The Top 10 Free Survival Games To Play Right Now

 Free Survival Games
These online games will decide the survival of the freeest.

10. Cuisine Royale

Cuisine Royale Gameplay

Armed with World War II weapons and kitchen utensils, wearing nothing but your underwear, it's kill or be killed. Battle it out with 29 other players while making your way to the center of the field.

Starting out as an April Fool's joke,it was made into one of the funniest survival games, with each silly item having a unique purpose. Choose your armor carefully, and don’t get caught with your pants down!

If you can't bring the heat, bring the kitchen(ware).

Confess your sins.

9. Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing Gameplay

In this MMO, you’ll compete with up to 99 other soldiers to earn the title of ‘Last Man Standing’. Just don’t get caught outside of the shrinking force field, or you’ll be electrocuted (like Mother always said).

Choose from over 30 weapon options and customize them with attachments to kill your opponents with style and grace.

The character customizations are reminiscent of ‘The Purge’, featuring both civilians wearing business casual attire, and some crazier customers with scary masks. A troll’s dream, there are over 300 ways to infuriate your opponenets using hilarious taunt emotes.

The blood red mask reall is a classy touch.

8. Realm Royale

Realm Royale Gameplay

Realm Royale is a class-based fantasy survival game where players traverse terrain to get to high ground to avoid the fatal fog. Dangerous enemies lurking around means that players can be attacked at any moment, even while customizing your weapons.

Enemies are defeated by being turned into chickens before being slaughtered. Vegans might want to stay away from this one.

Arm(or) and hammer.

NOW we know why the chicken crossed the road.


7. H1Z1


It’s GTA lite meets Fortnite in this fun battle royale game that sounds like a strain of influenza. A cloud of deadly gas has forced everyone into survival mode, leading players to need to grab a vehicle and go before the gas reaches them. One-up the competition by quickly gathering weapons and supplies , or explore Auto Royale mode with a team of four and pimp your ride for the win.

Ride or die.

Poisonous apocalypses: the perfect time to practice your aim.

6. Codename CURE


Kill terrifyingly fast zombies in this challenging co-op survival game that plays like the anxiety inducing film, World War Z. The “cure” is in the explosives that you and your teammates use blow up zombies, all before escapingbefore the bomb detonates. There are five fun player classes to choose from and a short window of time to stock up on weapons before the next wave of attacks. Keep some eye drops handy because blinking could be your demise.

Kill zombies with blazing fast speed.

Zombies on their own aren't that scary, but in a dark alley...

5. Survarium


This first-person shooter game takes place in a very brutal post-apocalyptic world, giving players the option to brave the elementstogether or solo. Play in a variety of unique game modes, searching for artifacts and leveling up your character to become the baddest of badasses. Among the most played is the “Battle for Batteries mode”, where you and your teammates must collect them all to power your generator. The more you play, the more powerful your character becomes, so it’s easy to get addicted.

Meter maids sure got a hellish makeover.

And to think, all this over a minor disagreement.

4. No More Room in Hell


This is a first-person zombie survival game where good weapons are hard to find and the zombies range fromslow and VERY fast. If bitten by a zombie and infected, you can choose to keep it to yourself, ut your teammates will find out eventually. The Half Life 2 mod has some pretty fun character options including ‘Bateman’ who looks exactly like Patrick Bateman from American Psycho, and ‘Wally’ who resembles Walter from The Big Lebowski. If you’re going to be Bateman, you’d damn well better blast Huey Lewis and the News while you kill hordes of zombies!

Looters will be shot on sight.

And behind door number two...

3. BattleRush


Welcome to World War II Craft! Build structures, blow em up, drive some vehicles, kill your enemies. It’s pretty simple. Choose from over 30 types of vehicles and over 20 different rifles, and creative with your cruising and killing. What makes this game fun is that you have full reign to do whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want it.

I thought Germans all drove Volkswagens?

"Yeah, this thing has airbags and everything, got it cheap, too."

2. Paladins


This is my favorite fantasy survival game because you can choose to be a dragon! I don’t care if he sucks, I want to be dragon. Anyway, you and your teammates can choose whoever you’d like and the variety of options is awesome, be it weaponry or character customization One weird thing about the game is the dude with the deep voice. I can’t figure out if he’s trying to sound like Bane from Batman or Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs. Either way, it’s creepy, but the game is FUN!

Every battle royale game needs a beefy tank character.

I am Groot!

1. Unturned


It’s Zombie Minecraft! In this world, you play as an ‘unturned’, whichmeans that you have not been turned into a zombie yet. It’s a lot like Walking Dead where you have to create a new society while fighting bad guys and zombies, of course. This game is cool because you can use ‘special powers’ to fight. The snarling zombie voiceover is hilarious too!

Do you know why I pulled you over? Brains!

Bloodbaths never looked so... cute?

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