic Reception. With the etchings, skull and crimson wraps, you will be blowing bases up in fashion. 

How to get the Gothic Reception: This can be bought on the Steam marketplace for $3.53. 

Skin Rating: 64/100 


15. Bombing Facemask

See Bombing Facemask: https://youtu.be/Pm6ckDdRlLw?t=132

The bombing set is one of the most sought after in Rust and for good reason. It gives off graffiti and a reckless look vibe. Go roam the Rust streets and handle business with this facemask! 

How to get the Bombing Facemask: You can get it on the steam marketplace for $2.80.

Skin Rating: 67/100


14. Doodle Pants

See Doodle Pants: https://youtu.be/Pm6ckDdRlLw?t=47

Sometimes in the post apocalyptic world all you will have to work with is some pants that your child doodled all over. The whole doodle set is very well done and gives you a bit of a creative look with the different designs. 

How to get the Doodle Pants: You can purchase them on the Steam marketplace for $1.81.

Skin Rating: 68/100


13. Azul Python

See Azul Python: https://youtu.be/htVBlTK8U9A?t=152

This very colorful and visually appealing python skin is up there with the best in the game. It is another one that is simple but gets the job done. Some squigly tealish-blue lines over the jet black gives a really nice look.

How to get the Azul Python: You can buy it off of the Steam marketplace for $2.27.

Skin Rating: 70/100


12. Tempered AK47

See Tempered AK47: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55XAPu_AVyE

The tempered skins are a form of skins that are quite common amongst video game skins. They always give the spray painted & unoxidized steel look. Can never go wrong with these as they look really clean in game.    

How to get the Tempered AK47: You can buy it off of the Steam marketplace for $25.24.

Skin Rating: 71/100     


11. Retrowave AR

See Retrowave AR: https://youtu.be/TB7L1tINHvA?t=305

The retrowave design is one that is very popular in different games and you’ve probably seen it plenty of times before. It always gives the very chill 70’s vibe with the old school color patterns and the sun in the middle. You can’t go wrong with these skins.

How to get the Retrowave AR: It can be bought off of the Steam marketplace for $4.55.

Skin Rating: 72/100


10. Retrowave Bow

See Retrowave Bow: https://youtu.be/28Mp0eA2m5E?t=504

Same as the retrowave AR. Just another version of the retrowave this time on the bow. I actually love this skin for the bow and it is my go to. A lot of the bow skins are bland in my opinion, but this one really stands out and pops when you are holding it.

How to get the Retrowave Bow: It can be bought on the Steam marketplace for $4.00.

Skin Rating: 75/100


9. Blackout L96

See Blackout L96: https://youtu.be/vM14J2hqENg?t=327

If you are looking to be a night terror and blend into the darkness, the blackout set in Rust will let you do exactly that. This skin is exactly as the title states, fully blacked out L96 ready for war. 

How to get the Blackout L96: You can purchase this skin on the Steam marketplace for $4.06.

Skin Rating: 77/100


8. Poseidon LR300

See Poseidon LR300: https://youtu.be/Ou2WRMUfKVc?t=371

This is an extremely slick looking skin with the black and gold trim on it. One of my favorite LRs. Simple but very effective. 

How to get the Poseidon LR300: This skin can be bought on the Steam marketplace for $2.13. 

Skin Rating: 81/100


7. Dragon Mask

See Dragon Mask: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/z4q7qWVwNFY

This mask was brought in to celebrate the Chinese New Year. If you want to embrace your inner dragon and absorb all of the power, strength and good luck that they bring, then this is the mask for you! 

How to get the Dragon Mask: You can purchase this mask on the Steam marketplace for $6.47.

Skin Rating: 82/100


6. Little Nightmare

See Little Nightmare: https://youtu.be/AC2OwYiTbio?t=791

Are you a big fan of the bone club? Maybe you enjoy doinking people over the head with it, or using it as your sturdy barrel crusher. Either way, there is no better way of using it than with this horrific and ghoulish skin.

How to get the Little Nightmare: You can buy it on steam for a low price of $1.69! 

Skin Rating: 84/100


5. Eat Me Chestplate

See Eat Me Chestplate: Unfortunately there is no video that I can find showcasing this chestplate.

I had to include this one in the top 5 just because I find it so adorable and unique for a Rust skin. Most skins feel like they belong in the game, but this one feels like you should be working behind the counter in an ice cream shop. 

How to get the Eat Me Chestplate: It can be bought on the Steam marketplace for $1.51.

Skin Rating: 85/100 


4. Horror Sleeping Bag

See Horror Sleeping Bag: https://youtu.be/IJP5y5q2auY?t=721

This is one of the best looking sleeping bags in the game. It gives off the spooky Halloween feel very well. What better way to cuddle up then in between some evil pumpkins and bats? 

How to get the Horror Sleeping Bag: It can be purchased on the Steam marketplace for $684.00. 

Skin Rating: 87/100


3. Fire Jacket

See Fire Jacket: https://youtu.be/IJP5y5q2auY?t=779

Do you want to be a crazed Firefighter running around in the game? Or maybe the Firefighter that runs around to serve and protect? This is the perfect jacket to fill all of your RP needs.

How to get the Fire Jacket: It can be bought on the Steam marketplace for $474.61

Skin Rating: 90/100


2. Banana Eoka

See Banana Eoka: https://youtu.be/IJP5y5q2auY?t=1571

Have you ever had the opportunity to kill your enemy with a banana? Yeah either have I, until I obtained this skin in Rust. No need to leave the peel for someone to slip on when you can just use the almighty banana blaster. 

How to get the Banana Eoka: You can purchase it on the Steam marketplace for $97.10

Skin Rating: 94/100


1. The Big Grin Face Mask

See The Big Grin: https://youtu.be/IJP5y5q2auY?t=360

This is my all time favorite skin in the game. And I believe that many others will agree as it is one of the most expensive to obtain. What better way to slay your enemies than looking them in the eyes with a big evil grin that never goes away. 

How to get the Big Grin Face Mask: You can purchase the facemask for $715 on the Steam Marketplace. 

Skin Rating: 98/100


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