[Top 5] Rust Best Explosive for Raiding

[Top 5] Rust Best Explosive for Raiding
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How to Dominate in Rust

Are you ready to dominate in Rust? Guess how? Raiding! But for that you'll need the best explosives in the game... In rust, sulfur, and material cost per individual unit decreases the worse the explosive type is. But, in the end, for big raids the better the explosives are the less the total cost will be because you’ll need way fewer of something like C4 than something like satchel charges. So check out the Top 5 best raiding explosives in Rust!

5. Bean Can Grenade

The Bean Can grenade is an extremely unreliable improvised explosive device in Rust.

What's good about the Bean Can:

  • It is much easier to find and research than other explosives.
  • The crafting cost is very low.
  • You can use it as a grenade.

Bean Can details:

  • The Bean Can has a 25% chance of being a dud and a 50% chance of reigniting when you pick the dud up.
  • It has a 70% chance of having a 3.5 to 4-second fuse.
  • It has a 15% chance of blowing up right after you let go of it… OW!
  • It has a 15% chance of having an extra-long fuse… so you think it’s a dud and then BANG! In your face…
  • It takes 56 Bean Cans to destroy an armored door.
  • It takes 223 Bean Cans to destroy an armored wall… WAY too slow.

How To Get the Bean Can:

  • You can find it in the mid to high-tier monuments around the map.
  • You can craft it for 60 gunpowder and 20 metal frags after you’ve researched it.
  • You can research it for 75 scrap.

4. Satchel Charge

The Satchel Charge is an unreliable explosive which arms when placed or thrown, and then has a random time to detonation. If it fails to go off, you have to pick it up to rearm it…

What's good about the Satchel Charge:

  • They are cheap to craft.
  • They are much easier to find for blueprints than rockets and C4.
  • They can be used to blow down doors and breach enemy bases via the weak spots.

Satchel Charge details:

  • It takes 12 satchels to destroy an armored door.
  • It takes 46 satchels to destroy an armored wall.
  • Satchels do 43.5 damage to the strongest items/materials in the game.

How To Get the Satchel Charge:

  • You can find satchel charge blueprints in monuments like Launch Site and Oil Rig, possibly also Dome. 
  • You can trade stuff with other players for a satchel charge to research. But of course… Never trust anyone in Rust…Trust me, it doesn’t turn out well!
  • You can craft a satchel charge for 4 bean can grenades, 1 small stash, and 1 rope.
  • You can research it for 125 scrap.

3. High-Velocity Rocket

The high-velocity rocket deals slightly less damage than the rocket but can travel further and deal greater damage over great distances.

What's good about High-Velocity Rockets:

  • They have greater range.
  • They have greater damage at range than ordinary rockets.
  • They can also be fired from your rocket launcher.
  • They do not require explosives to craft.

HV Rocket details:

  • They deal 31 damage to highest tier construction items.
  • It takes 65 HV rockets to destroy an armored wall.
  • It takes 16 HV rockets to destroy an armored door. Honestly, it would be cheaper to just craft and use rockets or C4. Also, less time-consuming.

How To Get High-Velocity Rockets:

  • You can find them in similar monuments and drops as the other high tier explosives.
  • You can craft them for 1 metal pipe and 100 gunpowder.
  • You can research their crafting blueprint for 125 scrap.

2. Rocket

The rocket can be fired from a rocket launcher to be used for raids and for fighting other players.

What's good about Rockets:

  • The rocket launcher can be aimed for precise hits on weak spots or enemy positions.
  • Rockets explode upon impact… No 10-second getaway chances!
  • Rockets deal relatively high damage, 2nd highest explosive damage in the game.

Rocket details:

  • It takes 1 rocket to kill an enemy with any armor in a direct hit or at close range splash damage.
  • It takes 2 rockets to kill an enemy if it is longer range splash damage.
  • Rockets deal 137.5 damage per hit to the highest tier construction items in the game.
  • It takes 15 rockets to destroy an armored wall.
  • It takes 4 rockets to destroy an armored door… Better get a roof seal going!

How To Get a Rocket:

  • You can find rockets in high-tier monuments such as launch site and oil rig.
  • You can craft a rocket for 10 explosives, 150 gunpowder, and 2 metal pipes. If you haven’t realized yet, sulfur is gold in this game! Don’t give it away!
  • You can research a rocket blueprint for 125 scrap.

1. Timed Explosive Charge (C4)

The Timed Explosive Charge, aka C4, is a craftable explosive that can be thrown onto walls, doors, and deployables to blow them up.

What's good about Timed Explosive Charge:

  • It automatically arms itself and starts the timer when you throw it. Never work more than you have to!
  • It is a reliable explosive with a consistent 10-second timer, giving you enough time to get clear before the explosion.
  • It is the highest damage dealing explosive available in the game and consequentially results in the cheapest raids possible when raiding high-level bases. And honestly, nobody wants to raid a solo stone 1x2. No loot!

Timed Explosive Charge details:

  • It has a 10-second timer.
  • It deals a maximum of 275 damage to the higher tier items and constructions such as garage doors, sheet metal walls, etc.
  • It takes 2 C4 for an armored door. 
  • It takes 8 C4 for an armored wall (hard side)
  • It takes 1 C4 for a sheet metal door.

How To Get Timed Explosive Charge:

  • The Timed Explosive Charge can be crafted with 20 explosives, 2 tech trash, and 5 cloth.
  • The crafting blueprint can be researched for 500 scrap.
  • It requires a Tier 3 Workbench to craft.
  • The Timed Explosive Charge can be found in the highest tier monuments, especially Oil Rig.

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