[Top 10] Rust Best Weapons for Kills

Rust Best Weapons for Kills
A heavily geared player hunts in Rust.

In the wild world that is Rust, you will encounter many hostile players. In order to survive and rise in this game, counting on a trusty firearm or three will increase your odds. Here are the 10 best weapons for killing other players, counting down from least useful to most.

10. Thompson 

The Thompson is a classic gun, and the rust version is no exception. Even with the built-from-scratch appearance, this weapon is a tip of the hat to the prohibition era submachine gun of Hollywood glory. But don’t let the dated appearance fool you – this is truly one of Rust’s most powerful killing machines.

What’s good about the Thompson?

  • The rate of fire is incredible.
  • The minimal recoil contributes to high accuracy.
  • The required pistol ammunition makes firing this gun a cheaper option.
  • Not too difficult to find or craft.

Thompson details:

  • Costs 10 HQM, 100 wood, one SMG body, and one spring to craft.
  • Uses pistol bullets of any variety.
  • The magazine has a 20-round capacity.

How to get the Thompson?

  • Research it in a research bench using scrap.
  • Collect the required materials.
  • Craft it at a workbench level two or higher.

9. Bolt-Action Rifle 

Now some will argue with me about the placement on this ordered list. Why is the bolt action rifle so far back on my countdown? Well, it’s really more of a personal thing. The bolty earned me many a kill in the wide-open world of Rust, but I would prefer every following weapon if given the choice.

What’s good about this rifle?

  • Extremely accurate.
  • Powerful and deadly.
  • Can be outfitted with every attachment and type of rifle ammunition.
  • A long distance must use.

Bolt-Action details:

  • Four rounds before reloading.
  • It is bolt action, meaning you need to wait a second or two between each shot.
  • The second most accurate ranged weapon in all of Rust.

How to Get the “Bolty”?

  • Research it with scrap and the weapon itself at a bench.
  • Gather the necessary materials (20 HQM, one rifle body, three pipes, and one spring).
  • Using a tier three or higher workbench, craft it.

8. Multiple Grenade Launcher 

The MGL is the boom stick of Rust. Six booms, to be exact. It uses a rare ammo that cannot be crafted, which truly makes this a weapon for special occassions only. It does also have the plus of being able to blow down stone and sheet metal walls (with enough shots).

What's good about the MGL?

  • The blast radius is highly damaging, lethal within a short distance.
  • In terms of pure firepower, it’s hard to beat this six-shooting launcher.
  • Not just for PVP, you can also use the grenade launcher to raid.
  • Multiple opponents in a single room could all die from one well-placed shot.
  • It can be loaded with a smoke grenade round, a HE round, or a shotgun round.

Launcher details:

  • This is a non-craft able weapon.
  • The ammunition for it is not craft able either.
  • This is an extremely rare and powerful weapon in the game.
  • I would have put it at the number one spot if it weren’t for its’ prohibitive rarity.

How to get this grenade launcher?

  • Can only be found on heavy scientists (the bomb suit guys).
  • Maybe you could trade for it, but at a heavy price no doubt.

7. SPAS-12 

The SPAS-12 is the definitive shotgun for your top tier Rust player. There have been times I have died to this weapon before I even heard its signature discharge and pump. The few times I have gotten my hands on it were moments of true superiority.

What’s good about the SPAS?

  • Fastest fire rate of a shotgun in the game.
  • High damage.
  • Mod ability.
  • High capacity.
  • Good accuracy with the slug round.

Firearm details:

  • Can utilize all the shotgun rounds, even the handmade shell.
  • Cannot be crafted.
  • Deals less damage than the pump shotgun.

How to get the shotgun?

  • Can only be found in higher tier loot boxes, such as the ones the helicopter drops when downed.
  • Trading or looting for this gun are options, as with any other item in the game.

6. MP5 

This is the submachine gun to rival all submachine guns. Any player using this gun is a menace to every other player, with rare exception. Though it may not seem like it, you can actually craft this military grade weapon.

