[Top 10] RUST Best Base Designs For Defense

RUST Best Base Designs For Defense
Don't be that guy that every chad is looking to raid for some easy loot. Follow this Guide, to build yourself a true chad base.

10.Faded’s simple solo base design

Faded’s simple base

This simple base is recommended for solo players only because most of the base is quite compact with very little room for more players. The base features a suicide bunker that protects the TC and some loot boxes outside the TCs and external spawning points, which is nice for a solo as you can more easily defend against an online raid or even door campers. You also have the starter base, which can be built upon until you finish the base.

This base does have significant drawbacks. First of all, instead of using a double-stacked foundation, which in my opinion is pointless to build, you can go for something much simpler instead. Secondly, the roof is the main weakness of this base. While you have a mini helicopter landing pad and garage, you don’t have enough space at all. At most, you can place one windmill or four solar panels to power the base. You also don’t have auto turrets defending the roof, so a cheeky player can ladder up and steal the heli, which you also stole; this is due to the lack of roof tiles. Overall, the roof makes you very vulnerable.

What I love about this base:

  • I do like that this base is cheap to build, and it should be as it is designed for the solo player. The materials and upkeep are very easy to coordinate throughout the wipe.
  • The suicide bunker is a great way to take all of your valuables with you, seal it up, and log off for the night.
  • The shooting floor has the basic gaps and angles, but it is simple and efficient, which is great for a solo player.

BUILD COST: 306 Hqm | 22,000 Metal Frags | 36,000 Stone

UPKEEP COST (24hr): 56 Hqm | 4,000 Metal Frags | 5,900 Stone 



9.The Fring

The Fring base design

The Fring is a base design dedicated to a solo or duo playstyle. If you have been playing Rust for a while, you know that smaller bases are the most smartly built. The fringe is proof of that. It takes advantage of smart building techniques such as hidden, unlootable lockers, segmented shooting floors, and something that most players aren’t too fond of when base building: freehand foundations. It essentially requires the player to place platforms that do not snap to the main foundations of the base. This technique requires a lot of practice, so I recommend you build this base on a build server to get the hang of it. The freehand foundations allow for the creation of a unique shooting floor with wide peeks.

The base design does not feature a compound or even external TCs. Even without those upgrades, The Fringe is already a very secure base, even in the case of an online base. The Fringe, like many of the bases on this list, has a starting base, and it's a unique one at that.It is a modified 2x1 with triangles on one half. This can let you fit an extra loot room in the corner of the starter base.

The roof of the base is very open, and the design does not feature any sort of security buildings like SAM sites and auto turrets. That being said, it is up to you to find a suitable place for them when you need them. You can place up to 4 windmills to power all of your electrical needs. The roof also features two bunkered vending machines.

The things I love about the fringe:

  • Unlootable lockers. This is a quite sneaky trick. You can place lockers and cover them with a roof tile; this just about covers them except for a little corner, making them very hard to see. Even if an experienced Rust player comes along, they will still have to break through the roof tiles, costing them valuable explosives.
  • Shooting floor. As mentioned, the shooting floor is built using free-hand foundations. The amount of extra angels you get by placing them is insane, so they are worth the time and effort to build. Not only that, the shooting floor is divided into segments, so in the event that you get raided online, you will not lose your shooting floor all at once.

BUILD COST: 352 Hqm | 46,000 Metal Frags | 35,000 Stone

UPKEEP COST (24hr): 86 Hqm | 12,000 Metal Frags | 9,000 Stone 



8.The Tyrant

The Tyrant base design

The Tyrant is a base design best suited for a casual Quad team or a dedicated Trio team. This base provides players with a starter 2x1 which can be expanded phase by phase into The Tyrant. This makes the base the only structure you will need throughout the wipe. Aside from the modularity it provides, you are also greeted by 4 external TCs. These do not only split the upkeep cost of the base, essentially decreasing the main upkeep cost, but it also ensures that other players cannot build foundations next to your base, which is crucial to preventing cheeky nakeds building over your walls..

The base also features a ‘mini china wall’ which adds another layer of security inside of the compound by providing plenty of angles and 360 degree cover from auto turrets. Like the original ‘China Wall’ this may be just as hard to penetrate.

