[Top 5] Diablo 3 Best Barbarian Builds (Latest Patch)

[Top 5] Diablo 3 Best Barbarian Builds
Flames reign in our world, mere mortal.

Best compilations of Season 21 barbaro!

What were the barbarian's best buildings last season?

Basically, in diablo 3, the main rank of the barbarian class, is based on an almost universal set of skills, with exclusive changes to the runes that make up each skill and the way to play each one.

The main ability to use the class is the whirlpool.

Are we going to see some of the best skill combinations in the class?

Come with me!

1) Top 1 Barbarian Build Whirlwind

Here we go!

The construction of the Whirlwind + Hurricane rune, associated with Rend + Bloodbath, is a great choice when it comes to causing incredible damage and, at the same time, healing. If you are looking for a more resistant construction and at the same time with an extremely strong attack, this is the ideal construction.

Analyze the skill set + runes:

Why is this set so complete?

- Gives you more stamina with Ignore Pain + Iron Hide (decreasing all damage taken by 50% + a 7 second increase in skill duration)

- It gives you a very fast speed, and associated with that, a beautiful charge against enemies (Furious Charge + Sprint), increasing your energy and fighting with Whirlwind.

- Gives you immense power with absurd healing, using Wrath of the Berseker + the Insanity rune and the Rend + Bloodbath ability.

Take a look at the full version of this building (skills, runes, equipment ..)



2) Top 2 Barbarian Build Whirlwind

This Whirlwind build comes in tune with the Wind Shear rune, with the main objective of generating as many skills and buffs as possible, with its fury basically not being reduced. Here you can also see the use combined with the ability Rend + Bloodbath, that is, a damage to the hair, with an incredible regeneration of fury, combined with an incredible cure.

Let's see, this combination of skills + runes:

 Why did this building enter the top 2?

- It is a more complex construction, with more use of skills and skill times.

- Here we can analyze the introduction of Battle Rage + the Swords to Plowsshares rune (Increases your damage, increases your chance to criticize and the most insane of the rune, heals you for each critical damage you inflict on the enemy), this associated with Whirlwind without stopping, it's something, incredibly insane.

-Ancient Spear, what is the reason for this skill here? The skill alone pierces enemies, however, associated with the Rage Flip rune, it puts all enemies hit right behind you. That is? While you are using Whirlwind, you are playing non-stop enemies behind you, or rather, close to you, so you basically never stop doing damage.
Take a look at the full profile combo:



3) Top 3 Barbarian Build Whirlwind

Here, the strategy changes a little, basically, you will paralyze all enemies for a longer time, and this will consequently allow you to deal more damage against them, without you receiving a constant damage from the enemy. In other words, this build basically follows a pattern for players who like to be more secure, since by immobilizing the enemy, you get extra time to attack.

How do we fit this skill together with Whirlwind?

- Looking closely at where the skill is positioned (on the keyboard), basically the Ground Stomp + the Wrenching Smash rune (Causes stun on the enemy with a boosting effect from the range-increasing rune), this position of the skill on the keyboard and not the mouse, tells us that basically you will use the skill continuously.

-Now when you combine Ancient Spear + Rage Flip, Ground Stomp + Wrenching Smash, Rend + Bloodbath and Whirlwind + Wind Shear, basically, you will be constantly with enemies close to you, paralyzed, stealing life and dealing incredibly high damage.

Take a look at this combo:


4) Top 4 Barbarian Build Furious Charge

This is a construction used in the larger 2 player slot.

Basically, this build is an onslaught build, a lot of defense, a lot of resistance and paralysis to the enemy. That is, a powerfully tank build and at the same time with extremely consistent damage.

Why is it an excellent build to play ?

- At the same time that you are extremely resistant, with an absurd defense, through the skill War Cry + the rune Veteran´s Warning (This combo gives you an insane defense, associated with the chance of blocking the enemy), and uses Threatening together Shout + the Grim Harvest rune (Reducing the damage that enemies do to you and your partner + a huge drop of healing blood cells), you will be protected at all times and protecting your fighting companion.

- The use of Anciente Spear + Rage Flip, associated with the Ground Stomp + Wrenching Smash ability, and the constant attack with Furious Charge, will provide you with absurd damage, with fantastic group control for you and your slitmate.

Give a complete analysis on the combo set, so you can stay on top of the extra passive equipment and skills:



5) Top 5 Barbarian Build Whirlwind Hardcore


We couldn't finish our list, with a Hardcore way out, right?

Here goes an insane barbarian, who plays in Hardcore mode and makes use of a fantastic build. Don't forget that you are one of the best ranked in this modality. If you like to play a heavier and more intense style, here's a tip for Hardcore mode.

Why is this build in Hardcore mode so efficient, too?

-Here you basically need to think about two things: Heal yourself and generate a lot of continuous damage. How do you get that? By associating Whirwind + with the Blood Funnel rune (while you spin and deal absurd critical damage, you heal at one of your maximum hit points), along with Wrath of The Berserker + the Insanity rune (Giving you a extremely consistent buff), with Ancient Spear + the Rage Flip rune and Ground Stomp + Wrenching Smash. That is, basically here you leave enemies immobile and close to you, thus facilitating the amount of damage done + the amount of healing received constantly with the activation of the Blood Funnel rune.

Check out this compilation, along with the ekips in HARDCORE mode:

https: //kr.diablo3.com/en-us/profile/BakChunSam-3994/hero/80314072

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