[Top 50] Best Survival Movies (That Are Fun To Watch)

Survival Movie
Four people climbing a dangerously icy, and snowy mountaintop on a bridge

Who likes to watch movies where people are put in survival situations and have to try to figure out how to survive? I know I find them very interesting to watch.

There are so many options in this category of movies to watch. They are intense and almost all are definitely moving.

In this list, we will be talking about the Top 50 survival movies that are fun to watch:

50. Never Cry Wolf (1983)

At number 50, we have Never Cry Wolf, which is a classic 1980s survival wilderness.

This movie shows a man who had the courage and bravery to try and survive in a harsh winter forest. Someone tells him before he goes, that there won't be any food out there and he will be the freshest thing.

Although he was warned, he still wanted to try and survive. So he went out and tried.

49. 2012 (2009)

2012 is about the end of the world happening in December of 2012. The trailer I have linked starts off by talking about how the Mayan calendar predicted the end of the world in December of 2012. It cuts to the main family driving in their car and pans to the boy in the backseat with his headphones on and slouched down. He looks up from his screen and he looks at something in the distance, confused.

Out of nowhere, huge meteors come crashing down all around the vehicle. The father tries to swerve the meteors so they don’t get crushed.

Then all the buildings everywhere start to come down on top of people. The chaos around the globe ensues, people trying to flee, people starting wars, pure chaos.

The father that I mentioned before, tells a lady that the government was planning on building ships. Then, it cuts to an official asking when they will let the people know, and him being told that their mission was to make sure there was a continuance in the human species.He shot back by saying the people have a right to fight for their lives. This is very accurate Then it shows, what I believe, is the main family driving a car out of a plane that just took off. Savage move if I say so.

Then at the end of the trailer, what looks like all but maybe just most of the land is covered in the ocean. That is the end of the world that was supposedly gonna happen in 2012. It didn’t.

48. The Omega Man (1971)

This movie starts with the main character driving a car into a town, and then all the phones start to ring. He is the last man on Earth.

He ends up in his kitchen, talking to a mannequin about how on Sundays he dresses up for dinner, while he is holding a can.

He goes for a drive, to hunt for essentials, and along for the ride came his automatic, to protect him. It turns out, however, he isn't the last person on Earth, he meets a woman, who he allows to stay with him, but they end up under attack by a huge group of people, who want him. They look like they are a part of a cult.

47. The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

This trailer starts out with everyone parked and looking at the sky. In the sky are quite a few birds. Closer to probably hundreds. This trailer shows the struggles of climate change, and being on the brink of an Ice Age.

This trailer shows the tragedy humanity will face in the end. The climate change people tried telling the Vice President, but he didn’t listen until it was too late. Tornadoes and floods ripped through L.A. while cities were being destroyed by waves.

I think this trailer shows how good this movie is. It's about the survival of humankind as we know it.

46. The Survivalist (2021)

This trailer starts with a girl stating that the entire world ended and you need to protect yourself. There is protest and fires, violence and property being destroyed.

There’s a guy who tells a girl she needs to run and get to Ben’s. Ben is an FBI agent, and she runs there. Eventually, a group of men find her and try to get Ben to give them her. But Ben stands his ground and protects the little girl.

They threaten them both and say they will kill Ben and take the girl anyway. Ben doesn't back down in the trailer though, which is an amazing thing for him to stand up and protect her.

45. The Reef (2011)

As amazing as this trailer is, I put this movie at number 45, only because of the poor portrayal of sharks. But it is amazing nonetheless.

Showing a group of people who were bringing a sailboat to a different country. They arrive and have fun snorkeling and exploring that part of the ocean.

However, when they are back to sailing, their boat ends up hitting part of a coral reef. Which damaged their boat and caused it to sink. Now they are in survival mode, fighting for their lives in the ocean, swimming.

Unfortunately for them, they didn’t know they were in shark territory. They see something pretty big, partially come out of the waterand go back in. they didn’t know what it was at first, but they eventually realized it was a shark.

They do the last thing you are supposed to do when surrounded by sharks or even just one shark. Always keep your eyes on them. They didn’t.

They kept their heads above water the entire time. A huge mistake. They figured that out, however, when they were endlessly attacked.

