Diablo 3 Best Gems for Demon Hunter (Every Slot)

Diablo 3 Best Gems for Demon Hunter
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What Gems Do I need for my Demon Hunter?

In my last article, We discussed the best gems to outfit a Wizard for top-tier play; today, I will be detailing the gems you need to bring destruction with your Demon Hunter.  The Demon Hunter is generally thought to be a ranged-attack dependant class.  While this is true, there are a few exceptions such as the Shadow’s Mantle/Impale build for Speed Farming.  I will be focusing on the GoD/Hungering Arrow as the number one choice and the previously mentioned speed build as the alternate setup.


Legendary Gems are upgraded and socketed to Rings, Amulets, and Sometimes a Weapon.  If you read my previous article about Legendary Gems [provide link] then you are familiar with the best gems and how they work.  You typically will be allotted 3 spaces to fill in with these gems.

1.Bane of the Stricken

   Simplicity’s Strength


This set up pairs well with the buffs and skills in the GoD by providing multiplicatively increasing damage to high health enemies such as the rift guardians, thanks to Bane of the Stricken.  Additionally, Simplicity’s Strength provides more damage to primary abilities.  Finally, Taeguk rounds out this set of Legendaries by providing a stackable damage increase caused by using a channeling attack.

-GoD/Arrow build balances between channeling strafe and attacking with hungering Arrow.

-This selection of gems buffs damage when channeling, and when using primary attacks

-In addition to providing almost a constant damage buff, the longer an enemy survives your attacks, the more damage you will deal to it.

2.Bane of the Trapped

   Boon of the Hoarder

   Bane of the Powerful

Designed to roll into a group of enemies, destroy them, and dash away in a heartbeat, this speed farming build requires a different approach with gems.  Bane of the Trapped will deal additional damage to enemies under control effects.  Boon of the Hoarder, when leveled up beyond 25, not only causes occasional explosions of gold but also boost movement speed 30% when you pick up said gold.  Lastly, Bane of the Powerful provides an overall damage buff after killing an elite pack.

-The set bonuses from Shadow’s Mantle grant 6000% extra damage when wielding a Melee weapon in addition to a 75k% boost to damage from Impale.

-To activate the buffs from Bane of the Trapped, you can choose from a variety of options such as Bolas that freeze or Followers with Stun or Slow abilities.

-Finally, after boosting Damage immensely, the movement speed boost from gold allows you to move from pack to pack with ease.


Flawless Royal Diamond

-Flawless Royal Diamond is used in this build for Cooldown Reduction.

-Most Demon Hunter builds will involve Vengeance, which is the main reason we are reducing cooldown.

Flawless Royal Emerald

-Flawless Royal Emerald, in our alternate build, is chosen for the extra gold from monsters

-This will, for the most part, keep your 30% speed boost from the level 25 Boon of the Hoarder active constantly.


Flawless Royal Diamond

-Diamond and Emerald are pretty much interchangeable in this slot depending on your needs. 

- Diamond provides Resistance to all Elements

 Flawless Royal Emerald

-Emerald Provides an elevated chance to dodge incoming attacks.

-Also, this Gem boosts damage dealt for the Demon Hunter


Flawless Royal Emerald (Seeing a pattern yet?)

-Added 130% Critical Hit Damage for, you know, when you accidentally didn’t one-shot everything in sight.

-Again a place where you can choose either Emerald or Diamond

-(Guess what comes next.)

Flawless Royal Diamond

-Diamond is my personal choice for the speed farming Demon Hunter Build.

-The additional damage to Elites ensures that you won’t waste unnecessary time and resources on a, particularly tough Elite Pack. 

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