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the culling preview
Blood... Blood Everywhere.

30. BOOM!

This… this is what I’ve been waiting for.

Gone are the days of manually placing a C4 on a crate and waiting for someone to walk by. The modern era is upon us: crates that explode on their own. It’s safe to say that for people who like ruining everyone else’s day, Bait Crates are the best crates.

29. Long Way Down

Just one little tap on the back, and…

This doesn’t happen nearly enough. Seeing someone leaning over the edge of a cliff, their back ripe for the pushing. Having had it happen once, though, I can assure you… it’s amazing.

28. Juicing Up

Aim for the vein!

Sometimes you just can’t let a fight be fair. The developers of The Culling understand that, so they implemented steroids. While ‘roid rage is pretty dependable in the game, I’ve heard it can have some negative effects in real life. Oh well!

27. F.U.N.C. Barrels

Release the blowing glue spirit trapped in the barrel.

Some say that the souls of the killed “Culling” contestants have been trapped in these barrels for centuries, just waiting to be released by a new contestant… I say that it’s free F.U.N.C, and it’s time to start crafting new murdering tools with it!

26. This is a Bloody Mess


Piles of bones, piles of… head. No matter what you find in that bloody pile, remember that you can repurpose it for weapons and traps! Nothing’s more environmentally conscious than recycling the remains of past contestants to create more remains of current contestants!

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