RUST: Best Ways to Get Scrap - Ultimate Guide

RUST: Best Ways to Get Scrap
The Bandit Camp outpost.

In this guide, I am going to teach you the quickest, easiest, and most profitable ways to get scrap in Rust. Scrap is the currency of Rust; it is the single most useful item. The reason for this is that scrap is used to research blueprints, which you will need in order to craft items. Without scrap, you won’t be able to craft anything to help you survive!

5. Gambling

This is probably the least reliable but potentially very lucrative method of getting scrap. It involves already having some disposable scrap as well as a high potential to lose all of it, putting it at the number five spot. You will need to take your extra scrap and go to the bandit camp/outpost in the swamp. In here there is a “casino” where you can gamble your scrap for a possible high return on investment.

Why this method is great:

  • The addition of the bandit camp and casino is one of Rust’s little quirks that just make this game so rich with personality.
  • If lady luck is on your side, there is unlimited potential to multiply your scrap.
  • You don’t need much spare scrap to multiply it into a much larger sum.
  • When you are in the trading outpost vicinity, you’ll be practically untouchable by other players; the NPC’s that are all around the outpost will kill anyone who starts engaging in PVP.


4. PVP and Raiding

PVP combat and raiding are ways to get scrap but also not so reliable. Whenever you kill someone or break into their loot rooms there is a reasonable chance they will have scrap. However, this will be very differential and oftentimes will result in little to no scrap. Do not rely on this as a way to get your scrap.

Why this method is great:

  • While being a hit and miss endeavor, this is also subjectively the most fun way to get scrap.
  • You will probably get a bunch of other great gear in the process (if you’re good enough).
  • Expect to hone your PVP and raiding skills quite a bit in this process, which is an important core game skill.
  • Wipe out any local competition with this ruthless avenue of scrap farming.
  • You’re essentially guaranteed to be doing some of this anyways – it’s almost the name of the game.


3. Trading

Being the online multiplayer game that it is, of course Rust includes the ability to trade with other players on the server. The addition of vending machines enables players to set up an offline trading outpost that other players can access as long as it is stocked. Be warned, these may be targets for raiders who expect them to be ripe with loot. Or you can just do it the old-fashioned way and use the in-game chat to set up a deal! Just try not to get robbed.

Why this method is great:

  • Trading is hit and miss, but if you have excess resources there’s a good chance you can swap them out for some scrap – for the right price that is.
  • You might just build a reliable trading relationship with another player or clan, which in turn may develop into a friendship or alliance for the long term!
  • You can even trade at the bandit camp in order to get more scrap for resources.
  • As I said before, scrap is the currency of Rust. It is likely the most commonly traded item.


2. Recycling

Recycling is a highly reliable and efficient way to get scrap in Rust. All you will need is a selection of various components to spare and a recycler. Some components give a lot of scrap and some give none, but you can find out which through trial and error (or research). Just take these stacks of excess components to your local recycler and let the machine do its work!

Why this method is great:

  • Practically foolproof; just don’t get killed by other players around the recycler as this is typically a high traffic zone.
  • There’s a good chance you’ll end up with a certain number of extra components sitting in your chests, and this is a great way to make some use of them.
  • Some components can yield quite a lot of scrap and it’s up to you to prioritize whichever.
  • Aside from components, entire items can be recycled to yield large amounts of scrap also.
  • You can multitask when you scavenge spare components during your scrap hunting and then use the recycler at the very same monument.


1. Scavenging

Scavenging is hands down the safest, most reliable, and probably the most efficient means of getting scrap in Rust. Like everything else, the answer to getting rich in Rust is simple: farm. Run up and down the roads (and most definitely hit the monuments despite the danger) to find barrels and crates. These will be full of scrap and recyclable components.

Why this method is great: 

  • There is no sacrifice in this method aside from your time.
  • You get to explore the map and combine this with PVP and component finding and recycling, making it a multiple objective mission.
  • You will get scrap if you invest even a little time in this, but there are many factors at play to determine how much.
  • Exploring the monuments is typically a high return of scrap and components, as well as often having a recycler on site. Just keep your eyes peeled for other players!
  • Don’t be too proud to scavenge for scrap – even end game players need to do this.



These methods are based upon my extensive personal knowledge and experience of the game. You may be able to find some more useful guides, but I think that with a very limited guide like this you will have enough to successfully start gathering scrap. Bear in mind that the best way to learn is simply through your own experience. So, get out there into the wasteland of Rust and start finding some of that essential scrap!

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