[Top 10] Diablo 3 Best Armor Sets for Crusader

Best armor sets for Crusaders in Diablo 3
Ready to equip magnificent power, like this?

[Top 10] Diablo 3 Best Armor Sets for Crusader

Ferocious and fierce, the Crusader is bound to its armor sets

It could be said for any class that they are only as powerful as their armor allows them to be. For the Crusader, I believe this even more so. Without a proper set of armor, the player can be extremely difficult to play, especially since they are driven by their defensive prowess. The good news is there are armor sets available for all types of Crusaders. Level 1 to Paragon Level 500 players should be focusing much of their time on expanding the effects of their armor.

As you read through this list, make sure to note the armor sets should coincide with your Crusader’s build. The skills used are a direct output of the armor equipped. For more details on great Crusader builds, check out my other list: [Top 5] Diablo 3 Best Crusader Builds Right Now


10. Born’s Defiance (Best for early leveling)

The first set on this list is one that is not class-specific. It may be more valuable for other classes, but I think the Crusader could still find it useful. For classes that do lesser damage, this set is helpful because of the awesome experience boost you receive for equipping 2 of the items. A 20% increase is significant regardless of your level. With the Crusader, however, it means you will have to spare either armor or weapon damage in return. 

Use this armor set for 2 reasons with the Crusader: it is easily accessible and it only requires 2 items to be equipped. Like I stated above, your other armor that is equipped along with the essential pieces to Born’s Defiance, must be supplemental. Don’t use this armor set if you are attempting to defeat a boss, or complete a difficult task in the game. It should be used primarily for leveling up at a faster rate by farming squishy monsters and completing quests.

Pieces Required (2 of 3): 

  • Born’s Heart of Steel (Gloves)
  • Born’s Impunity (Shoulders) 
  • Born’s Searing Spite (One-Handed Weapon)

Level Requirement: 21

How to get Born’s Defiance

You can find the plan to Born’s Defiance by playing through the campaign, cruising through adventure mode, or progressing through Greater Rifts. It can drop at any place and any point in the game so keep a lookout. Once you have the plan, take it to the blacksmith and craft 2 of the 3 items. Or all 3, if you want.

Born’s Defiance full details: https://diablo.fandom.com/wiki/Born%27s_Defiance


9. Demon’s Skin (Best for staying alive, earlier levels)

Thorns damage is one of the most important damage outputs for the Crusader. Though they have ways to attack from a distance, you will probably spend most of your earlier time smashing and bashing anything that comes close to you. This means you will have monsters right in your face. With just 2 pieces of this armor set equipped, you will gain a 999 fire thorns damage increase. 

Demon’s Skin is low on this list, but don’t overlook it. You will be able to pair this armor set with others, as the additional bonuses you receive are not super potent. Equip all four of the items if you want, but even combining them with something like the Born’s Defiance items, you will be dealing damage while keeping your experience increased.

Other than the first bonus, you will receive a 1.1% chance to fear an enemy on hit with 3 pieces equipped, and a 3% damage increase to demons when hit with four pieces. Nothing too exceptional. 

Pieces Required (4 of 5): 

  • Demon’s Flight (Shoulders)
  • Demon’s Heart (Chest)
  • Demon’s Lock (Belt)
  • Demon’s Scale (Pants)
  • Demon’s Revenge (Bracers)

Level Requirement: 60

How to get Demon’s Skin

Like Born’s Defiance, and ultimately, each of the armor sets that are not class-specific, or have a set dungeon, there is no specific place to look for the plan. If you are truly determined to get the thorns damage boost, start breaking every destructible item you find. And for the love of everything holy, don’t pass up any chests.

Demon’s Skin full details: https://diablo.fandom.com/wiki/Demon%27s_Skin


8. Guardian’s Contingency (Best for hardcore, mid-level players)

This set is another non-class specific. But for the hardcore players reading this list, you’ll be thankful for the ease of use, and the extra life received. The level requirement is quite low: 55. There are also only 2 required items to receive the set bonus, which is particularly useful for the Crusader.

