Top Ten Diablo 4 Classes That Fans Want To Play

 Diablo 4 Classes
The classic Diablo 3 character classes showing the heroes surrounded

Which Classes Do You Want To See In Diablo 4?

Diablo 3 has been out for over five years now, having it originally release in 2012 for PC and then in 2013 for Xbox 360 and PS3. The following year it was brought on to the newest generation of consoles. By video game standards that is a long time for a game to be released with no sequel announced or planned.

Not having any reason to believe that a Diablo 4 is coming out, fans have already put together lists of characters that they want to see in the new game. Here’s hoping that maybe Blizzard will see the lists and get them thinking. Here is a list of the top ten Diablo 4 classes that fans want to play.

10. Necromancers

New necromancer DLC concept art
With the newest DLC and collection fans will get this wish early. At some point in the year 2017 players will be able to play as the commander of the dead in Diablo 3. This does not mean that fans won’t want to play it in the next game.

Being a favorite character class in Diablo 2 the necromancer has a spot in everybody's hearts...even the ones that aren’t beating anymore. Being able to have skills that raise skeletons or make blood golems never gets old. The fact that you can make a corpse explode and damage enemies with it should be enough already to get you excited for this class.

9. Amazons

Before we get into the more abstract classes we are going back to older ones that did the job. The powerful female warriors known as Amazons. The fine tuning of an Amazon can really make the class something fresh and never been done before.

Amazon character class from Diablo 2

The first thing that they would have to do is change the name to something else like a Lancer or Askari. That way you can have male and female characters without people questioning the whole amazon woman controversy. The thought of a melee fight who has a long enough range to do serious damage because of a spear type weapon could be amazing. It would also be the first melee, strength character with good range attacks.

8. Druids

Concept-art of a druid class hero
Lets face it there is no other class like the druid and there's one main reason why, animals. Coming into Diablo 2 as a DLC character along with the assassin, the druid quickly became a stand out character. The druid is essentially a barbarian who left civilization early and took to the woods on a different path.

What makes the druid a fan favorite is that they have the ability to use elemental magic, summon animal companions and even shape shift. If Blizzard wants to make this class stand out in a new game they could give the different shapeshift powers their own level scale. So if a druid turns into a bear, they do a lot more damage but are slow compared to if they turned into a hawk they could escape situations extremely fast but take a lot of damage.

Whatever they decide to do with the druid if it is in Diablo 4, fans will be happy.

7. Elementalist

The four elements earth, fire, wind, and water

Now we are exploring the world of what the possibilities for new characters can be. Looking through forum post and discussion boards, a lot of fans would like to see some sort of elementalist character. This character would basically have the abilities of the “Avatar” form the last airbender show.

Being able to control elements would be very satisfying and can be a great mechanic. Having each element specialize in a specific area of damage such as earth being strength and water being dexterity. Incorporating these different elements would set the elementalist apart from the other classes and will give them a choice of which path of their skill tree they want to take it, each path being the four elements.

6. Artificer

Concept art for an Artificer
An Artificer is a class that fans feel can enter the Diablo world without seeming out of place. Artificers are inventors and tinkers. Fitting into the story they sound like it could even be a NPC that you bring weapons and armor to for him to make better or add things to. Being mostly a mix of intelligence and dexterity the artificer could be a mid range area of effect character. Throwing homemade bombs and exploding gadgets could be his attack but switches
to a mallet when in close range combat. This class would be a great fit for a new Diablo game and has a lot of potential in it if they give it a chance.

5. Bards

For some reason there are a lot of people out there that insist bards can be great characters and should be in Diablo. The problem that many bard characters face is that they do more party buffing than killing, making them useless on their own and necessary in a party. Why else would you keep the guy with the lute around?

A tough looking bard concept
There is a way, however, to make the bard able to stand on his own. If you make the bard just a classic adventurer and make his music abilities his special attacks than he could hold his own. The combos of attacking to capture than using a song to paralyze it then the player is free to attack without having to worry. A bard can also have a skill that can weaken all enemies around him so that he brings everything within his radius down to his level and can fight them. I don’t know about you but that sounds like a bard I’d like to play...I can’t believe I just said that.

4. Shifters

This was a term that was used while looking up classes fans wanted. The term shifter refers to someone who has the ability to shift into a more demonic or angelic state. Of course, these factors of the character will grant the shifter incredible powers and abilities. The more that idea sat with me the more interesting it became.

Epic games’ new hero Serath who is half demon half angel

Being able to shift between good and bad powers could be absolutely amazing. The player would be able to adjust their attacks and skill based off what they are fighting. Now in Diablo 3 this character wouldn’t work to its full potential because everything is pretty much a demon, but in a new game like Diablo 4 they could add in some enemies that might be from the good side that maybe got corrupted or “fallen”. This class would also make players decide on a path that they want to take and specialize more in. Do you want to be good...or evil?

3. Phantom

Talion and Celebrimbor from Shadow of Mordor
Fans really want to see new stuff come to the Diablo world and see how far the game can go. Phantoms were brought up several times and people seem to like the idea. But how can a ghost fight other monsters? There are two ways they could do this. The first way is to make it a phantom of a fallen or dead hero. Someone who is cursed and cannot leave this plain of existence for some reason. Then they could play like a normal character but have special phantom abilities.

This could be a good melee fight who also has a lot of range and could be the perfect mixture of strength and dexterity. The other way they could do this is making more like a wraith trapped within a man. Kind of like Talion and Celebrimbor from Shadow of Mordor. This way no one asks how the ghost like hero is getting hurt when he can walk through walls and stuff. We don’t want people to ask those questions.

2. Outcast

As much as we would all like to play as everybody's favorite rapper, Andre 3000, i’m not talking about the band Outkast. A lot of people online think that adding in an outcast from the monster side would be a cool new dynamic. The possibilities are really endless with this too. The outcast could be a variety of different creatures. It could be an orc who left his village, a demon kicked out of Hell, or maybe even a human kicked from his clan for some unknown
reason. An interesting result of this character could be that his early skills don’t help his party and might even hurt them in fact but later on when they turn more to the good side their powers can be greatly helpful.

An outcasted monster from hell

As interesting as this character could be I don’t know how well it could fit into the Diablo world.

1. Death Knight

The only thing that was on every forum and list that I saw was the desperate want for a good knight character.

Fans seem to really want a melee character that is a good swordsman and doesn’t rely on much else to get them past hordes. Sword and board, they said that barbarians are too much sword and sword and crusaders are too much sword and shield plus magic. Need for a classic sword melee character is understandable because that's what this game is at heart, a hack and slash.

A death knight could have some great abilities that just boost his sword damage like a rage that makes him faster and stronger. If the fans see a knight they will get extremely excited.

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