Raft Top 8 Things To Craft With Vine Goo (And Why They're Useful)

Raft Top 8 Things To Craft With Vine Goo (And Why They're Useful)
Seaweed is smelted to make vine goo.

Vine goo is a fairly easy resource to obtain, as you don’t need any tools to gather its raw resource, seaweed. All you have to do is swim down to the seaweed and right-click it to gather. After that, you can smelt the seaweed to make vine goo, one of the most important resources for advanced machinery and tools. Here are 8 things you can craft with vine goo.


8. Sweep Net

Sweeping bees in a net.

The sweep net is the only method you can use to gather bees. You’ll need bees to craft beehives; that way, you can farm honey. Honey is mandatory for making biofuel.

To gather bees, wait until the swarm of bees is low enough for you to catch them in your net. If you miss them and disrupt them, there’s a chance you’ll get stung by them.

Why it’s a Great Item:

  • Used to catch bees.
  • 25 uses, which is enough to obtain lots of bees.

How to get Sweep Net:

  • 15 plank
  • 6 rope
  • 2 vine goo
  • 1 bolt


7. Empty Bottle

You can fill the bottle with five cups of water.

The bottle is such a holy grail item early-game. No more drinking one cup at a time and having to return to your raft in the middle of exploring an island, when you have the bottle. It holds 5 cups of water, which will keep you going for a while without having to go back to collect more fresh water.

The empty bottle is also a crafting ingredient for binoculars and the oxygen bottle. I honestly find no use for the binoculars, but they make the game more fun and immersive. The oxygen bottle, on the other hand, is so useful for deep diving for resources.

Why it’s a Great Item:

  • Holds 5 cups of water.
  • Great water storage early-game.
  • Can be used to craft an oxygen bottle.

How to get Empty Bottle:

  • 6 plastic
  • 4 vine goo


6. Flippers

Deep sea swimming with diving gear.

Exploring the ocean becomes much faster and more efficient with the flippers. Once equipped, they will increase your swimming speed.

I always keep some flippers handy and use them immediately after killing the shark. This way, I can collect as many underwater resources as possible before the shark respawns.

The durability of flippers is 600 uses, each of which is 1 second of movement. The durability of flippers will deplete while you swim and walk around with them on, so if you aren’t moving, remember to take them off.

Why it’s a Great Item:

  • Increases swimming speed.
  • Will allow you to get to deeper parts of the ocean faster.
  • Durability lasts a fairly long time.

How to get Flippers:

  • 6 plastic
  • 6 seaweed
  • 5 vine goo
  • 4 rope


5. Oxygen Bottle

Using an oxygen bottle to stay underwater for longer.

Oxygen bottles are crucial for diving to deeper depths in the ocean. Once crafted, you can equip it in your armor slots. 

Immediately after killing the shark, I will equip my oxygen bottle and flippers to gather underwater resources more quickly and efficiently before the shark respawns.

The durability of the oxygen bottle is 600 uses, with each second spent wearing it depleting 1 use. This means the oxygen bottle is good for 10 minutes. Remember to take it off when you’re on the surface.

Why it’s a Great Item:

  • It allows you to hold your breath underwater for longer.
  • Durability lasts 10 minutes.
  • It helps you dive deeper to get more valuable resources.

How to get Oxygen Bottle:

  • 8 plastic
  • 4 rope
  • 1 empty bottle
  • 5 vine goo


4. Circuit Board

You need this receiver to progress in the game.

The circuit board is a crafting ingredient for several advanced tools and machinery, such as the receiver, the electric purifier, and the electric smelter.

You need the receiver and antennas to progress in the game– there is no other way. You’ll receive the blueprint for the receiver by opening up barrels floating on the ocean. Once you’ve done that, your journey in Raft begins.

Later in the game, you’ll come across recipes for wonderful quality-of-life items such as the springer and the engine controls. Both of these are crafted with circuit boards.

Why it’s a Great Item:

  • Can be used to craft advanced machinery.
  • It is fairly cheap to make.
  • You need it to progress in the game.

How to get Circuit Board:

  • 5 plastic
  • 2 copper ingot
  • 1 vine goo


3. Basic Bow

Ready to explore Caravan Island.

The bow is a great weapon if you don’t want to get near powerful enemies like bears and boars. It is durable for 60 uses, so it should last quite a few island adventures before you have to replace it.

The amount of damage done to an enemy depends on the type of arrow you’re using. Stone arrows inflict 10 damage, metal arrows inflict 15 damage, and titanium arrows inflict 20 damage. Taking a bear as an example, it will take 10 shots to kill a bear with a stone or metal arrow, and 5 shots to kill it with a titanium arrow.

What’s great about the bow and arrow is that you can collect your arrows again if you can find them, making them totally reusable.

Why it’s a Great Item:

  • It’s a ranged weapon.
  • You can steer clear of threats that are difficult to dodge while slaying them.
  • Durability is fairly high (60 uses).

How to get Basic Bow:

  • 6 plank
  • 4 rope
  • 2 vine goo
  • 1 bolt


2. Juicer

Making a simple smoothie.

The juicer brings a whole new level of thirst management. I only need one smoothie to last a whole large tropical island’s worth of exploring and gathering resources. Smoothies really last a long time in your thirst bar.

By the time you get a juicer, you’ll have enough ingredients to at least make the Simple Smoothie and the Coconut Beat. The Simple Smoothie consists of two coconuts, one pineapple, and one mango. And the Coconut Beat is three coconuts and one beet. Super simple and easy smoothies for the early-game.

I recommend saving your smoothies for when you’re actually exploring islands. Your raft will have fresh water available to you, so there’s no need to drink it on the raft.

Why it’s a Great Item:

  • It makes smoothies and juices that help keep your thirst bar full.
  • Some recipes use very easy-to-farm ingredients.
  • You can start the juicer and leave it to do other tasks while you wait for your juice to be done.

How to get Juicer:

  • 6 plank
  • 6 plastic
  • 1 bolt
  • 4 vine goo
  • 1 circuit board


1. Cooking Pot

A midnight snack?

The cooking pot levels up your hunger management immensely. A recipe as simple as vegetable soup tops even the biggest fish in the sea. Vegetable soup is super simple; all you need is four of either beet or potato in any combination, even if it’s all potato or all beet. That hunger bonus is what you’re looking for in order to survive in Raft.

Some cooking pot recipes even replenish some thirst, such as the coconut chicken and the head broth.

Why it’s a Great Item:

  • Dishes made in the cooking pot give a bonus to your hunger bar.
  • Some dishes are very cheap to make and very satisfying to your hunger.
  • Most dishes are quick and easy.

How to get Cooking Pot:

  • 6 plank
  • 6 plastic
  • 2 metal ingot
  • 4 vine goo
  • 1 bolt

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