A vitality boost of 110, plus 130 life regenerated per second is a great buff for this class. Dying as a hardcore player is heartbreaking. Instead of risking it, equip 2 of the 3 items, and even pair these with other, smaller armor sets. I have to say, it would be possible to equip 2 items from each of the armor sets listed thus far. This would grant the player with extra life, extra experience, and extra thorns damage. To dominate Diablo quickly, pair armor sets early and often.

Pieces Required (2 of 3): 

  • Guardian’s Deflector (Bracers)
  • Guardian’s Foresight (Helm)
  • Guardian’s Sheath (Belt)

Level Requirement: 55

How to get Guardian’s Contingency

Guess what? That’s right, smash boxes, kill monsters, open chests - you get the idea.

Guardian’s Contingency full details: https://diablo.fandom.com/wiki/Guardian%27s_Contingency

Summon the might of the heavens


7. Aughild’s Authority (Best for newly leveled 70, hardcore players)

This is the last armor set on the list that is not class-specific. It is mostly useful for hardcore players who have just surpassed level 70. The set only requires the player to equip 3 of the 4 armor pieces and gives a massive boost to damage reduction and even quite the buff on damage dealt. 

After equipping just 2 pieces, the Crusader gets a 15% reduction for damage taken, and a 30% damage dealt increase. Players will love these bonuses as they start adventuring around and begin Greater Rift progressions. Surviving at early Torment levels can be difficult, but it can be even more difficult to slay monsters when you’ve spent so much time boosting armor, reducing damage taken, and increasing vitality, in any way possible. That 30% boost, when supplemented with other armor sets, could be the key to thriving in harder settings. 

Pieces Required (3 of the 4): 

  • Aughild’s Rule (Chest)
  • Aughild’s Search (Bracers)
  • Aughild’s Power (Shoulders)
  • Aughild’s Spike (Helm)

Level Requirement: 70

How to get Aughild’s Authority

This set is not class-specific. Crates, boxes, stumps, pots, and urns are there for the smashing.

Aughild’s Authority full details: https://diablo.fandom.com/wiki/Aughild%27s_Authority


6. Aegis of Valor (Best for any type of playstyle)

Here it is, the first class-specific set for the Crusader. It’s the lowest on my list because it features moves that, while dazzling, don’t allow the player to feel like a true Crusader. That being said, it is one of the most powerful sets in the game. 

Unleash your inner angel with this one. With all 6 items equipped, play with a boost of 20,000% damage to the Fist of the Heavens and Heaven’s Fury skills. This set is great for all types of playing. Whether you are replaying the campaign, searching for gear, or hunting bosses and elites, this power is unquestionable. 

It is the lowest class-specific set on the list because without all 6 items equipped, there is nothing overly exciting about it. The other bonuses are fine, but one only truly feels God-like with the whole set on. 

Pieces Required (6 of 6): 

  • Gauntlets of Valor (Hands)
  • Spaulders of Valor (Shoulders)
  • Greaves of Valor (Feet)
  • Brigandine of Valor (Torso)
  • Chausses of Valor (Legs)
  • Crown of Valor (Head)

Level Requirement: 70

How to get Aegis of Valor

No set dungeon for this one. It is a newer armor set, so be patient. Stick to the usual way for now. 

Aegis of Valor full details: https://diablo.fandom.com/wiki/Aegis_of_Valor 


5. Roland’s Legacy (Best for farming)

I love using shield bash. I think it suits the Crusader. Equipping a massive shield, or transmogrifying it to look huge, and then smashing monsters everywhere feels incredible. There is a massive 13,000% damage boost to Shield Bash and Sweep Attack with only 4 pieces equipped. The value of this set is great. It gets even better with 6 items: every enemy that gets hit with either Shield Bash or Sweep Attack grants a 75% increase to attack speed. It feels like your Crusader has turned into the Ultimate Warrior. It must be the same medicine.

