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In Diablo - you have options on how you want to kill the prime evils and their demon hoards. 

You have six different classes to choose from and all have various builds with variations to consider. The topic of “Best Class” is subjective, and going to come down to what you enjoy playing, and what your play style is. It depends on if you are trying to just get through the main campaign, finish the current Diablo 3 season with a group, or if you are looking to farm for Primal Ancient Legendaries solo. 

The list below has 85 builds for Diablo 3. The list has builds for all six classes, ranking them in five tiers with S tier being the strongest and currently topping the leaderboard. From there, it goes down to D tier that can be just as fun, but currently not able to go as far.  

Also, at the bottom are the four classes currently considered the best to play overall with their best builds More information can be found in the usual places, and are far easier to find than the Primal Ancient Legendary version of your favorite weapon.  


What the tier list looks at is the ease of play, survivability, how high of tier it can go before it hits the wall, and how far into Greater Rifts you can survive.o.  Remember, a build played by an experienced player for that class, can take a lower tier build farther.  

Additionally, the gear stats in Diablo 3 is subject to drops.  If you want to go farther, it’s worth putting the effort into getting the best version of the gear for the build. That also affect the ability to have any of these builds go into a higher tier.  Now, if you have the resources, you can also go to the Mistic to reroll for a better stats. 

So, friend, stay awhile and read. Here are the classes and what are currently the top builds for 2020.

S Tier -  These are the best of the best.   They are clearing Greater Rifts higher than 135.   The builds have survivability and damage going for them.   The top three builds could even be considered God Tier. They are equally good for solo players and in group play. 

  • Crusader - Valor Sader (Shotgun) 
  • Barbarian - WW Whirlwind GR Push & Speed
  • Monk - Sunwuko - Tempest Rush *
  • Wizard - LoN “Bazooka” (Archon Star)*  

* Ease of play could be considered subjective, as the timing is critical for some of the combos. 

A Tier - These are able to make it to Greater Rift 130 easily.  They are still very durable and have unique abilities going for them, but just are not as dependability powerful as the S Tier builds.   

  • Crusader - LoN (Cpt. America) Blessed Shield 
  • Witch Doctor - Zuni DoD
  • Wizard - Vyr's Amazing Arcana Chantodo
  • Demon Hunter -  Natalya Rapid Fire
  • Crusader - Invoker
  • Monk - Sunwuko Tempest
  • Witch Doctor - LoN DoD
  • Crusader - LoN  (Cpt. America) Blessed Shield 
  • Crusader - LoN Condemn
  • Demon Hunter - Legacy of Nightmares Rapidfire
  • Monk - SWK WOL
  • Demon Hunter - LOD Rapid Fire 
  • Monk - LOD WOL:  
  • Monk - SWK TR 
  • Crusader -  AOV Lazy Shotgun: 
  • Barbarian - Seismic Slam 
  • Barbarian - LOD HOTA  
  • Necromancer - LOD Corpse Lance
  • Necromancer - Thorns 
  • Wizard - LOD Starpact 
  • Crusader - LOD Holy Shotgun 

B Tier - These are able to reach 125 but have their challenges.  A lot of them are struggling due to not being buffed, and in some cases, not as durable as the classes in the higher tiers.  They can still be fun to play, but if you are looking to achieve higher ranks, it takes longer.  

  • Monk - Justice Monk
  • Witch Doctor - Jade DOC
  • Demon Hunter - UE Multishot 
  • Monk - Legacy of Nightmares WoL
  • Barbarian -  Raekor HOTA 
  • Barbarian -  Charge Barbarian 
  • Monk - Raiment
  • Demon Hunter - Marauder
  • Crusader - Hammerdin
  • Demon Hunter - N6M4
  • Demon Hunter -  Shadow Impale
  • Necromancer - LoN Lancer
  • Necromancer - LoN Thorns
  • Demon Hunter - Multishot
  • Demon Hunter - Shadow 
  • Monk - POJ TR
  • Monk - Inna WOL.
  • Barbarian - Leapquake
  • LOD Necro Mages
  • Witch Doctor - Spirit B
  • Monk - Uliania
  • Monk - Gen Monk
  • Crusader - Roland.
  • Necromancer - Tragoul Lance
  • Wizard - Tal Meteor Shower
  • Crusader - Juggernaut Condemn

C Tier -  These are able to reach Greater Rift 120.  However, they are weaker than the other tiers.  Not that makes them any less fun to play, but if you are seeking to make it to the top of the leaderboard, the builds above would be more useful. 