44. Dances With Wolves (1990)

Although this movie isn’t him trying to live against hard weather, I still consider this a survival movie. This world war soldier wants to be assigned to the frontier before it's all gone. He gets what he wants and he is sent out to an abandoned fort, where he finds out his neighbors are of the Sioux tribe.

He eventually spends time with them, playing around with the children and trying to communicate with them. They live together and he made friends with them.

43. The Mountain Between Us (2017)

This is an absolutely beautiful movie. This movie is based around a surgeon and a soon-to-be bride whose plane rides were canceled. The woman tells the man that she has an idea about how they can get where they need to be since she needs to be married and the surgeon has emergency surgery he needs to be at.

They got on the little private plane and everything was going smoothly until something went wrong. A light started blinking and the plane started crashing. It landed on top of some snowy mountain tops. The surgeon wakes up and wakes up and steps outside to figure out where they landed. At this point in the trailer, I am assuming the pilot died on impact. But the woman is still alive, and they try to find a way to survive and get off the mountain.

The surgeon suggests that they stay where the airplane crashed, just in case a rescue team tries to find them. He thinks that they will have a better chance at survival that way. The woman disagrees and thinks nobody is coming to get them and that they are all they got. She suggests they try and find their way down the mountain.

They end up doing what the woman suggested, and go on this dangerous and very treacherous journey down the mountain, with a lot of death scares. The trailer ends with the surgeon calling the woman’s name.

42. Wrecked (2011)

This spot belongs to the well-thought-out movie called Wreck. This movie is about two guys who crashed and the one who passed away on impact. The main character, who is the one who survived that is obvious, does not remember anything, not even who he is.

He finds a revolver for protection and he makes a makeshift splint to help out his leg. He then sits in the car and turns the radio on. He learns that he is Raymond and he and his now dead partner, are wanted for murdering a security guard and a bank teller. From that context, it seems like that was a robbery gone wrong.

He crawled through the forest to get water and then went back to his car to wait for help. There is a part of this trailer that shows a person who ends up finding him and his car and it isn't clear if he is dangerous to the main character or not.

41. Backcountry (2015)

Based on the true story, this movie is about a couple that go on a canoeing trip. The trailer starts with the lady rating her boyfriend while they are driving to the canoe spot.

They arrive at the building and are told that everything is set up and ready to go for them and their canoe is down by the water waiting for them.The man attaches bear spray to the lady and tells a joke about how they arent going to need it. They decide to walk through the forest, on foot. The man goes a different way than what the lady thought they were going. He told her that it’s the way though.

They sleep, have a campfire, and also go skinny dipping in the water close to them. They are having a lot of fun at the moment. They go back to the woods and are looking around when a random stranger appears.

They ask if he is just passing by, but he says the lady invited him up for a chat. He has fish with him that he shares with this couple.

He then makes it very uncomfortable by asking if the lady is sure she doesn't need a guide, to which she replies that she already has one. The next morning, the couple continues on their path, when the man sees a huge bear print. They continue on though, until they get to a clearing. There isn’t anything that is supposed to be there and now they are lost.

They set up their tent and hid out from the storm. While they are hiding out, they end up hearing a bear and that bear makes them run for their life.

40. Solo (2018)

Now, I will start this with, this movie is in a different language than English, but I believe it belongs on this list, because he is trying to survive, being thrown off the cliff and fighting for his life in the ocean.

It starts with him driving to a little remote area, surrounded by sand, by himself. He goes there to surf. He walks along the sandbanks, surfboard in hand, carefully making his way to where he wants to be.

As he is walking, his foot slips in the sand and he goes straight down to the edge of the cliff where he is left hanging.

The trailer skips to him laying on the ground right below the cliff edge he was just hanging on to moments ago. The ocean gently washes over him, bringing him back to consciousness, and into the water.

Once he realizes he is in the water, he tries to use his backpack to grab onto some rocks that are next to him.

He eventually crawls into a cave to catch his breath, and to rest for that night. It skips to him washing his injuries in the ocean, swimming and crawling on the sand.

He makes videos every once in a while, but for now, he's stuck with memories of his love, while trying to make it back to her.