This set is a little challenging to obtain, and you will need to equip all 6 of the items for full bonuses. Remember, a lot of this is a matter of preference for the player. If flailing around a giant weapon and using your defense as an offensive juggernaut isn’t your thing, then what the heck are you playing this game for? 

Crazy good for farming, especially if you find a way to increase your movement speed. You hit hard and take reduced damage. The armor screams “Classic Crusader”. If for nothing, it’s worth it just to pay homage to Roland. 

Pieces Required (6 of 6): 

  • Roland’s Bearing (Chest Armor)
  • Roland’s Determination (Pants)
  • Roland’s Grasp (Gloves)
  • Roland’s Visage (Helm)
  • Roland’s Mantle (Pauldrons)
  • Roland’s Stride (Boots)

Level Requirement: 70

How to get Roland’s Legacy

Start by heading to Act II, then start swinging. Hit 12 different enemies with Sweep Attack 7 times. Then, spend 300 Wrath in 10 seconds 5 times. It’s a little challenging, but nothing mind reeling. Roland’s Legacy Set Dungeon.

Roland’s Legacy full details: https://diablo.fandom.com/wiki/Roland%27s_Legacy

Your shield is your primary weapon!


4. Seeker of the Light (Best for farming, GR progression)

It’s raining weapons! Start farming right away after you’ve found this set. The Crusader gets a 12,000% damage increase to Blessed Hammer, making their strength nearly limitless. Along with this, receive a 1,000% damage increase for Falling Sword. Hitting huge multipliers and getting big loot drops often shouldn’t be a problem with these 2 buffs to your main DPS skills. 

The way this armor set can be so effective is the combo between the 2 piece bonus and the 6 piece bonus. After just 2 pieces of the set equipped, each Blessed Hammer that hits an enemy reduces the cooldown of Falling Sword. If you can find a way to reduce Falling Sword’s cooldown, even after you have that bonus applied, this can turn into a nightmare for monsters. Yes, that’s how scary it is. 

I like this set for Great Rift progression especially. Usually, there are hordes of enemies to take out, and the massive power boost from Falling Sword takes care of them most of the time. I also never get tired of hurling a hammer that can deal millions of damage. 

It also gives you some more mobility. If you can pair it with other skills that aid you in attack speed, it’s fun to flow through the map at a quicker pace. Also, added attack speed means a lower cooldown for Falling Sword. This armor set might be too low on the list. 

Pieces Required (6 of 7): 

  • Crown of the Light (Helm)
  • Foundation of the Light (Boots)
  • Heart of the Light (Chest)
  • Mountain of the Light (Shoulders)
  • Towers of the Light (Boots)
  • Will of the Light (Gloves)

Level Requirement: 70

How to get Seeker of the Light

Find the set dungeon in Act II. Definitely consider what I mentioned about mobility earlier, as you will have to dodge every single mortar in the dungeon. Do this, and cast 3 Falling Sword skills in 15 seconds 3 different times, and you have it in the bag. Head here to read up: Seeker of the Light set dungeon

Seeker of the Light full details: https://diablo.fandom.com/wiki/Seeker_of_the_Light 


3. Norvald’s Fervor (Best for pairing)

This armor set is great for pairing with other sets - it’s a shield and a flail. That’s it. Oh, and the bonuses are sweet. 100% damage increase to Steed Charge and for 5 seconds afterward. Then you’ll receive a second bonus, an increase to Steed Charge by 2 seconds with a cooldown reduction for killing enemies. 

While it’s not overly powerful, it can be used with any of the Crusader specific armor sets. It’s strong enough to lead you into higher torment levels, and the boost of Steed Charge is fun and effective. I also like that it only buffs one skill. This leaves room for customization between builds and other sets. 

