[Top 5] Diablo 3 Best AoE Class Builds Right Now

Diablo 3 Best AoE Class
All playable classes in Diablo 3 doing battle.

Diablo 3 is exponentially more fun to play in a group and even more so when the group functions efficiently.  This unfortunately means that not everyone in the group can function as the RGK.  Sure one-shotting high health enemies is extremely gratifying but so is clearing out a dungeon full of enemies.  In this article, I will be discussing my top five AoE or trash clearing builds.

5. Firebird’s Finery/Star Pact Meteor Wizard Build

This mage build is one of my personal favorites and is more frequently used.  I mean, who doesn’t love smiting enemies with a giant flaming meteor.  This is not the easiest build to run and requires knowing your stats to understand how much damage you can potentially deal and a good deal of timing.  In typical wizard fashion, you group enemies with black hole and then unload damage.  

    -Star Pact Rune drains Arcane Power and adds 20% damage to Meteor for every excess point.

-Black Hole is always great for grouping trash enemies to make clearing quicker.

-Fire attack Buffs from Firebird’s Finery set allows you to set enemies on fire until they die.

Full build details here:  Star Pact Meteor

4.Aegis of Valor/Heaven’s Fury Crusader Build

    This build utilizes the incredible damage buff from the Aegis of Valor set.  This build is beneficial in both Solo and Group progressions as you can focus damage on either a single enemy or a large group.  Additionally, this build is not nearly as complicated to run as the Wizard build prior.  

    -Aegis of Valor buffs the damage of Fists of Heaven and Heaven’s fury by 20,000%

    -Fists of Heaven’s Fissure rune is effective to attack groups damaging both nearby enemies and those caught in between fissures.

    -Heaven’s Fury is a great directional attack to take out groups as well.

Full build details here:  Aegis of Valor 

3.Wrath of the Wastes/ “Whirlrend” Barbarian Build

The “Whirl-Rend” barb build takes advantage of the buffs from the Wrath of the Wastes set like the Crusader build above.  Likewise, this build is viable in all game modes.  The specific strategy as a trash clearer is to use the combination of Ground Stomp and Rend to stun and bleed enemies and then proceed to clear the damaged monsters with Whirlwind.

-Rend is buffed 10,000% by set bonus

-Whirlwind is also buffed 10,000% by the set bonus

-Mortick’s Brace gives Wrath of the Berserker all rune effects which add 2 sets of Area damage dealing skills.

Full Build Details Here: Whirlrend Barb

2.Poison Scythe Necromancer with Legacy of Dreams

The main damage in this build comes from the LoD buff mixed with the poison buff from items in the set resulting in this very effective build.  This build works fairly easily as the main concept of the playstyle is to rotate through poison skills, activate bone armor, Barrage, and then wildly swing the scythe to use area damage to clear the screen.  

    -Legacy of Dreams adds damage per Legendary items when no set bonuses are equipped.

    -Poison skills are buffed by using different poison skills because of Nayr’s Black Death in the Kanai’s Cube Weapon slot.

    -Simulacrums and Skeletal mages attack alongside you.

Full Build Details Here: Legacy of Dreams Necromancer

1. Mundunugos Regalia Spirit Barrage 

The Spirit Barrage skill buffed by the Mundunugo’s Set is key to this number one trash clearing build.  Couple this damage dealer with other AoE skills in the build for a truly Lethal Trash Clearer.  This build, like several others in the list, can be a viable Solo and Group build because of the massive damage-dealing capabilities.  

    -Mundunugo’s Set buffs Spirit Barrage by 20,000%

    -Gazing Demise in the off-hand further buffs Spirit Barrage.

    -The Barber as the weapon changes Spirit Barrage to AoE damage that builds and explodes at the end of a cast.

    -Using Phantasm and Manitou Runes add extra damage outputs to Spirit Barrage.

Full Build Details Here: Spirit Barrage with Mundunugo's

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