39. The Heart Of The Sea (2015)

This moving movie is about the legend of Moby Dick. Moby Dick was a whale from a book story from a long time ago, with a sperm whale crushing a whaling boat and earning the name Moby Dick, because they thought it was some kind of sea monster then.

The trailer starts off with the expedition in 1819. 21 men are ont he boat heading out into the deep blue ocean.

The men are shown and then one has a spear he is aiming at the rough and unforgiving waves. Knowing there is something underneath them, but not knowing how dangerous it really is. The trailer shows the ship rocking violently, and the main character goes up to the deck to see what's happening. As he is looking, one of the mast ropes gets taken into the ocean too quickly, which causes the mast to snap like it was nothing.

The boat starts to gradually sink and people fly off of it, into the ocean. All hell breaks loose after the ship is destroyed. There is fire and people pointing guns at each other. There’s high tension, and nothing to stop it.

The end of the trailer shows Moby Dick’s tail smashing the ship and then also making a wave right in front of a group of men swimming in the water.

38. Eight Below (2006)

Jerry Shepherd. The name of the main character, who is also a survival expert. He and a whole U.S. team from a research base. They take a trip to Antarctica, and to get to the area they need to be they need to take the sled dogs.

While on their way with the dogs, the doctor ends up in the danger zone. He ends up breaking the ice and plummets into the ice-cold water waiting for him below.

They send the lead dog to bring him a rope to drag him out. Like the good girl she is, the dog Maya slowly crawls to the Doc and gives him the rope.

They get him out and rush him back to their main base. Another team member looks at the doctor and decides they need to leave Antarctica and get this doctor some medical attention.

Them leaving results in them leaving the dogs. The main character, Jerry, doesn’t like the idea of leaving his dogs because they are his family. The team then promises they will fly right back and get the dogs out after Jerry and the doc get medical attention.

He tells his dogs they will be back. However, a storm of the century started. They aren't sure how they will get the dogs.

The dogs work together to survive the winter wonderland. Hunting and running and avoiding predators. Their owner, Jerry, came back for them as well.

37.Train To Busan (2016)

Train to Busan is a Korean Zombie film. I believe it 100% deserves a spot on this list, because it was well thought out, in my opinion.

The people board the train that is heading to Busan. Unfortunately for them, some would fall victim to a zombie. Very quickly, everywhere became infested in zombies. They were piling out of glass windows and off rooftops. They were jumping and biting, people can’t get away fast enough.

The people that are still alive on the train think Busan is their best option for survival. Busan, supposedly, is still open. I’d spoil more, but I really think you should watch it.

36.North Face (2010)

This was a competition to climb the most dangerous part of the Alps. Which is called North Face. This tells the story of their treacherous journey up and the even more dangerous descent off the mountain.

They eventually get to the danger of using ropes to go down. They were okay, and then one climber’s foot slipped and he fell a little but was caught. He falls again and the stable climber has to try and hold him over the edge to keep him safe.

It looks like, in the trailer, that the climber dangling wanted to make it easier on his partner and he intentionally cut the rope so he wouldn’t be dead weight anymore.

Now your question is probably, did he die? My only answer would be, watch it!

35. The Beach (2000)

We all want paradise, right? Right. Well, so did the main character of this movie. He searched and searched. After a little while, he and his friends hear about a secret island that apparently no one could ever get to.

Richard, that's the main character’s name, took that as a personal challenge. He and his friends packed bags and then swam to the so-called secret island.

Once they got there, they instantly knew they were in paradise. They immediately started having fun, swimming in the crystal clear water, jumping off cliffs into the water, and Richard kissing his lover underwater.

What they didn’t know was that the island was home to what I am assuming are mob members. The mob shows up and ends up letting their guns off in the night, waking up Richard.

34. A Lonely Place To Die (2011)

This has a weird twist to it, but it is still good. This movie is about a group of climbers who are climbing the highest mountain peaks of Scotland when they come across the discovery of an eight-year-old girl buried alive.

This little girl was dehydrated and didn’t know a single word of English. Alison, one of the climbers, made it her group's duty to rescue her.

What they don’t know is that the little girl is a Serbian war criminal. Crazy, right? So now, the most dangerous thing they have to try to survive is the girl’s father trying to kill them.

