[Top 25] Best Survival Games That Are Amazingly Fun

Best Survival Games
Survival of the fittest!

I’m gonna tell you about some of my most favorite survival games of all time. Survival games are one of my favorites - I spent countless hours in games like Kenshi, Rust, and many more awesome titles. If you like games where you’ll be running around butt-naked, being chased around by creatures with long necks, then this article is definitely for you - let’s begin!

25. Rust

 Rust has been blessed with many updates and many changes in the last couple of years. I still remember when Frankieonpc used to play that game, he’d gather an army of naked men and women with nothing but boulders in their hands. All that, for nothing, as in the end he ended up getting banned. 

The game is awesome - a memefest that will keep you addicted for hours on end!

24. Don't Starve Together

A game with fancy cartoonish graphics. Extremely challenging, but rewarding and fun to play. If you like to explore various locations, hunt, or get hunted by a countless amount of creatures that will gladly eat you alive, gather resources, and build bases for yourself and your friends, then this game IS for you. You’ll fall in love with its simplicity and awesome gameplay!

23. ARK: Survival Evolved

22. 7 Days to Die

21. Unturned

Jesus Christ. Somebody combined Roblox with zombies - what is this game exactly about? It’s about making connections with others in order to survive in the lego-like world, filled with lego-like zombies. 

Collect weaponry, go fishing(besides fishes, you can also get trash! Yay!) and of course fight your way through hundreds of zombies in this ridiculous zombie survival game!

20. No Man's Sky

 I think that everyone knows this game - everyone was pretty angry when it was released, but as of today, in my opinion, it’s a pretty good game. You’ll be put in a spaceship and your job will be to discover LIMITLESS planets and visit them - be careful though, you might encounter rabid alien creatures which might eat your legs. Gather resources, build bases, and go on a neverending quest of discovering new stuff. Yay!

19. SCUM

Whoah, that’s quite a harsh name. Why is this game named SCUM - maybe because you’ll be playing as an inmate of some sort. The game is still in early access and it’s gonna be released at some point in the future, you’ll have access to a well-detailed crafting system and experience this game’s awesome mechanics in a multiplayer, story-driven world filled with people that will gladly shoot your head off!

18. The Long Dark

It’s cold as hell. I hid in some abandoned church with broken windows. There’s trash everywhere and I’m trying to find a lighter to make myself warmer - I need wood though, so I go out and chop some wood for the fireplace. As I head back for the church, I hear the howling of distant wolves, soon enough, a pack of wolves is chasing me. In no way I can outrun them, so I hit them with my hatchet, one of them is dead, but at a price - I’m barely alive, bleeding and freezing to death. The other wolves pissed off and I got to the church. Do you know what happened? I died. But I got the fireplace going - that’s always nice!

17. Project Zomboid

 Oh, I know this game! You’ll be playing from a top-down perspective in a world literally flooding with zombies. To this day I remember driving a car into a horde of zombies. It didn’t end well, they dragged me out and ate me alive. Fun times. 

Your character will have pros and cons that will improve or worsen their survival. Gather weapons and try to survive in this hellhole of a place - invent new strategies of killing zombies, find a cool base and enjoy the gameplay!

16. Oxygen Not Included

 Indeed, it’s not included. Deep down under some rock, you’ll be gathering a group of survivors, as a whole, you’ll have to improve your science skills in order to survive and to fight off other hostile alien creatures. Discover new technology that will improve your chances of survival in this fancy, 2D, cartoonish game. Try it out!

15. The Forest

 Here I was, cutting wood for my little house when out of nowhere you idiots decided to hit me with clubs. Not only that you’re pale as hell, but you’re also naked and not exactly hospitable. So you know what I did? I dismembered their corpses with my hatchet and made an effigy of their remainings in front of my base. They didn’t mess with me for quite a while, but they brought some weird, mutated female genitalia monster to my base and killed me. Pepehands.

14. Conan Exiles

 Conan Exiles is a game with a massive world in which you’ll have to survive. A ton of disturbing monsters is what you can expect in this game. Build yourself a base and perhaps a kingdom one day, either in multiplayer or singleplayer. 

Recently, there were mounts added to this game and mount combat as well. Another thing that I love is the number of different terrains, from the snowy mountains in the north to the scorching deserts in the south!

13. This War of Mine

 This is quite a depressing survival game - you’ll be taking shelter in a huge house, filled with other poor souls. The world is in turmoil, filled with various armies fighting each other and you’re in the midst of it as a civilian. You’ll have to supply yourself with medicine, food, and other necessities. In terms of decisions, pick them very carefully - stealing a food can from that one guy could prove fatal, helping others can either save you or break you - good luck!

