[Top 10] RUST Best Bow Skins That Look Awesome!

RUST Best Bow Skins. A bow wielding Rust player stands against the backdrop of an azure sky.
A primitive Rust player holds the hunting bow.

In Rust, the hunting bow is one of the first ranged weapons that you can get. Not only is that true but it is also a very powerful weapon.

With some skill, the bow can be a formidable weapon for any level of opponent. Well what would make using the bow even cooler, you might ask?

Epic skins are the answer! Here are the top 10 coolest Rust bow skins that I was able to find on the Steam community market.

10. Abyss Bow

Look at this thing! The colors, the fact that it isn’t the stick hunting bow, even the name… Pure badassery.

What makes this skin awesome?

  • The color scheme is incredibly neat.
  • Nice and cheap.
  • Features the recurve bow style.
  • Epic sounding name.

Price on Community Market:

Starting at 2.02 USD on the community market.

See Skin Name on Steam: 


9. Vampire Bow

Want to feel like a vampire while shooting at other players and AI in Rust? Then this is the bow for you! The purple and black color scheme with the intricate designs really set the mood.

What makes this skin awesome?

  • Again, can’t get enough of the recurve style.
  • Who wouldn’t want to be a supernatural being with a thirst for blood?
  • There is something elegant but dangerous about the designs.
  • One of the cheapest available.

Price on Community Market:

The current starting price is $1.61 on the market.

See the Vampire Bow on Steam: 


8. Hunting Bow from Hell

This bow should make you feel like the devil himself. What better way to terrorize your foes that to wield the power of Satan? In the “From Hell” line of skins, the bow may or may not glow in the dark…

What makes this skin awesome?

  • Truly an evil looking piece.
  • Deadly and stylish.
  • More expensive but still won’t break the bank.
  • Another awesome recurve bow style!

Price on Community Market:

Currently starting at $4.01 in USD.


See the Hunting Bow from Hell on Steam: 



7. Venomous Bow

Now, this bow may not really poison anyone you hit with it… But it will certainly look pretty sweet while it’s in use. Tiger stripes and rainbow colors really seem to go well together, huh?

What makes this skin awesome?

  • Colors, colors, and more colors!
  • The tiger pattern gives it a rugged jungle feel.
  • Neon may stand out, but it sure looks sexy.
  • I’m going to stop talking about the recurve style now (they all are).

Price on Community Market:

Nice and cheap at $1.87 apiece.

See Venomous Bow Skin on Steam: 


6. Pink Death Bow

I’m a guy and I’m not afraid to wield a pink bow. Are you? I guess it depends how accurate you are with the thing…

What makes this skin awesome?

  • Now THIS is a sexy bow.
  • Am I cupid or a survivalist anymore with this one?
  • A definite must for the girl gamers out there.

Price on Community Market:

Only $1.27!

See Pink Death Bow on Steam: 


5. Golden Leaf Bow

This bow makes you look downright rich. With gold leaf covering the wood of the handle, you’re going to turn some heads. Period.

What makes this skin awesome?

  • Looks like something an ancient emperor would use.
  • I would hate to lose such a prized bow.
  • Cheap enough on the market but still flaunts a wealthy persona.
  • Almost looks like more of a mantlepiece than hunting weapon!

Price on Community Market:

$1.34, hardly the price of a gold-plated bow!

See Golden Leaf Bow on Steam: 


4. War Story Bow

What was the war? What was the story? It’s up to you with this slick skin!

What makes this skin awesome?

  • It looks metallic and bright.
  • No really, look at the colors!
  • Nice design, a definite style winner.

Price on Community Market:

$1.20, less than the price of a soda bottle.

See War Story on Steam: 


3. Blackout Bow

Okay, if you thought I wasn’t going to include the blackout bow… You were seriously mistaken. I’m a stealth guy, okay?

What makes this skin awesome?

  • The stealth marksman’s weapon of choice.
  • The simplicity is a boon to a humble Rust player.
  • Blend in with the shadows, at least with your bow.

Price on Community Market:

The current going rate starts at $1.73 on Steam.

See Blackout Bow on Steam: 


2. The Bone Bow

Now, you don’t really need bones to craft this bow. It will just look spooky. But that’s worth the purchase to some, of course!

What makes this skin awesome?

  • Looks like it was crafted from a cow’s bone… or maybe human ones.
  • Probably the creepiest skin available.
  • Halloween time, anyone?

Price on Community Market:

Only $1.40 starting!

See the Bone Bow on Steam: 


1. Bushi Zhe Hunting Bow

Remain in the balance of Zen with this bow. See the symbol on the side? It’s the yin and yang, the Taoist symbol of balancing energy. Peace, dude!

What makes this skin awesome?

  • Ommmmmmm……
  • Okay, super cool! Tiger stripes and a Yin/Yang symbol??
  • I would definitely paint a bow like this in real life if I had the time.

Price on Community Market:

$1.54 is worth the purchase if you ask me.

See the Bushi Zhe Hunting Bow on Steam: 


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