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The Doom Guy Is Ready For Hell

6. Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age: Inquisition takes place during a civil war between the loyalists  and a powerful noble faction.

The Inquisition begins with a strange Breach opening in the sky and unleashing an army of demons into the world of Thedas. The player is a part of the inquisition, an organization tasked with closing the Breach and removing the gate between the two worlds.

Corypheus is an ancient demon guilty of opening this gate from the Fade world in order to conquer the world of Thedas.

One of the first creatures you’ll encounter in Dragon Age is simply called a Demon. It has lots of variations. The Demon embodies a Psyche like rage, hunger or desire, and feeds on human emotions.

A Pride type Demon.

A Terror Demon.

The Desire demon is the most intelligent one of theml demons. They can tempt even the most skilled mages into possession.

The Broodmother is an insect like queen who can spawn various demons. Broodmothers are elite bosses and their appearance is very unappealing.

The Broodmother boss.

The main character, often called the inquisitor or the chosen one, has a strange mark on their hand which gives them the ability to close the Breach. The player can choose between different classes and can also control three other inquisition members in their group.

The hero using the Mark of the Rift.


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