33. Tracks (2013)

Number 33 is the place for the movie Tracks. This woman planned to walk 2 thousand miles in the Australian Desert, from Alice Spring, to the Indian Ocean.

Everyone called her crazy, some people told her she couldn’t do it, and her friends want her to shorten the trip and they will go with her.

She told everyone she wanted to be alone. So she started her journey. It turned out to be a lot tougher than she expected, with dangerous animals hunting her down, the scorching sun beating down on her, and hallucinations.

The trailer definitely does this movie justice, more than my description for this movie… go watch it!!

32. The Snow Walker (2003)

A pilot was sent on a run, but suddenly, something damages his blades and he crash landed in the water. Thankfully, it landed very close to land.

Everything from that moment on, changed for Charlie, the pilot. He keeps himself warm and heats what I believe is food up, and starts walking again.

Everyone believed and accepted that he had passed away. They couldn’t find him anywhere. Charlie saw a plane and tried to get its attention with no luck.

He ends up somehow falling and knocking himself out. When he woke up, there was a sweet native American girl named Kanaalaq, helping him with his injuries.

They travel together and keep each other alive. The trailer shows Charlie alot older at the end, so it's easy to say, he ended up living life with Kanaalaq.

31. Gravity (2013)

Gravity is another out-of-this-world movie, literally. A group of people take a trip to the Space Station. They successfully get there, and everything seemed fine, until it wasn’t.

Something smashes into it and sends the girl spinning uncontrollably. And everything just gets worse from there. There are red hot pieces of space station they have to try and avoid while they are floating in space. They all try to hold on, but one floats away and is never seen again.

30. Jungle(2017)

This movie is about a young and very excited explorer, who finally follows his dreams of going into the amazon jungle with two friends and one guide to help.

Before they know it, their trip turns into a fight to survive against harsh elements and even harsher jungle animals. They try and fight their way out. But they might not. Watching the movie is the only sure fire way of knowing!

29. Buried (2010)

Buried is a movie about a man who ended up being buried alive. He calls emergency services to try and get help and he has to explain that he got mixed up with the wrong crowd, which is a bunch of insurgents, and he woke up in the coffin.

Unfortunately Paul has to wait for help that might not even have gotten to him in time.

28. The Wave (2015)

This movie is a Norwegian based survival film about a massive landslide that triggers a tsunami to happen. It floods the entire small town in Norway, the town that the main character and his family are. They run and fight and help others. It is an amazing movie and definitely worth the watch.

27. Arctic (2019)

Another enthralling tale of survival for a plane crash survivor. He has the decision of staying in his camp and waiting for help, but he will freeze to death most likely, or to make the long, teeth chattering and skin crawling trek to try and find civilization again.

26. The Canyon (2009)

This enchanting survival movie surrounds a new wed couple on their honeymoon to the Grand Canyon.

Thinking nothing too bad can happen, they go with a guide to see the Grand Canyon.While you there, the guid falls victim to a snake bite and ultimately dies, leavin the couple to fend for themselves. Except they don’t know where they are.It ends in disaster for them and they have to try and help each other survive and find their way back.

25. Rescue Dawn(2006)

Rescue Dawn is a movie about the Vietnam War and a soldier who was shot down and kidnapped. He ended up escaping with two other prisoners, ad now they are on the run and need to try and survive together.

24. The Edge (1997)

Another tale of a plane crash, the wealthy passenger on board and two other passengers help each other in the Alaskan wilderness. There are many predators like wolves, and the freezing winter temperatures in Alaska, but as long as they stick together they have a better chance at survival.

23. The Martian (2015)

When his fellow astronauts take off from Mars, leaving him behind, Mark Watney is presumed dead after a raging red storm.

With only the supplies he has, he has to try and survive on Mars and reach Planet Earth for help. He plants some seeds by some miracle and also connects back with Earth. Then a storm wipes his plants out.

He still has to try to survive for 4 years until the closest rescue can be done.

22. Six Days, Seven Nights (1998)

On vacation with her boyfriend on the South Pacific Island, Makatea, Robin ends up on an assignment nearby.

Her assignment requires her to hire a cargo plane, and it happens to be piloted by a guy named Quinn. Robin and Quinn end up having to emergency land the plane in a deserted island. The unlikely pair now has to try and survive together and make it back home safe. Might I add, there's a little romance during it!

