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the culling preview
Blood... Blood Everywhere.

15. Mario’s in the House

Lets go!

Never invite Mario to your place if you don’t have any shrooms for him. Just like every other plumber, Mario will take out his pipe and beat everything in sight to a pulp. Or maybe just don’t invite Mario at all… he’s kind of a jerk anyway.

14. The Center

It doesn’t look half bad before the blood gets smeared everywhere.

This is where all things come to an end. You’ve spent the entire game crawling through underbrush and raiding abandoned buildings, but now it’s time to fight in an open arena. It’s time to die at a place with the best possible camera angles!

13. Self-Defense Protocol

Legends say that tazing the head is even more effective than usual!

Your personal bubble is very precious to you, I’m sure. So when someone comes barreling through and happens to pop that personal bubble, it’s time to break out the big guns. Or, in this case, the big stun guns. A quick jab to the ribs with electricity is a great way to remind your opponents that you enjoy your personal space.

12. Flying Treasure Chest

It’s Duck Hunter all over again.

Who knows what goodies await you in that crate? Whoever summoned it, that’s who knows. But it’s no longer just for them to know! Shoot it out of the sky, claim its contents as your own, then go hunt down whatever poor soul just wasted a gigantic chunk of their F.U.N.C. on an empty trunk, punk! …Sorry, my rhyming got out of control.

11. Panem Chainsaw Massacre

Rough day?

Look, we get it. You like Texas Chainsaw Massacre. But was it really necessary to (chain)saw through everyone you could get your hands on?

…Yes. Yes it was.

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