On the roof, enemies are greeted by 360 degree cover from auto-turrets. The original base design does not feature SAM sites, Windmills, Batteries and a heli-pad. However, there is plenty of space to add these.

What I love about The Tyrant:

  • The ‘Mini China Wall’. If you are getting raided, the mini china wall will provide many opportunities to kill raiders that are trying to hide inside the compound, giving you ample chances to fight back.
  • External TCs. The benefit of having external TCs is often greatly underrated by players, especially newbies. This is because they are sometimes hard to build, which is not the case for this base and I highly recommend you build them.
  • Modularity. The fact that you can start building The Tyrant from the get go is amazing. It ensures that you don’t need to move loot from a starter base which is risky. Additionally, you can grab your building spot early so you don’t have to deal with pesky neighbors later.

BUILD COST: 47,000 Metal Frags | 52,000 Stone | 30,000 Wood 

UPKEEP COST (24hr): 6,500 Metal Frags | 7,250 Stone 



7.The Bear

The Bear base design

As the name suggests, The Bear is a sturdy base that comes in at 44 rockets to the main TC and provides a lot of secure storage space. Like many of the bases on this list, it is built from a starter unit, in this case a 1x2. The finished build features external disconnectable TCs, external bedrooms, a compound protected by 360 degree cover from auto turrets, 2 main entrances with dropbox storage, 2 vending machine bunkers, rooftop respawns and last but not least a whopping 48 large boxes worth of storage, 24 of which are protected by 4 offset bunkers.

The amount of storage space this base provides is overkill for a solo or even a duo. Personally, I would recommend a group of 3 or more to use this base design as it would also be easier to cover the building and upkeep costs if split between 3 players. 

The developers at Rust are trying to eliminate the bunker meta, hence it is not guaranteed that the bunkers in this base will work on recent versions of Rust. Picking another base from the list is recommended if you are interested in the bunker design only.

Things I love about The Bear:

  • Storage space. If the bunkers work on your server, oh boy have you got secure storage space. You have about 24 large boxes of loot hidden between a few layers of reinforced and sheet metal walls. Even without the bunkers, you have an open core where you will find another 24 large boxes of storage and some.
  • Overall peeks and security. You have vision on everything that happens inside and outside your compound. On the other hand, it is very hard for raiders to see you because of the narrow peek gaps and the amount of angles you can shoot from.
  • It has a starter base which you can use to expand into The Bear. This is one of my favorite features in base designs, I mean who would want to build a temporary starter to just find out that your build spot was taken by a clan. Or to find your-self being killed while transferring loot from your temporary base to The Bear.

BUILD COST: 450 Hqm | 72,000 Metal Frags | 42,000 Stone | 12,000 Wood

UPKEEP COST (24hr): 80 Hqm | 16,700 Metal Frags | 3,500 Stone 



6.The Saber

The Saber base design

The Saber is a trio or a quad base made specially for online raid defense, so make sure to annoy the wrong people throughout your wipe to get the most out of it. A base built for online defense must have great mobility for getting to angles quicker and easier, plenty of spawn points to surprise your enemies from different angles, a shooting floor with good peekdowns and angles to the outside, and good roof defense. The Saber checks the whole list while still being equipped with quality of life such as a helipad, a starter unit, a small footprint to be able to build it anywhere, and a built-in oil refinery.

Additionally, the design also allows for external turret pods to be built, which will decimate anyone that gets close to your base. The loot rooms and the main bedroom is located high up in the base, where it is most secure.

What I love about the Saber:

  • Built in Oil-refinery. This is underrated by many players, but having one of these can speed up your wipe greatly. You will be able to make low grade fuel in your own base, and with a lot of low grade fuel, you can supply your whole squad with all of the medical syringes that you need for PvP.
  • External auto turrets. It may seem that the turrets are in an unsafe location and can be dealt with easily. However, slap 2 garage doors on your auto turret pod, and you can decimate intruders (or nakeds) at the press of a button, while keeping your turret safe when not in use.
  • Extra mobility. This base has a lot of extra mobility, and a lot of thought has gone into it. Consider the loot rooms: by using triangle floors rather than square ones, you get the same amount of storage space but with more mobility. 

