[Top 10] RUST: Best AK Skins That Look Freakin’ Awesome!

RUST Best AK Skins
The "Assault Rifle" in Rust, as held by a fully geared player in this artwork. The more common name for this gun is the "AK" or "AK47" due to its resemblance of that style.

Are you a hardcore Rust player, or you just want to show your style while gunning down other players? Then check out the Rust community market on Steam and you’ll find quite the selection of skins to use with your assault rifle! I was never much of a skins guy and contented myself with whatever skin the AR I was using happened to have. But you don’t have to be so bland!

Check out the list below for some of the coolest or most practical skins for the AR in rust that are available for purchase in the community market. These will cost you anywhere from a buck or two to over three hundred dollars.

You can get skins from the Rust in game store (which is often more expensive), and you get random skins just from playing the game; but these won’t usually be rare or valuable.

10. Glory

This is the Louis Vuitton skin of Rust. This skin essentially is just there to show how wealthy you are, at least as the price stands right now. With a current price tag to rival the cost of a brand new Nintendo switch or upscale graphics card, you’d have to either really love showing off in Rust or just have a ton of money to blow in order to buy this skin.


What Makes This Skin Awesome?

  • Personally, I see nothing about this skin that makes it particularly special aside from the price.
  • It looks cool enough, I guess.
  • If players know how much the skin costs, I can guarantee they will be surprised or impressed to see you rocking it.

Price of Skin on the Community Market: Currently starting at over $320 USD, this is the costliest Rust skin by more than triple.


See Glory in the Community Market: https://steamcommunity.com/market/listings/252490/Glory%20AK47


9. Alien Red


This skin, like the one above it, is merely on this list because of its ridiculous price tag… well mostly. It does look pretty sick. It looks like the oh so deadly Black Widow spider’s color scheme. One more thing: this gun has a glowing sight to make your nighttime shootouts that much easier.


What Makes This Skin Awesome?

  • While a much lower price than the Glory skin currently, this will still drop jaws when people find out how much you spent on it.
  • Is it blood or paint on this overpriced AK skin? Let players wonder in fear.
  • Silver, brown, black and red. That’s a bold color combo.
  • This guns sight literally glows red in the dark.


Price of Skin on the Community Market: Starting at 93.15 in USD currently.


See Alien Red in the Community Market: https://steamcommunity.com/market/listings/252490/Alien%20Red


8. Victoria


Okay, this is the last one on this list in which price is the biggest factor to my adding it, I swear. While it does look pretty cool; like a steampunk Frozen AK-47, it also sports a whopping price (that approaches the cost of a new triple-A game). I just wanted to give some perspective as to how expensive some of these skins can get. But remember, the prices fluctuate greatly with supply and demand.


What Makes This Skin Awesome?

  • This is another skin to show off your incredible wealth or commitment to the game.
  • Elsa meets Bioshock with this flashy, royal looking piece of hardware.
  • If you want to look downright pretty while mowing the naked’s down, this is the choice for you.


Price of Skin on the Community Market: the third most expensive skin on the AK-47 community skin market, starting at 52.32 USD.


See Victoria in the Community Market: 



7. Smolder


This is the rarest skin on the community market right now in terms of quantity available. If you want it, you had better hurry because it may well soon be sold out! By the way, it looks epic. I can’t tell if it’s meant to emulate dragon scales and claws or just lizards, but the color scheme and designs are so unique.


What Makes This Skin Awesome?

  • This skin is gorgeous.
  • If you like lizards or dragons, this is definitely going to fit in well with your arsenal of skins.
  • As it stands right now, you can proudly boast that this skin is almost unavailable in the community market!


Price of Skin on the Community Market: $5.32 USD and only seven remaining!


See Smolder in the Community Market:



6. Training AR


At the opposite end of the spectrum from the above on the list is the Training AR. This is the most commonly available skin on the community market at this point in time. It’s cheap and highly available, but it does look pretty dang awesome. Oh, and it uses the technical Rust term for what the community has dubbed the AK-47 or AK-47u; the Assault Rifle.


What Makes This Skin Awesome?

  • A perfect newbie skin, it is cheap and widely available. Plus, it’s even called the training skin!
  • It really doesn’t sacrifice anything in the looks department if you ask me.
  • Black with glossy white and silver, it almost looks metallic!


Price of Skin on the Community Market: A steal at a meager $2.10 USD, but don’t worry – there are plenty left to buy!


