[Top 5] Diablo 3 Best Wizard Builds That Wreck Hard

Diablo 3 Best Wizard Builds
A badass, hard-wrecking wizard

Do you want to know which of Diablo 3's wizard builds are the most effective?

As you might know from my other article, I prefer playing the wizard class in my Diablo 3 games. Not only do a wizard’s skills have the coolest visual effects, but they also pack a tremendous punch in terms of raw damage and AoE dealing. This is why I take particular pleasure in discussing the current top five wizard builds! Let’s begin with number five, which is…


5. Delsere’s Magnum Opus Frozen Orb Wizard

Delsere's Magnum Opus Frozen Orb Wizard video guide

As its name says, this build uses Delsere’s Magnum Opus armor set and its main skill is the Frozen Orb variant of the Arcane Orb spell. Combining this set with the Legacy of Dreams gem gives the build more utility. The set dramatically boosts the Slow Time skill, allowing you to trap enemies in your Slow Time bubble by casting Black Hole to draw them in, then blasting them with your Frozen Orb. This allows you to quickly clear larger areas and rooms, making it ideal for farming. On the flip side, having to wait for the Slow Time and Black Hole to work their magic makes for a somewhat slower build.

  • High damage with decent AoE
  • Good for Greater Rifts farming
  • Easy to play crowd control style.
  • Very rewarding, with satisfying explosions
  • Can be combined with the Bane of the Trapped gem to further increase the damage to slowed foes.

Full build details: https://maxroll.gg/guides/dmo-frozen-orb-wizard-guide / https://youtu.be/Dk6_m-y3PYY


4. Typhon’s Veil Hydra Wizard

Typhon’s Veil Hydra Wizard video guide

This build is built around Typhon’s Veil armor set and its main skill is the summoning of Frost Hydras, a variant of the normal Hydra. The set double’s the Hydra’s duration and boosts their damage output. One can use the Magistrate helm to add an additional Hydra, further boost their damage and enable them to periodically cast Frost Nova. This Frost Hydra build is great for pushing as well as for farming and can absorb a fair share of damage.

  • Hydras are invincible (but stationary) pets
  •  A nicely tanky build for a Wizard
  • Very suitable for bounty farming
  • One does not need to remain stationary to cause damage
  • A very unique pet-based playstyle

Full build details: https://maxroll.gg/guides/typhon-hydra-wizard-guide / https://youtu.be/lCd4T_uL_iY


3. Vyr-Chantodo Wizard

 Vyr-Chantodo Wizard​ video guide

You’ll need two sets for this build, Vyr’s Amazing Arcana armor set and the Chantodo’s resolve weapon set. Both sets boost this build’s main skill, Archon, to deadly levels of damage-dealing. Be aware of Archon’s long cooldown when playing this build!

  • Fast and agile; good for speed farming
  • Coordinated and explosive playstyle
  • Another wizarding tank
  • Rewards good play
  • Deep mechanics

Full build details: https://maxroll.gg/guides/vyr-chantodo-archon-wod-wizard-guide / https://youtu.be/gKo15zGilB4


2. Firebird’s Mirror Image Wizard

 Firebird’s Mirror Image Wizard​ video guide

If you like shooting the large wizarding laser, Disintegrate, then you will love this build! The Firebird’s Finery armor set adds combustion stacks and the ability to ignite enemies while boosting the damage to ignited enemies. It also offers a handy latent revive-by-meteor-fall ability. This build excels at grouping and trapping your foes. However, pay attention to your mana reserves, as Disintegrate is a channeling skill that continually depletes them. Also, pay attention to your skill cooldowns.

  • One of the strongest builds, thanks to the new Ethereals
  • Very high damage per second
  • Fast-paced and unique playstyle
  • Good at farming starter gear
  • Get resurrected like a phoenix

Full build details: https://maxroll.gg/guides/firebird-mirror-image-wizard-guide / https://youtu.be/PkkplhLpZWk


1. Legacy Of Dreams Twisting Wizard

 Legacy Of Dreams Twisting Wizard video guide

My fave is a build that was also featured in my last article. This build centers on the Legacy of Dreams gem and the Energy Twister skill, ensuring massive AoE damage output  Energy-twister-boosting items, such as the mighty Twisted Sword and the Etched Sigil, will round this build off nicely. Make sure to cast your skills in the correct sequence. Cast Wave of Force with Arcane Attunement, to gain damage stacks, first. Follow up with an Energy Twister, self casting it to ensure proc damage. You can then channel Arcane Torrent into that parent Energy Twister.

  • massive damage output
  • Room-clearing area damage
  • A tanky build
  • Difficult but rewarding
  • Flavourful playstyle

Full build details: https://maxroll.gg/guides/lod-twister-wizard-guide / https://youtu.be/Eye9BdrRdpo

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