What’s good about the MP5?

  • A high quality and creatable submachine gun.
  • High magazine size at 30 rounds.
  • Accurate at closer range.
  • Fires very rapidly.
  • Modular and firing all forms of pistol ammunition.

Submachine gun details:

  • Costs 15 HQM, one SMG body, and two metal springs.
  • Slower rate of fire than the Thompson.
  • Expensive to research and craft.

How to get the MP5?

  • You will need to research it first, as usual.
  • Obtain the rare materials.
  • Use a tier three workbench to craft it.

5. M39 

This is another gun which you can only find in crates or on dead scientists. It uses rifle ammunition and is a semi-automatic weapon with solid accuracy at range. A few well-placed shots should be plenty to drop your foe.

What's good about the M39?

  • Good for medium to long range.
  • Powerful, pure and simple.
  • High capacity magazines.
  • Highly modular and versatile.

M39 details:

  • Slower firing than the semi-automatic rifle but more damaging.
  • Reloads fast also.
  • A 20-round magazine exceeds the 16 of the semi.

How to Get the M39?

  • Is only able to be found.
  • It goes without mention that trading or looting are options here.

4. Assault Rifle

I doubt you will find a greater weapon of choice amongst the Rust community. The highest majority of PVP players would pick this gun if given the chance, I’m sure. It has almost unparalleled versatility, accuracy, and power.

What's good about the AR?

  • 30 round magazines.
  • High rate of fire.
  • Totally modular.
  • Very deadly from almost any range.

Assault rifle details:

  • The tricky part about this gun is the recoil – it bucks like a bull.
  • This is also one of the most expensive guns to craft, if not the most.
  • Also known as the “AK” or “AK-47”, though the technical term is the Assault Rifle.

How to get the AK in Rust?

  • Being craft able means you need to research it, obtain the materials, and use a workbench.
  • It requires a tier three workbench to make, as with other high tier firearms in game.

3. LR-300 

The accuracy, strength, fire rate, and utility of this weapon make it one of the most fearsome. A 30-round magazine and fully automatic fire with minimal recoil are its hallmarks. When you hear this gun begin to fire, know that a laser beam of death may soon be upon you.

What's good about this automatic rifle?

  • Very high fire rate.
  • Better accuracy than the Assault Rifle.
  • Totally modular.

LR details:

  • Not crafting capable.
  • High value – I recommend this over the assault rifle.
  • Uses all rifle ammo.

How to get the LR-300?

Yet another drop only weapon, but who cares? It’s a beast.

2. L96 

You will not find a more powerful, satisfying, or effective sniper rifle in the whole game. This thing really defines what it means to be silent and deadly. A cautious player armed with this sniper can deal instant death from afar without detection.

What's good about the L96?

  • Used with a silencer and stealth and detection will be very difficult.
  • The accuracy when combined with a high range scope is bar none.
  • A single headshot is all you need to drop any player almost every time.

The sniper rifle to get – details:

  • Uses five round cartridges.
  • Fires the rifle bullets.
  • Is better than the bolt action in every way except fire rate.

How to get the L96?

Cannot be crafted.

1. M249 

The ultimate weapon for mowing down survivors of the apocalypse, this really is the powerhouse firearm. It features a tremendous rate of fire, damage, accuracy, and capacity. Losing one of these is a true blow to the gut.

What's good about the light machine gun?

  • 100 rounds per magazine, game over.
  • Incredibly high fire rate.
  • Fully modular.
  • Superb damage.
  • Accurate at almost any range.

M2 details:

  • There’s really not much to say. This thing is just the gun you should use.
  • This utilizes all rifle ammunition.
  • You can repair the M249.

How to Get the M249 in game?

Can only be found in the crates dropped by the destroyed helicopter.


Picture credits: https://www.rustafied.com/guns-in-rust-experimental

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