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Diablo 3 Followers Guide
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Which Follower should I hire?

If you have played Diablo 3 for any length of time, you are familiar with the enchantress, templar, and scoundrel, but have you given any thought to which follower complements your class and build the most?  I spent years playing Diablo with the Enchantress by my side purely because she was the last hire I had made.  Some friends of mine play with the Scoundrel for the sake of his dialogue; others the Templar because they had equipment lying around he could use.  Today I will detail which classes should use which follower.  Please keep in mind that there are generally three schools of thought when it comes to followers: 

1.  Use a follower who balances your playstyle (I play a ranged Demon Hunter, so a Templar’s melee style would suit me best).  

2.  Use a follower who can use your hand-me-down gear (Again with the Demon Hunter example; I play a Demon Hunter, so I pick Scoundrel because he can wield crossbows).  

3.  Use a follower because they are your favorite.

Typically, I have enough loot from a variety of classes in my stash that I do not agree with number 2.  I, until recently, used method 3.  Method 1 is the best way for experienced players with ample gear to decide which follower should join them in battle.  The essential aspect of your follower is finding equipment that makes them immortal, so you can use Unity to divide your damage intake.  Beyond a follower that cannot die, there is plenty of wiggle room for selection and gear.  So without further ado, let’s talk about each class and which follower they should use.

Demon Hunter

I chose to talk about the Demon Hunter first because it is an excellent example of a class having options.  A Rapid-Fire based Demon hunter is channel heavy and relies on ranged attacks, for this style, use the Templar.  A Strafing build that operates more like the Whirlwind Barbarian, on the other hand, could benefit more from the Enchantress’s ranged style.  I will be concentrating on the latter option.


    -Damage mitigation from the Powered Armor skill reduces Melee attacker speeds as well as buffing your armor as well as hers.

    -Erosion buffs damage by affecting enemies inside the arcane pool to take damage as well as increased damage from your attacks.

    -Mass Control turns all enemies within an area into chickens, thereby allowing you to regenerate life and resources while still attacking defenseless foes


For Barbarians, I will focus on the classic, Whirlwind Build.  Whirlwind Barb is an in-your-face melee build that does nothing but slays hordes of demons at a time. Considering the options for followers, the Enchantress, again, is ideal.  

    -If you find yourself in a bind, Forceful Push is a great way to create momentary distance between you and enemies while you heal or regenerate resources.

    -Missile Ward buffs you and the Enchantress from ranged attacks.

    -Focused mind raises your party’s attack speed as long as you are within 40 yards of your follower.


The monk is another example of a melee build that would benefit from the ranged prowess of the Enchantress.  The Enchantress generally will stay behind your character, casting spells, controlling enemies, and buffing your character.  These skills will make it easier to fight amongst a large group of enemies

    -Charm will cause enemies to stop attacking you and fight other enemies

    -Powered Armor slows attackers and buffs your armor.

    -Disorient confuses enemies for 2 seconds


Wizards, as ranged attackers as benefit from the Templar due to his ability to stun and damage enemies as well as heal you and generate resources.  The Templar will usually begin an encounter with a stunning Charge allowing you to deal loads of damage before enemies can approach you.

    -Charge skill stuns enemies for 3 seconds

    -Intervene will taunt foes, drawing them away from you for a chance to heal, recharge, and deal damage.

    -Guardian skill knocks enemies away from you and deals decent damage, which can save you in an “oops” situation.

Witch Doctor

This summoner is another class that tends to sit back away from the action.  The difference with this class is that Witch Doctors summon minions to do their bidding vs. firing projectiles at foes.  Either way, as a ranged playstyle, the Templar is beneficial to this class.

    -Heal skill. Self-explanatory.

    -Loyalty adds life per second to both you and the Templar.

    -Inspire increases resource regeneration.


The Necromancer is sort of a combination of a Wizard and Witch Doctor, in that you have ranged attacks mixed with the summoning of minions.  For instance, The Masquerade of the Burning Carnival builds, that are doing well this season, spam bone spear while using Simulacrums for the brunt of the damage dealing.  Additionally, Zei’s Stone of Vengeance, as a legendary gem, will multiply damage based on distance from an enemy.  I said all of that to say this. Ranged play equals Templar follower.

    -Intimidate causes all enemies attacked by the Templar to be slowed, allowing you to maintain your distance.

    -Charge to stun enemies, again, for keeping distance.

    -Healing and damage options, depending on your specific needs.


Last we have the Crusader,  A class that generally plays as a tanky-melee style would benefit from the Enchantress as opposed to the Templar or Scoundrel.  Sorry Scoundrel, you don’t have a place on this list because outside of your hilarious comments, you are absolute trash.

    -Control skills like Mass Control and Disorient allow you to attack defenseless enemies.

    -Missile Ward protects you from ranged attackers.

    -Forceful Push can save you when you get surrounded and low on health or resources.

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