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The Doom Guy Is Ready For Hell

9. Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon has a very dark and Gothic atmosphere

Darkest Dungeon is a dungeon crawl turn-based strategy game developed by Red Hook Studios. The main plot of the game says your relative found portals to another dimension beneath his manor. Since he was afraid of demons unleashed upon the world, he cowardly took his life. This leaves you as the rightful owner of the house, and sets you on the quest of cleansing the dungeons of demons that lurk in the dark.

This game has a lot of different interesting monsters, and one of the most memorable ones is the Swine Prince. There are variations on this character, and it is a beast boss.

The hero fighting a Swine King.

Ghouls are enemies whose strongest attack is named a Howl. This causes stress damage to the character. Stress is a factor of heroes in Darkest Dungeon. If stress becomes too high, it can lead to a players’ death.

Ghouls have the ability to cause „The Worries“ disease which can make a player more vulnerable to stress.

The Prophet is a boss who has three different variations: Sonorous, Fulminating and Gibbering. The Prophet looks like an old demon trapped in stocks with swords plunged into its back.

Players fighting the Prophet.

The Abomination is a demonic class in Darkest Dungeon which cannot be in a party with religious characters. The Abomination can change forms from human to demon and vice versa.

The two forms of the Abomination.

The game is turn-based and requires a lot of thinking and strategizing as opposed to the previous games on this list. The hero can choose to bring along different adventurers with different abilities into the dungeons.


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