12. Fallout Shelter

11. Kenshi

I love this game. I still remember when I began a playthrough as a Hive, 3 minutes after playing the game, I got chased by a beak thing and that bloody bird took my leg off and almost ate me alive. Fortunately for me, I had bandages with me and managed to patch myself up. Unfortunately, the pricks from my ex-hive didn’t bother to give me a spare limb, so I made myself a promise that I would make my own hive and exterminate the Western Hive. 

I dragged my ass to the Border Zone and stole a robotic limb from some vendor. Now, I was pretty far from achieving my deranged dreams of taking my revenge on the Western Hive, but eventually, it’ll happen. The skin peelers will be waiting for all of them!

10. Starbound

 A cool game similar to Terraria - it’s just that you’ll be in a spaceship exploring multiple planets. Whether you want to be some intergalactic queen of some sort, a farmer on one of many planets that you can settle on, or just a treasure hunter - up to you!

The game has high levels of replayability, just like Minecraft or Terraria, thus you won’t get bored of it too quickly. Try it out, relatively cheap and fun to play game!

9. Surviving Mars

 So, human beings finally decided to colonize Mars. You’ll be in charge of the colony, where you’ll create bubble-like structures that will keep your human beings from suffocating to death. The game has a long as hell tutorial, finishing will be an achievement itself. 

The game is hard, but awesome and rewarding when fully comprehended. Try it out if you love games with complex mechanics and futuristic gameplay!

8. Green Hell

 I thought he meant a vegan convention. The game will be about surviving in a jungle in the middle of nowhere. Food, water, and shelter are your biggest friends right now. Getting friendly with tribesmen will also be an option!

Realistic crafting, enjoyable gameplay where you’ll hunt other animals, resource gathering, and many fascinating features that will make you fall in love with this game!

7. Timberborn

After humanity is no more, the beavers shall walk the Earth. At least according to this game! As we know, human beings are pricks and they left the planet with nothing, besides huge amounts of trees. This time you’ll be guiding a group of beavers and see how long you can survive in the new world that this game offers!

Gorgeous architecture, building systems, and deadly climates are some of the coolest features in this lovely game. What else is there to say? Oh yeah, beavers!

6. Days Gone

There’s always something epic riding down the hills on your bike while escaping from an angry swarm of blood-covered zombies. The game has beautiful graphics and an awesome storyline. Engage zombies in many ways, such as:

-Running away from them

-Sneaking past them

-Going full Rambo and exterminating them

-Getting swarmed and dying.

The game is awesome and fun as hell to play. You’ll quickly fall in love with the main protagonist and his bike. Try it out!

5. Colony Survival

Be in charge of your little settlement, from a settlement you might evolve into a kingdom, become a king yourself and order your citizens to do their duties - farming, mining, and guarding your base. 

There’s a twist though, you won’t be defending your base from human raiders, but monsters that will gladly rip your head off and destroy your little settlement. What you’re waiting for, bud - save your kingdom!

4. Valheim

Become one of the Vikings and survive in their harsh, cold climate filled with weird creatures and other not-so-pleasant humans. Most of the time, the game will revolve around fighting, but also base-building and exploring the procedurally-generated world. If you like one of those games where you can be a barbarian and a peasant at the same time, then this game is most definitely for you!

3. Subnautica: Below Zero

 Oh trust me, I enjoyed the view of the Leviathan snatching my Seamoth, destroying it, and dropping it in darkness. You might say: Hey, at least you survived! Nope, he came right back like a goddamn boomerang and ate me alive. Prick!

In Below Zero, you’ll be able to actually go on land and discover cool things there. Don’t think that you’ll be safe there, haha!

2. Age of Darkness: Final Stand

 A fancy RTS where you’ll be a part of one of the last remaining human settlements. Everyone else died to some disturbing creatures and your job will be to look after your small group of survivors in a fog-covered world. 

According to some research that I’ve done, the game will be able to render over 70,000 enemy units - I already feel overwhelmed, but fighting that amount of bloodthirsty creatures will surely make you feel like a bad-ass!

1. Frostpunk

The world became a frozen hellhole. Build yourself a settlement that’s surrounding a heater, the only energy source that will keep your miserable citizens alive. Life for you and your citizens will become more bearable as you progress. Build more structures, such as hospitals, schools, etc. to keep your population healthy and not dumb, but also be a harsh ruler, where you’ll decide the fate of misfits in your little city!

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