21. 127 Hours (2010)

A traveler by the name of Aron, decides to make a trip exploring a remote canyon when he suddenly becomes trapped. A heavy rock crushes his arm, trapping him in the last place he explored.

He knows he has to decide what his fate would be. Would he amputate his own arm to try and get back to civilization with a chance of survival, or to stay stuck and definitely die. After five days, he decided to make his decision. Which is in the movie.

20. Sanctum (2011)

Expert diver Frank McQuire has always explored the South Pacific Esa-ala caves. Those caves are the least accessible, and he has been exploring them for months.

One expedition, Frank is joined by his son and a financier. They explore the caves and all is well, until an unpredicted flash flood happens, blocking off their exit.

Now they need to try and find a new way out of the caves, as their supplies diminish rapidly.

19. Survive (2020)

A young woman ends up in a terrible plane crash that she survives along with another survivor named Paul. They are now each other’s only hope to survive while they fight harsh weather and dangerous animals, as well as their own personal traumas.

18. Into The Wild (2007)

A young kid who comes from a wealthy family, didn’t really ever like all the money his family had. He was a top athlete and top of his class at Emory University. He decides to sell all his personal belongings, gives his savings to a charity, and he sets out to explore and survive in the Alaskan wilderness. I believe that's very brave and noble.

17.The Revenant (2015)

The year is set to 1823, and a man is exploring uncharted wilderness. Frontiersman, Hugh, eventually gets attacked by a bear and ends up sustaining life threatening injuries.

Then a member of his hunting team kills his young son and leaves him out for dead. Full of vengeance, this fur trader has to use his skills to fight off any other predators, and try to survive harsh weather and little food, to get back to civilization. He sets out to find those that betrayed him and his son.

16. The Road (2009)

This is a post apocalyptic world in which is now reality for a man and his young son. They try to keep the idea of civilization alive, which is barely more than just a dream anymore.

They scavenge and they try to survive together to get to the sea, having to avoid hateful people who might turn them into slaves or even worse, like kill them. They trek on with only each other to trust.

15. Castaway (2000)

Castaway is an American classic. This movie is about a guy who ends up stranded on a remote island, and is forced to try and keep himself alive and also try to flag down help.

The only thing in his company is his volleyball that he named Wilson. He gave him a face as well. This movie is a funny one with many scenes to laugh at. For example, when he finally made fire. Very worth watching!

14. Life Of PI (2012)

The movie Life Of Pi, is a movie about a ship carrying exotic animals like zebras and tigers, got caught in a storm that was way too intense, and started to sink.

The boy on the ship, got a zebra on his lifeboat with him and he let the lifeboat drop straight into the ocean, and the zebra, unfortunately, flew out of the boat.

The boy ends up finding a boat with a tiger inside. He attaches the boat to his raft and brings the tiger with him.

He eventually got the tiger's trust, which took a lot of patience and challenges. They become best friends.

13. Wild (2014)

A young lady, who spirals out of control when her mother dies, and her marriage no longer exists, is the main character.

Her name is Cheryl and she decided to put her life back together again and she hikes the Pacific Crest Trail all by herself and with almost no backpacking experience.

She travels through all types of weather, and eventually meets people, where she feels more at home with than her actual home.

She eventually keeps on traveling. Until she gets to where she wants or needs to be.

12. Lone Survivor (2013)

Soldiers were sent to Afghanistan, and twenty of them were shot dead. Now it's a mission for war. When they send a team though, they find out it's a lot more than ten guys. It is an entire army they are up against. They end up kidnapping kids, and then eventually letting them go even though they know they will have up to 200 people run up on them.

They end up having to fight for their lives, with only their group. They win and there are only four of them.

11. Against The Ice (2022)

A group of people that want to go on a wintery expedition, even though they know the Denmark Expedition failed.

They have their dog sleds and they are having fun at first, then they go into a small ice cave, and one guy sees a human frozen completely.

They start to question if they should give up, but not everyone is ready to because they have a map. And believe they can find “them”(maybe the Denmark group?), and be back on their ship by August. It becomes too much for some and they start turning on each other, with no hope of ever being rescued.

