[Top 10] RUST Best Items to Recycle

RUST Best Items to Recycle
The recycler from Rust.

In Rust, the addition of the recycler means that valuable resources can be attained by recycling various components and items at the recycling stations around the map. Certain components give certain materials when they are recycled. This is a list I have compiled regarding what the top 10 components to recycle are in descending order. I based this ranking upon the amount and type of materials returned for the item recycled.

10. Tech Trash

This is a move for only early game players. You will get a lot of scrap but lose something that is needed for end game items. Choose wisely.

Why recycle tech trash?

  • Scrap.
  • If you’re an early game player, you won’t need this for much or anything.

9. Gears

Another recycle that is hard to justify, gears return more scrap than anything else of similar value. The amount of metal fragments you’ll get is negligible. Besides, gears are rare and much needed.

  • Why recycle gears?
  • Honestly, you probably don’t want to do this.
  • 10 scrap and 13 metal fragments might make it worth it if you are desperate.

8. Pipes

Pipes are quite rare and much needed, especially for end game players. However, if you are an early game player then you probably could stand to get rid of a few of these. They provide a lot of scrap!

Why recycle pipes?

  • 5 scrap per pipe is not a good deal for later game players, but it might be for you!
  • If you need scrap more than guns or explosives, don’t hesitate to recycle these.

7. Metal Springs

Metal springs aren’t easy to find or to let go of. You’ll often use them in weapons and sometimes in tools. However, they do give a decent amount of scrap and high-quality metal once harvested.

Why recycle springs?

  • 10 scrap per spring might be a good deal.
  • 2 HQM is definitely helpful in a pinch.
  • 6. Ropes

Rope is a more commonly used item, and therefore should be recycled sparingly. However, if you need the quintessential cloth ingredient, this might be what you need to sacrifice.

Why recycle rope?

  • Only recycle rope if you really need cloth.
  • You’ll get 15 cloth per 1 rope.

5. Metal Blades

Not used for much, you’ll get a decent amount of metal fragments from recycling metal blades. If you have enough melee weapons sitting around but need metal fragments, better head to the recycler with your surplus metal blades!

Why recycle metal blades?

  • For 2 scrap and 15 metal fragments, I’d call it a good trade.
  • I remember using these to make a bunch of swords, but that was just me.
  • If you don’t need more edged weapons, get rid of these before they fill up your components box.

4. Propane Tanks

I can’t think of hardly anything I would use a propane tank for. But I do know that they will return quite a bit of metal fragments and even some scrap once they are recycled!

Why recycle propane tanks?

  • What are you going to do with them besides filling up your chest slots?
  • Metal fragments galore!
  • Scrap too.

3. Road Signs

Road signs aren’t used for much in Rust. You pretty much only need them for the armor, which often results in a surplus of road signs clogging up your storage. Well, why not recycle them?

Why recycle road signs?

  • They return a small amount of scrap and HQM.
  • Five scrap and 1 high quality metal can be very handy.
  • If you have enough road sign armor, why not?

2. Sheet Metal

Sheet metal is a quick and easy way to get your hands on some metal fragments. It even can yield some scrap and high-quality metal when recycled. Besides, what else are you going to use it for?

Why recycle sheet metal?

  • Gives 100 metal fragments when recycled.
  • Also returns 8 scrap and 1 HQM.
  • Is used very little otherwise – at least in my experience.

1. Tarp

Tarp is my number one pick for a component to recycle. This is because it is so abundant and rarely used for anything, yet it can yield quite a lot of cloth which is of course a vital resource. It always seemed that cloth was in short supply, and tarp was the perfect way to fix that in a pinch.

Why recycle tarp?

  • Used for very little in terms of crafting.
  • Yields a lot of cloth (50).
  • Would go to waste otherwise.


Source: https://rust.fandom.com/wiki/Recycler

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