[Top 10] RUST Best Outfit Combinations We Love!

RUST Best Outfit Combinations
A few armor sets from the game Rust.

In the infinitely variable world of Rust, you have quite a range of selections for what to wear. In case you were needing some advice or helpful input on what to put on for what, here are the 10 best Rust outfits that we love, and think will best suit you on your adventures. These are ordered in terms of least to most useful (descending).

10. Nude

Nothing to lose with this outfit! My “cheeky” addition to start off this list is really not entirely for laughs. Being naked is a great way to scout the world, or to do some reconnaissance on your pesky neighbors who you think might be gearing up to raid you. Often, a naked can even escape death at the hands of geared players who simply think they aren’t worth the effort.

Outfit details:

Does this section really need any input? You’re totally naked except for what is in your inventory! Censorship optional.

9. Burlap

The burlap kit is the true entry level outfit in Rust. It is crafted entirely out of cloth and is useful for a small amount of cold and damage protection. There’s really not much to it, but it’s a start.

Outfit details:

Head – Burlap headwrap

Shirt – Burlap shirt

Pants – Burlap trousers

Armor – Hide poncho (optional)

Gloves – Leather gloves (optional)

Shoes – Burlap shoes

8. Cold Weather

This is the outfit for protecting against the cold more than anything else. It won’t provide much against attacking animals or players, but it will keep you warm in the snowy regions or at night. Don’t rely entirely on it to do that, however.

Outfit details:

Head – Improvised balaclava

Shirt – Snow jacket

Pants – Pants 

Gloves – Leather gloves

Shoes – Boots

7. Wolf Headdress Primitive

You can look like a tribal warrior with this outfit. It looks pretty epic, it’s cheap and easy to make, and it actually has some noticeable damage protection. It’s hard not to like this kit for an early game player.

Outfit details:

Head – Wolf headdress

Shirt – Hide vest

Pants – Hide pants

Armor – Hide poncho

Gloves – Leather gloves

Shoes – Hide boots

6. Wood Armor

The first real armor set, it will offer reasonable protection for low cost. Nothing crazy, of course, but you can go into battle with some increased confidence wearing this. It only costs wood, rope, and cloth to craft – no workbench required.

Outfit details:

Head – Wood helmet

Shirt – Hide or burlap

Pants – Hide or burlap

Armor – Wooden chest plate and armor pants

Shoes – Hide or burlap

5. Bone Armor

The bone armor set is pretty epic looking. It is crafted almost entirely out of bone fragments, with a little cloth on the side. It does provide decent damage protection and covers the entire body from head to toe with just the helmet and armor. You can squeeze some leather gloves on too for some bonus protection.

Outfit details:

Head – Bone helmet

Armor – Bone armor

Gloves – Leather gloves (optional)

4. Rad Suit

The rad suit is an all around must have. It looks great, it has excellent radiation protection, it is reasonably common, and it does a solid amount of damage protection. Some players will keep entire boxes full of these because they are so quick to put on and worth holding on to.

Outfit details:

Armor – Rad suit

3. Road Sign

The road sign armor is the first metal armor, and it is also one of the higher tier armor combinations. The armor requires metal fragments, road signs (of course), sewing kits, leather, and cloth to craft. That includes the coffee can helmet.

Outfit details:

Head – Coffee can helmet

Shirt – Hoodie 

Pants – Pants 

Armor – Road sign jacket and kilt

Shoes – Boots 

2. Heavy Armor

This armor is the juggernaut suit of Rust that players can wear. It will do by far the most damage protection of any other outfit with the limitation of extremely slow player movement speed. It also limits your field of view and ability to aim down sights. Tack on the high cost in terms of high-quality metal and you have a suit that is rarely ever used.

Outfit details:

Head – Heavy plate helmet

Armor – Heavy plate jacket and pants

Gloves – Leather gloves

Shoes - Boots

1. Metal Armor

Metal armor is the go-to PVP kit for any high tier rust player. Use the hoodie, pants, and boots to go with it to protect against the cold, and the metal facemask, chest plate, and road sign kilt will defend against any and all attacks with little to be desired. The only real problem is the difficulty of getting your hands on this stuff – you will need to be pretty rich to use this regularly.

Outfit details:

Head – Metal faceplate

Shirt – Hoodie 

Pants - Pants

Armor – Metal chest plate and road sign kilt

Shoes - Boots

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