[Top 5] Rust Best Harvesting Tools

Rust Best Harvesting Tools
Victory! That is eh... if you make it through day 1...

Why You Need to Know These Rust Harvesting Tools...

Rust is all about survival. The faster you gather resources, the faster you progress through levels of development in Rust. And of course, the fastest one is the one that comes out on top. So, check out the top 5 rust harvesting tools if you have any intention of surviving through wipe!

5. Hatchet

The Hatchet is a decent gathering tool, with yields almost as high as the Salvaged Axe, but a slightly faster gather rate.

What's good about the Hatchet: 

  • It’s cheap and easy to find and to craft.
  • The rate of gathering makes it almost as good as the Salvaged Axe for way cheaper.
  • It is great for gathering meat, cloth, leather, and bone from animals and corpses and gives you just about the highest yield you’re gonna get for these. As far as I know, that is… Not sure. Still got a lot to learn!

Hatchet details:

  • Wood yields 30 per stroke.
  • Head damage is 30 per stroke, chest and arms are 25.
  • It gathers 12 flesh per stroke.
  • It loses 0.3 condition for wood, 5 for ore, and 1 for flesh. The amount of condition lost is the same for the other wood gathering tools, besides the chainsaw. 

How To Get the Hatchet:

  • You have a 0.2% chance of finding one on a scientist, with a 0.5 to 8% chance of finding one in a crate, depending on the crate type.
  • You can craft one for 100 wood and 75 metal fragments.

4. Salvaged Ice-pick

The Salvaged Ice-pick is a high yield pick for harvesting ore nodes.

What's good about the Salvaged Ice-pick:

  • You can craft it yourself, provided you know the blueprint.
  • It has a high yield.
  • It can be used as a pretty mean melee weapon. But of course, nothing beats a double-barrelled shotgun in the face if things DO get that up close and personal…
  • It works for flesh gathering, cloth, and leather from animals and bodies.

Salvaged Ice-pick details:

  • It yields 50 ore per stroke on any node.
  • It yields 1000 stone per stone node, 300 sulfur ore per sulfur node, and 600 metal with 2 high-grade metal ore per metal node.
  • It has varying yields for flesh, bone-fragments, and cloth for anything ranging from a scientist to a chicken.
  • It does 80 head damage and 40 chest damage. Arms and legs go down to 25.

How To Get the Salvaged Ice-pick:

  • You have a 1-2% chance of finding one in a crate. Wow, I’m REALLY lucky. I keep finding these stuff…
  • You have a 0.1% chance of getting one from a scientist. Although I suppose, technically that would be lower… depending on the chance of you killing the scientist and him not killing you!
  • You can craft it for 5 metal blades and 1 steel pipe.

3. Salvaged Axe

The Salvaged Axe is a high yield ax for harvesting wood and harvesting meat, leather, and bone fragments from animals.

What's good about the Salvaged Axe:

  • It can gather ore, flesh, and wood.
  • It loses very little condition on wood, which is its primary use.
  • It has a high yield per stroke for wood, which makes farming easy.
  • It can be used as a melee weapon.

Salvaged Axe details:

  • It yields 50 per stroke on wood and 10 per stroke on ore and flesh.
  • It loses 1 point of condition on flesh, 5 on ore, and 0.3 on wood.
  • It does 80 head damage and 40 chest damage as a melee weapon. If you hit them anywhere else you’ll probably be dead before them!

How To Get the Salvaged Axe:

  • You have a 0.1% chance of finding it on a scientist.
  • You have a 1 to 3% chance of finding one in a crate, depending on what type of crate it is you decide to bust open. Never know… maybe that one extra crate you left behind had one in…
  • You can craft it from 1 metal pipe and 5 metal blades at a level 2 workbench.

2. Chainsaw

Chainsaw is the best tool for haThe chainsaw wood. Don’t go getting any ideas about chainsaw melee fights though! You can’t run when you’re carrying it. So if you tried… Boom! You’re dead!

What's good about the Chainsaw:

  • The Chainsaw gives you maximum yield per tree. This varies depending on tree type.
  • It makes farming 10k wood a 3 minute walk in the park! Who’d say no to that?

Chainsaw details:

  • The Chainsaw cuts down a tree in 1-2 seconds.
  • The Chainsaw yield varies from 300 wood to 1000 wood per tree, depending on tree type.
  • It does 60 damage per second.

How To Get the Chainsaw: 

  • You have a 1% chance of finding it in a military or sunken crate.
  • You have a 2% chance of finding it in an elite crate or tool crate.
  • You have a 4% chance of finding it in a CH47 locked crate.
  • You can craft it at a level 2 workbench for 5 High Quality Metal, 2 gears and 6 metal blades.

1. Jackhammer

The Jackhammer the best mining tool for mining ore nodes. It cannot be crafted and is high tier and not all that easy to get.

What's good about the Jackhammer:

  • It is the fastest ore-gathering tool in the game and takes mere seconds to harvest a node of ore.
  • You can refill it at a workbench to bring it’s state of repair (HP) back to almost 100%. Why buy new if you can fix old?!
  • It’s the best tool for the job… Who wouldn’t want it?
  • You don’t need to hit the node on the shiny prime spots to achieve maximum yields. Whew! Way easier.

Jackhammer details:

  • The jackhammer does 15 damage per hit and 100 damage per second. If you don’t miss!
  • Time to harvest each node is under 1-2 seconds
  • Jackhammer yield is 1000 stone per stone node, 300 sulfur per sulfur node and 600 metal ore with 2 high grade metal ore per metal node.

How To Get the Jackhammer: 

  • You have a 1% chance of finding a Jackhammer in a toolbox or a sunken crate. Wow! I found 2 in 2 sunken crates right next to each other… Must have been my lucky day!
  • You can buy them at Outpost from the ‘Tools and Stuff’ vending machine for only 150 scrap.


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