BUILD COST: 500 Hqm | 58,000 Metal Frags | 60,000 Stone

UPKEEP COST (24hr): 134 Hqm | 12,000 Metal Frags | 12,000 Stone 



5.The Baron

The Baron base design

The Baron is designed to be a solo base, because of this, the cost of the base is very low. The footprint and design of this base are very low-key to help reduce attention from bigger groups looking for an easy raid. However, just because it is a small and lowkey base doesn’t mean it isn't equipped with good defense. The base features external TCs, 360-degree cover from auto turrets inside the compound, 2 external bedrooms, hard to access batteries, a suicide bunker protecting the main TC, and an amazing shooting floor for a solo base.

In my opinion, this base is great for a new player to try and build on. It will provide ample protection and teach you modern Rust base building techniques like a suicide bunker, external TCs, and how to make a good shooting floor.

What I love about The Baron:

  • Easy to build. A low-key solo base needs to be built quickly, which is why it has to be simple. You don’t want to start building your base as a solo, with nobody watching your back while you are carrying all the building materials.
  • Base cost. This base is very cheap compared to some other bases on the list. This is exceptionally good for solo players and new players in general, as they will struggle to farm materials.
  • I like that the base is designed to be low-key and not attract too much unwanted attention while also not looking like a stone 2x2.

BUILD COST: 375 Hqm | 33,000 Metal Frags | 39,000 Stone

UPKEEP COST (24hr): 107 Hqm | 6,000 Metal Frags | 7,000 Stone 



4.The Enigma

The Enigma base design

The Enigma is recommended for people with a group size of 3 or less. The Enigma is equipped with external disconnectable TCs, external bedrooms, hidden loot rooms, offset bunkers, a mini-copter landing pad, and a china wall. All this while being surrounded by a square-shaped compound that gives you visibility on all sides of the compound. The compound is not defended by automatic turrets, which could leave the furnaces vulnerable. The China Wall, on the other hand, is heavily defended, with turrets on top and bottom, making infiltration through the wall much more difficult.

On the roof, the base is equipped with a 360-degree cover to protect the helipad. The design does not include SAM sites, but I recommend you go ahead and add at least two on opposite sides. The base can support 4 windmills, which should be enough for all of your electric needs.

The thing I love about the Enigma:

  • Square compound. This idea of having a square compound instead of a typical round one is amazing. When you leave your base, you have extra visibility, making it extremely difficult to be door camped.
  • The china wall. The design of the china wall for this base is quite special. You have turrets below and above sitting on frames. Those turrets are very hard to deal with in the event of an online raid.
  • The hidden offset bunkers. These bunkers are very hidden and hard to get to. That is where I will store my loot before logging off. They are also very easily opened and closed by the player, which is a good quality of life addition.

BUILD COST: 900 Hqm | 66,000 Metal Frags | 63,000 Stone

UPKEEP COST (24hr): 270 Hqm | 14,000 Metal Frags | 14,000 Stone 



3.Micro Yeti V2

Micro Yeti V2 base design

The Micro Yeti V2, the better version of the Micro Yeti V1, is equipped with most of the best features a base could have. We are talking, 2 external TCs, bedrooms inside the compound, 360 degree auto turret defense inside the compound, a china wall, an AMAZING shooting floor, a turret covered rooftop with 2 vending machine bunkers, the space for any custom items you may want to build, and last but not least, a starter base.

The shooting floor of this base is the best of the best. You have wide gap peeks, free hand peeks, and even breach peeks, which are shooting spots you can use if someone took down your walls and is trying to get into the base from the side. Below the shooting floor is your main loot room. The main loot room being located below the shooting floor makes it very hard to access, especially because of the breach peeks mentioned before.

What I love about the Micro Yeti V2:

  • The shooting floor is one of the best designs I have seen in Rust. You get a lot of mobility while providing a lot of defense both inside and outside the compound. 
  • Overall design. The base is symmetrical and very easy to traverse, you have a main chute that takes you to all the floors in the base. The open floors are great because they let you move around without getting in the way of your teammates, which I have seen in many base builds.
  • The main loot room has 2 vending machines that are tucked behind the honeycomb and a sheet metal door. These are amazing at storing loot because if raiders break through the honeycomb, they will also have to destroy the vending machines, which requires an extra three rockets. If they are destroyed from the front, the loot can quickly despawn.