  • Necromancer - Pestilence
  • Crusader - Condemn
  • Necromancer - LoN Mages
  • Witch Doctor -  Inna WoL
  • Barbarian - Leapquake
  • Barbarian - LoN HOTA 
  • Wizard - Tal Rasha Star Pact
  • Wizard - Firebird Star Pact Wave of Force
  • Wizard - Firebird Star Pact Meteor
  • Crusader - FOH Sader
  • Necromancer - Rathma
  • Crusader - Hammerdin
  • Wizard - DMO FO
  • Witch Doctor - Helltooth Garg:
  • Crusader - LON BOMB
  • Necromancer - Inarius Gen 
  • Demon Hunter - Marauder Nade
  • Wizard - Vyr Reverse Orb
  • Monk - LTK Sunwuko

D Tier -  These builds right now are in serious need of some buffs and are just not doing as well as they once were. They are hitting the wall in the Greater Rifts fairly early on, but are still fun to play

  • Monk - Uliana
  • Barbarian - HOTA IK
  • Witch Doctor - LoN Spirit Barrage
  • Wizard - Tal Rasha Channel
  • Monk - Sunwuko Wave of Light
  • Crusader - Roland Sweep
  • Monk - Inna Generator
  • Necromancer - Trag'Oul
  • Witch Doctor - Arachyr Firebats
  • Wizard -  Vyr Lightning
  • Necromancer - Rathma Mages 
  • Barbarian - LOD Frenzy
  • Wizard - Hydra
  • Necromancer - Inarius Blood Nova
  • Wizard Lightning Archon

Now, let’s talk about the Best of Classes currently in Diablo 3.  These four classes at the top of the list according to various sources. 


Crusaders like big shields and they will not lie...

On many lists, this class is one the one to play now thanks to the new armor it received during season 19.  The Aegis of Valor set has been a game-changer for this class and giving it some well-deserved attention. It is a tank that has midrange abilities that allows a player to get in and smash some undead and demons. It is hard to kill and takes a ton of damage to keep their Wrath up.

Play this class if: 

  • You prefer to play melee over ranged.  The crusader likes to get into the thick of it. 
  • You play solo or in small groups -  This class is great with a buddy, but not the best for a crowd. 
  • You are not in a hurry - seriously - this class is not known for its speed, which is something to be aware of, and many builds do have a speed variant. 

Builds to Consider: 


Barbarians enjoy long walks in the mountains, and slaying demon hoards quickly. 

Barbarians are fun.  They are the beasts who rush into the thick of battles, pulling mobs to them. Barbarians are easy to play, quick to learn, and have good survivability.   If you want a tank that has speed then the Barbarian is one for you to consider.  

Play this class if: 

  • Movement is your thing - Barbarians are always moving to keep their Fury.
  • You want an easy to learn class- Barbarians are quick to level and easy to learn.  They still take a lifetime to fully master, but picking up the rotation is easy.
  • You want to pull and buff for your group.  Barbarians in a group can get to pull the mobs to the group, as well as provide buffs to the team.  They excel at this

Builds to Consider:


By sheer force of Spirt, This Monk commands them to stop, or else...

Monk is another melee class that has been ranked among the top for season 19.  The addition of the Sunwuko armor set has made Monk’s tempest fury skill very useful.  It’s a flashy class that requires timing to ensure that skills are used to their full advantage.

Play this class if: 

  • You are good at combos. This is a class that has a learning curve as timing is critical to get maximum power out of it. 
  • You want a balance with regards to speed - This class is not as movement-based as Barbarian, but not as slow as Crusader. 
  • You want to support your groups - The Monk’s have buffs rivals the Barbain’s. 

Builds to Consider:


She moves in mysterious ways and with power surging from her hand...

Wizard has been receiving a lot of buffs lately.  That is making it one of the most powerful classes in Diablo 3 right now.  Overall it is an easy and fun class to play with range, unlike the other top classes.  But be aware - this class is a glass cannon, so watching health and keeping distance is important.

Play this class if: 

  • You want a challenge.  Wizard does have a learning curve, but Monk is more challenging.  
  • You like to mix and match abilities.  The Wizards combination of skills from Arcane, Cold, Fire, and Lighting and be easily matched for powerful combos. 
  • You play solo more often than in groups -  Wizards easily go very far by themselves but outpace their companions in groups. 

Builds to Consider: 

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