Shadowfrax Announces Plans For Rust Moving Forward

Shadowfrax Announces Plans For Rust Moving Forward
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Rust recently dropped a large update with a new season and a bunch of new features including desert bases and a stationary missile launcher. Shadowfrax has taken to YouTube to announce the next steps for the game.

The first order of business discussed by Shadowfrax was server transitioning, with players requesting that all water vehicles be able to transfer to different servers through the ocean. According to Shadowfrax this feature is being worked on in an internal branch and is therefore not live yet.

MLRS rocket launcher. Image by Rust.

According to Shadowfrax, server transitioning via the ocean has been a part of Rust’s original mind-map for over seven years.

There are several issues to be considered regarding this. 

For example, a team of fully-kitted players could hypothetically move to another server that is coming off a wipe, leaving players with no blueprints and weak gear without a way to defend themselves. This could hypothetically end up killing the game as players will leave out of frustration and rage.

Shadowfrax has announced that when server transitioning is added to the game, it will, “for the foreseeable” be only on official servers. 

Furthermore, transitioning will only occur between pre-determined server sets that are on the same “wipe-schedule” to eliminate issues with gear and equipment differences.

Several bug fixes have also been made, including fixing horse bodies being unlootable. Furthermore, the MLRS rocket launcher has received a variety of user-interface improvements and accuracy adjustments.

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