Pieces Required (2 of 2): 

  • Flail of the Charge (2-Handed Flail)
  • Shield of the Steed (Crusader Shield)

Level Requirement: 70

How to get Norvald’s Fervor

Yikes. No set dungeon. Start looting.

Norvald’s Fervor full details: https://diablo.fandom.com/wiki/Norvald%27s_Fervor


2. Armor of Akkhan (Best for anyone looking to have a blast)

Watch out, the Crusader is going full Berserker here. This armor set is all about the skill of Akarat's Champion. One which sees the Crusader “Exploding with the power of their order, increasing damage dealt by 35% and increasing their Wrath regeneration by 5 per second for 20 seconds.” By itself, Akarat’s Champion is one of the more aesthetically appealing, and game-defying moves of the Crusader. With this armor set equipped, it gets set on fire. 

Sure, all of the bonuses are put into one skill, forcing the player to use this most of the time. Are you saying it wouldn’t be fun to trance around like a giant, hulk version of your character? The final bonus, with 6 of the 7 items equipped, the Crusader will deal 1,500% more damage and receive 50% less damage during the Akarat’s Champion move. Do yourself a favor, expand on your attack speed and movement speed to make this the best time you’ve ever had in Diablo 3.

Pieces Required (6 of 7): 

  • Breastplate of Akkhan (Chest Armor)
  • Talisman of Akkhan (Amulet)
  • Sabatons of Akkhan (Boots)
  • Pauldrons of Akkhan (Shoulders)
  • Helm of Akkhan 
  • Gauntlets of Akkhan (Gloves)
  • Cuisses of Akkhan (Pants)

Level Requirement: 70

How to get Armor of Akkhan

This doesn’t look too painful. Get used to using Condemn a lot in this set dungeon. Check it out here: Akkhan Set Dungeon Guide

Armor of Akkhan full details: https://diablo.fandom.com/wiki/Armor_of_Akkhan

No matter what type of Crusader you are, Thorns damage is essential


1. Thorns of the Invoker (Best for every type of player)

I’ve said it before. I will say it again. Thorns is the most important attribute for the Crusader. I think this armor set, coming in at number 1, explains why. To start, equip all 6 pieces because they are all incredible. With just 2 pieces, your Thorns will now damage enemies hit within a 15-yard radius. Also, each time an enemy gets hit with Punish or Slash, or an attack is blocked, you will get a Thorns boost of 350% damage for 2 seconds. I’m going to keep going.

Your second bonus is less exciting but nonetheless powerful. A 50% damage reduction for 20 seconds after using Bombardment is nothing to forget about. Then, the big one. Attack speeds of Punish and Slash are increased by 50%, and then they do 15,000% of your Thorns damage to the first enemy hit. 

I must also say, there is a legendary ring, Boyarsky’s Chip. This adds 16,000 Thorns damage to your Crusader. It would be silly to not run through some Greater Rifts in search of that ring while having this set equipped. No monster would ever lay a paw on you again. Seriously. It would kill them. 

Pieces Required (6 of 7): 

  • Burden of the Invoker (Shoulders)
  • Crown of the Invoker (Helm)
  • Pride of the Invoker (Gloves)
  • Renewal of the Invoker (Pants)
  • Shackles of the Invoker (Bracers)
  • Zeal of the Invoker (Boots)

Level Requirement: 70

How to get Thorns of the Invoker

No matter what needs to be done, it should be for this armor set. First, you’ll go to the Overlook Road in Act I. Then you’re going to get beat up. You have to stand there and let 75 spears hit your character. Make sure they are thrown by Blood and Moon Clan enemies. After you’ve been stabbed 75 times, kill 5 elites while standing with Consecration and Iron Skin active. Wow. That’s a lot. Again, I promise you it’s worth it. Thorns of the Invoker set dungeon 

Thorns of the Invoker full details: https://diablo.fandom.com/wiki/Thorns_of_the_Invoker

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