Raft Best Ways To Get Trash Cubes (Top 5 Ways)

Raft Best Ways To Get Trash Cubes (Top 5 Ways)
The recycler turns materials into trash cubes.


To get trash cubes, you need to get the recycler. It turns resources into trash cubes, which are used as currency in the trading posts.


5. Stone

Stone on the seabed.

Stone is found on the seabed, and you’ll need a hook to collect it. You can also sometimes find stones in barrels and crates that float on the water as debris.

It takes 200 pieces of stone to fill up the recycler. I know, that seems like a lot. But the reason stone made it onto this list is because there really isn’t much use for it.

I’m a completionist. Whenever I stop at an island, I don’t leave until I’ve cleared all of the resources that can be gathered on it. So, I always end up with a couple chests full of stones eventually, and I stick my excess stones in the recycler.

How it works:

  • A full recycler will make 4 trash cubes.
  • You need 200 stones to fill the recycler.
  • 50 stones make 1 trash cube.


4. Plastic

Hook, line, and floater!

Plastic is an extremely useful resource throughout the entire game. Not only is it used for 18 different items in Raft, but it’s also a very abundant resource and a great item for the recycler.

Plastic can be retrieved by casting your hook and pulling in plastic debris, and it can be found when opening barrels and loot boxes. The best way to collect a bunch of plastic is to set up a collection system using collection nets.

Once you’ve got collection nets set up on your raft, plastics are literally going to flow in. So, don’t be afraid of using it as a recycling resource, there’s plenty more where that came from.

How it works:

  • A full recycler will make 4 trash cubes.
  • You need 120 plastic to fill the recycler.
  • 30 plastic makes 1 trash cube.


3. Feather

We should’ve hired a scare-gull instead of a scarecrow.

I never really liked feathers. You can only do so much with them. Most of the things you craft with feathers are one-and-done; they don’t get lost, and they don’t have durability. Arrows were the only reason I kept feathers around in my storage, but even so, you can retrieve arrows after you shoot them. But then I found out that feathers can be recycled and that was such a game changer for me.

My normal strategy for collecting feathers is to kill the seagulls that land on my scarecrows and bird’s nests. Make sure the scarecrow and bird’s nests are easily accessible. That way, you won’t miss when killing the seagull. It’s a great source of drumsticks as well.

How it works:

  • A full recycler will make 4 trash cubes.
  • You need 120 feathers to fill the recycler.
  • 30 feathers make 1 trash cube.


2. Palm Leaf

That’s a lot of palm leaves.

Palm leaves have the same value as stone when it comes to the recycler. I have three reasons why it’s so high on my list:

First, just like plastic, the palm leaves will just flow in once you have a collection system going. Second, you get palm leaves when cutting down palm trees, which are everywhere. Third, because palm leaves are so common, I always end up with such an excess, even though I frequently use them in crafting and building.

How it works:

  • A full recycler will make 4 trash cubes.
  • You need 120 palm leaves to fill the recycler.
  • 30 palm leaves make 1 trash cube.


1. Wool

I’ve never seen a striped llama in my life, but this looks sick.

Wool is absolutely crazy for the recycler. It only takes 8 pieces to fill the entire thing up, which means you only need 2 pieces of wool to make 1 trash cube.

In regards to crafting, wool is only used for your backpack and armor. It takes a while before you have to replace your armor, so in the meantime, you can farm llama wool for the recycler.

Farming wool is by far the best way to farm trash cubes if you want quick and efficient. After you craft your backpack and armor, you’ll be building up an abundance of wool.

How it works (bullet points)

  • A full recycler will make 4 trash cubes.
  • You need 8 wool to fill the recycler.
  • 2 wool makes 1 trash cube.


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