10. Adrift (2018)

A movie about two lovers who take a sailboat to an entirely different place, just maybe days of knowing each other, for an older gentleman who randomly asked? That’s exactly this movie, except, there is a twist. Of course, this wouldn’t be on the survivor movie list if it was just that, now would it? There was a hurricane happening close by that was known about. Now the radio is saying it is upgraded to a category 5 hurricane. That is one of the worst hurricane numbers.

They fight through rain and with an extremely strong current pull, they end up being hit by a gigantic wave. The girl woke up in a flooded sailboat. She goes to the deck of the boat and screams for the boy she was with. He was just barely hanging by the small boat.

The girl swims to him and then gets him to the surface. She promises to take care of him and she then sets sail. She decides Hawaii is their best option, even though if they miss Hawaii, they are dead.

9. The Grey (2012)

The Washington Post deems this movie, ‘a thriller you can sink your teeth into. It begins with a group of passengers that end up in an airplane crash. Thankfully, these survived, and very unfortunate for those who didn’t in this movie. That is how cruel life and death can be.

They end up deciding to hike down the snowy and almost deadly mountaintops they are stranded on. Ottoway, who is the main character, leads the injured survivors through the terrible snowstorms and dangerous animals that are hunting them.

Fighting through almost waist-deep snow, almost falling when the only rope separating them from both cliffs, ends up breaking away. Thankfully one of the survivors was able to grab it and hold it. The trailer ends with Ottoway taping small glass bottles to his knuckles, and smashing them to make them sharp. He then runs after the wolves that were stalking him. I think that was extremely brave.

8. Touching The Void (2003)

This ice-cold movie is based on a true story about people who want to climb peak Siula Grande in the Peruvian Andes and the one man’s near-fatal accident that happened on the expedition.

They were doing this to be the first climbers to scale the summit. They successfully made it to the top and then everything took a turn on their descent down the mountain.

As they are climbing, they get to a point where they need to rely heavily on their partner. However, when they were using ropes to climb, one fell. One of the guys said as soon as he saw the rope, he knew it had been cut.

Then he fell, thousands of meters, breaking through a sheet of ice, and still fell, until he hit the bottom. He thought he was for sure dead, This movie is their story and it should be seen for sure.

7. Walking Out (2017)

This movie had me in tears when I first watched the trailer, that's how great this was put together! This moving and heartbreaking movie is about a young boy, named David, with divorced parents, who goes with his dad during some winter months.

While visiting his father, they go out to the mountain they own, because his grandfather brought his dad out there when he was David's age, and wanted to share the same memories.

The reason they even went into the woods on their mountain, was to get some game. They walk around for a while and they stop so David could mess with his gun.

While he’s doing that, he hears a growl, he slowly looks around and sees a big brown bear, staring at them.

David’s dad tells him to follow him and they try to run from the bear. Guys, don’t run from bears, or you will end up with the following situation; It's not clear who shoots a gun, but David’s dad ends up being the one taking the bullet. In the leg. Now, he can’t walk.

He tells David that he can find the cabin, but David won’t leave his father to die. He attempts to carry his father to the cabin instead. That part is so absolutely moving, because it shows compassion and how strong someone can become when it comes to saving someone they love.

He tells his dad to continue to talk to him and tell him what to do. He gets instructions to the cabin from his dad. After a while of walking, David hunts for food, then continues on the trek back. It cuts to them lying by a fire, and David said his dad can’t die on him, crying. That is one of the saddest parts of this movie.

This movie will have you a crying wreck, and wanting more. There is so much packed into it, and a lot of emotions too.

6. All Is Lost (2013)

This eye-catching movie is about a lone sailor, who has nothing but what’s in his sailboat and his will to live. But, of course, his sailboat ends up getting smashed into a sort of shipping crate.

He tried to fix the damaged spot on his sailboat, and then fixed his masts and sails. While he is up on the highest point of his boat, he sees a terrible oncoming storm. He tries to batten down the hatches, which is nautical talk to prepare for a storm.

The storm hits, and it hits hard. He tries to call in an SOS call multiple times, with no answer. The storm is too strong and makes the damage to his boat even worse.

Eventually, he decides to grab his life raft, and leave his sinking boat to be no more. Night comes and he sends a flare in the air, because of a big boat he sees but they don’t see his SOS signal.