BUILD COST: 542 Hqm | 55,000 Metal Frags | 45,000 Stone

UPKEEP COST (24hr): 129 Hqm | 12,000 Metal Frags | 9,000 Stone 



2.The Juke

The Juke base design

The truth is that you will be raided offline more frequently than online. It’s just statistics. Why farm and grind all wipe to just lose everything overnight to a group of kids that seem to require no sleep? The Juke is a base with an emphasis on offline protection while still providing you with the advantages that you need in an online raid. The base comes in at a solid 48-rocket raid to main TC, and I found it is best suited for a hardworking duo or a casual trio.

Two disconnectable external TCs are featured in this design. They help share the cost of upkeep and allow you to replace your main TC in the event that you get raided, so you can reclaim your base. There are two main entrances to the base that lead to the compound. Inside the compound, you will find ample space to build your large furnaces, external bedrooms, and even enough space for a helipad. Your furnaces and helipad will be protected by a 360-degree auto turret cover, making your mini helicopter very hard to steal.

When you enter the base, you are greeted by a shuttle that functions as an elevator and can take you to any floor of the base, including the roof and the shooting floor.This is amazing, and I personally love this design as you can access any part of your base very quickly, and you don't have to deal with ladder hatches, which most of the time are just a pain. The roof allows for four windmills and two SAM sites. You also have 360-degree protection on the roof with hidden shotgun traps. You can also include two bunkered vending machines to make life extremely difficult for raiders.

What I love about The Juke:

  • The elevator-style doors closed.These are honestly amazing, you can get to anywhere in the base very quickly, and it has just an amazing quality of life design. Because there are two of these, you are no longer stuck with your friend while attempting to enter your base.
  • Dedicated battery slots are a must for me when building a base. They must be well hidden and hard to access. The Juke does this very well as they are located on the shooting floor, which is an unlikely place to be struck when raiding.
  • I like the roof design quite a bit. You have ample space to add anything that you may need, such as spotlights, but it also provides no blind spots for anyone trying to access it. The SAM sites protect your roof from flying intruders, and the auto-turrets are there to stop anyone from laddering up.

BUILD COST: 682 Hqm | 68,000 Metal Frags | 56,000 Stone | 45,000 Wood 

UPKEEP COST (24hr): 70 Hqm | 16,000 Metal Frags | 6,000 Stone 



1.The Skeleton Mini

The Skeleton Mini base design

The Skeleton-mini is a perfectly balanced base for defense against online and offline raiding, featuring up to six players. The raid cost for the base is 94 rockets, including the bunkers; otherwise, it would be a 70-rocket raid without them. The base supports three main entry points covered by two auto turrets for each gate, so next time you are chased by a group of blood-thirsty, hazmat-wearing lunatics, make sure to show them you cannot be door camped. Additionally, the base design also includes three SAM turrets on the roof, just in case the try-hard duo flying a minicopter decide to land on your roof. The SAM turrets and the auto-turrets are powered by three windmills and three large batteries, which are honeycombed and very hard to access by raiders.

The footprint of the base is based on a three way mirrored design. This design supports a loot bunker and bedroom on each wing. The ramp and wide gap peek-downs provide 360-degree coverage for the shooting gallery.It also has auto-turrets that provide 360-degree internal cover, making top-down raiding even more difficult.

The base does not feature a starter, and thus you cannot split the base into phases. Before building the base, make sure you’ve gathered the materials mentioned in the build cost. I recommend placing a starter base with the base necessities next to where you want to build the Skeleton Mini. This helps you prevent other players from building next to you while you gather the materials.

What I love about the Skeleton Mini:

  • Three anti-doorcamp entries. This is great because you aren't pinned in your own base by only having one entrance.
  • Shooting gallery. The shooting gallery is one of the simplest yet most effective ones I’ve ever seen. It provides great angles and peekdowns, and it is very easy to make.
  • The roof. The auto-turrets and SAM sites provide excellent cover. You won’t be camped on your own roof anytime soon. It also makes raiding top-down from the roof extremely difficult. 

BUILD COST: 1,000 Hqm | 65,000 Metal | 17,500 Stone | 36,600 Wood

UPKEEP COST (24hr): 165 Hqm | 14,000 Metal | 2,000 Stone | 40 Wood



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