See the Training AR Skin in the Community Market: https://steamcommunity.com/market/listings/252490/Training%20AR


5. Rainbow AR


This is the first skin of the second half of the list, and it brings us to the skins that I am choosing mostly for their looks or practicality. By the way, all of these to come are on the higher end of commonality on the community market right now. This one may look a little childish – but I love it.


What Makes This Skin Awesome?

  • It has no stock, which won’t actually hurt your stability but will add uniqueness.
  • Speaking of standing out, did you see this freaking gun? It’s a rainbow stripe puzzle skin!
  • Whether you’re straight or otherwise, you can proudly display this gun to show your solidarity with the LGBT+ community – even while playing Rust.
  • Harken back to the elementary school days with the puzzle and crayon aesthetics here.


Price of Skin on the Community Market: This skin currently stands at 2.25 in USD and is the second most common AK aesthetic available.


See the Rainbow AR Skin in the Community Market: https://steamcommunity.com/market/listings/252490/Rainbow%20AR


4. Tempered AK47


Here’s a fun little metallurgical trivia for you: this gun is designed to look like steel that has been tempered at varying temperatures, represented each by the different colors. While greatly exaggerated from the appearance of such in the real world, this gun looks downright beautiful. It stands apart from the above Rainbow AR skin, yet still has that stylish multi-color flourish.


What Makes This Skin Awesome?

  • This is probably one of the most popular Rust AR skins.
  • It is not super cheap, but it is affordable and available on the community market.
  • Does this gun not look amazing?!?
  • Spout the metallurgy fast fact from above to sound super smart.


Price of Skin on the Community Market: Currently starting at $15 even USD.


See Tempered AK47 Skin in the Community Market: https://steamcommunity.com/market/listings/252490/Tempered%20AK47


3. From Hell


Now to the very least practical yet arguably the coolest skin in Rust. This is a relatively expensive and rare gun, and it certainly won’t sit well if you’re a big follower of Jesus. That’s because this gun is literally covered in glow-in-the-dark satanic symbols and scribbles. It looks like something Satan himself would wield, so if that’s your vibe… Oh and did I mention it glows in the dark?


What Makes This Skin Awesome?

  • By far the main reason I chose this gun for spot number three was simply because it glows in the dark.
  • It’s kind of the opposite thing you would want from a tactical standpoint, but its super cool (in my opinion) that you can see this skin glowing red all over it when there is little to no light.
  • Represent Lucifer and all that is evil! If that’s your thing, I guess?
  • You’ll definitely make a statement regardless, especially considering the price and rarity of the skin.


Price of Skin on the Community Market: Currently starting at 18.99 USD, this is one of the top 10 most expensive AR skins in Rust.


See the From Hell Skin in the Community Market: 



2. Military Camo AK47


One of the most common, cheap, and most useful AR skins in Rust. What’s not to like? It may be a little bland for your taste, but you won’t have spent too much on it and it will keep your gun camouflaged in the outdoor wasteland of Rust. A skin for the military fans out there.


What Makes This Skin Awesome?

  • The camouflage is definitely a functional bonus, given that most combat in rust will happen outside; and this color scheme does the trick in terms of reducing visibility, therefore.
  • It’s very cheap and probably a must have for any AR skin collector in the game.
  • The marketplace is flooded with them! No rush to make your purchase anytime soon.
  • You can look like a genuine post nuclear apocalypse soldier sporting this assault rifle look.


Price of Skin on the Community Market: At 1.18 USD, this is the third cheapest AR skin available now on the community market on Steam.


See the Military Camo AK47 Skin in the Community Market: https://steamcommunity.com/market/listings/252490/Military%20Camo%20AK47


1. Blackout AR


This is the top Rust AR skin on my list because it is not too expensive, not too uncommon, and it looks amazing; all while having an extremely simple design and a highly functional aesthetic. It really looks the closest to a real-life AR without any modifications. It is colored pure black for minimal distraction and visibility. This is the skin for nighttime stealth.


What Makes This Skin Awesome?

  • Pure and simple design – all blacked out except for the safety.
  • The minimalistic design allows for little distraction and little visibility.
  • The ultimate night stealth weapon skin; just slap a silencer on it!
  • You will look like a straight up assassin with this skin on your AR.


Price of Skin on the Community Market: Starting at $6.81 USD, this is not a super expensive gun skin – and there are plenty of it available.


See the Blackout AR in the Community Market: https://steamcommunity.com/market/listings/252490/Blackout%20AR

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