5. Everest (2015)

This is another amazing movie that has compassion and teamwork. Everest is about a group of people who want to take on the challenge of being on top of one of the tallest mountains in the world.

This movie surrounds a couple of males, one of them has children and wants them to see an ordinary mailman achieve an impossible dream, maybe they will too. The other one has a pregnant wife at home, and he wants to be able to climb with her and their unborn daughter, once she's old enough.

They take a bus to the helicopter that brings them to the first camp on Mount Everest. They spend that first night in the first camp.

When the next morning comes, they start on their climb up. The trailer skips to a man trying to cross ladders that are barely even attached, let alone the two sides of the mountain. The ladders help people get across a giant gap that is in the path of climbing.

In the middle of his crossing, however, an avalanche erupts from the side of the mountain he was trying to climb. He caught himself, but he was hanging onto the ladder with both his arms and both his legs.

They continue their journey after a while, talking about how much it hurts and how dangerous it is. This entire movie just covers every detail about the dangers of climbing a mountain that reaches almost as high as planes fly. That’s so crazy to think about.

As much as I would love to spoil the ending for you… I won't. I will, however, end this by telling you that this should be on everyone’s list. Yes, that means you too.

4. Stranded (2007)

With a rating of 93% on Rotten Tomatoes, Stranded: The Andes Crash Survivors In Their Own Words comes in at #4. This amazing movie is based on the true stories straight from the mouths of the survivors of the Andes crash.

This movie is about a rugby team heading to Chile to play in an exhibition. On the way to the said exhibition, the plane ends up having terrible turbulence.

Suddenly, the plane started going down, leaving these unfortunate young people stranded on the snowy, and oxygen-deprived Andes Mountaintop. These stories from the survivors’ are extremely sad, but worth watching!

3. Apollo 13 (1995)

Traveling to space for this movie starts with his family finding out that he is going to the moon. The day finally comes for the main character to fly to space in the rocket called Apollo 13.

They make sure everything is good, then they take off. They successfully clear the sky and end up in space. They float for a little for some fun when the gravity has stopped working.

However, disaster strikes, and a part of the rocket is blown off the side. Now they are floating freely in space, inside a destroyed rocket.

They say the famous line, “Houston, we have a problem”. They look out the window and report back to Nasa that they ended up in some kind of gas, and now they are losing oxygen, and fast.

They lose signal with the ground and the people in Nasa get a notification from their systems that there was a quadruple failure on the rocket, but they can’t believe it. They are running out of time and they don’t know what to do next.

2. Room(2015)

Another breathtakingly beautiful movie, Room, makes me cry hysterically. This movie is about a woman who was captured and put in a room. She gave birth and raised her son in that room. She decided that she would make Room for the whole world for her son so he felt safe since they were trapped.

She also decided to teach her son how to get help. She taught him to wiggle out of the giant rug she eventually wraps him in, jump out of the truck when it starts to slow down, then runs and someone will help him.

When the day comes, he does exactly what he was taught, and he helped get his mom and him out of that situation. He and his mom go to the hospital, and the man who took her and kept her and her son in captivity is arrested.

At the hospital, her son meets his grandparents for the first time and they thank him for saving his mom, who is their daughter.

1. The Impossible (2012)

This movie had me crying with just the trailer. That’s how I knew this was the perfect spot for it. The #1 spot.

The trailer begins with a family of five, three boys and the parents, making it to their vacation resort and they start enjoying themselves, by playing in the ocean, on the beach, and in the resort swimming pool.

The mother is sitting by a glass window, with her book or notebook, and she notices the huge glass pane next to her, shaking slightly.

The boys and their father hear something and are looking at it in the distance. They see the huge palm trees being plowed down with ease.

The father screams for his son Lucas grabs his other two sons, and runs away from the sudden rush of water that is destroying everything in its path. Huge. brown, tons of water.

The family gets swept away from each other, but thankfully, the boys find their father, and Lucas and his mom find each other. Now the family is in two and has to look for each other.

Lucas and his mother get picked up from a group of amazing locals and brought to a building that was set up to help those that were affected by the freak flood. Lucas’ mom asks him to try and help people since he is really good at it, while she recovers. He helps a man with his family and they finally find the rest of their own family.

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