[Top 5] Diablo 3 Best AoE Class Builds ( Latest Patch)

Diablo 3 Best AoE Class Builds
Hello young traveler, here you will find the best AoE class.

The Legends Never Die

Hey guys, ok? Frankenstein here in the area, again, bringing you excellent content on Diablo III, Season 22. It's cool, cool, cool! This time, I will be addressing a very interesting topic here. Will be? Drum the drums of the nefalem horde: The best build-classes to play the AoE (All of Enemies) style.

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1) Barbarian Whirlwind + Rend

Dark? Fear? Hallucination? No, just barbarian.

Let's start our grand list with nothing more, nothing less than the most powerful, gross and completely fearless, barbarian.

Guys, for all of you who play Diablo 3, you know that the barbarian is an extremely complete, efficient, easy to play class and, here for all of us, a little bit different, since apparently the Diablo 3 developers themselves seem to invest a lot in him.

One of the best builds at the moment of the barbarian, for AoE, is none other than Whirlwind. There are other styles of builds for the barbarian, which will come later, but I will show you here, now, the most complete AoE build of the barbarian, in my opinion, shall we check? =]

Why is Whirlwind + Rend great for AoE?

The barbarian with the set Wastes (6/6), will have an explosive combination of SPEED, AREA DAMAGE, CONTINUOUS BLEEDING to all enemies around him, and HEALING.

The only objective you will seek here is survival and damage. Use any and all tools that are at your fingertips for you to fulfill your goals and finish the gap in the shortest possible time.

Runes are extremely important to your combination, so remember to fit the right rune into the right magic. Remembering the fourth space of Kanai's cube, which will give you a bigger help in your Build AoE.

 Check out the full details, which I'm talking about:

2) Demon Hunter Revenge + Voraze Arrow

"Revenge is a dish that is eaten cold"

Demon Hunter, our most brutal, damage king / queen, here, in this Season 22.

DH, as mentioned earlier in the topic I wrote about “Best Class Ranked Tier List”, is basically one of the best classes this season.

The most impressive build of DH at the moment for AoE, is the state permanently in Vengeance, with the continued use of Voraz Arrow and Hail.

Yes folks, this build is awesome for everything, since it is basically the current build for DH.

You will have an immense speed of movement, walking permanently in Vengeance mode and continuously using Voracious Arrow + Hail.

Guys, it's insane.

Why is this build great for AoE?

If you like DH, and if you are THIRSTY for standing out in rank, DH is the ideal class for you to build, always seeking to perfect the maximum that your set gets and the enhancement of your skills + runes.

Another thing worth noting is the fourth space of the Kanai cube that we can now use the Artful Ring and the Convention of Elements.

Set: Lands of Dread.

Give a very detailed look at the Like a God builds:


3) Necromancer Bone S

"Agony, ecstasy, peace ... Each passage has its own beauty."

The Necromancer, he has one of the best and most excellent game mechanics, both at the beginning of the game, as in the middle and at the end.

The Necromancer upa really fast, he has many skills that build him in a very dark way, with constant help from the skeletons, his servants from the beyond and much more.

The main build of Necromancer here, this season, is the Bone Spear, which in association with the set “Masquerade of The Burning Carnival”, makes Necromancer an extremely HARDCORE class, being considered one of the best AoE builds of the moment, and yet with all the research, studies and analysis of necromancers around the world, I dare say, it’s the best build of the 22nd season.

Why is this build great for AoE?

Why Necromancer's Speedfarm is FANTASTIC and INSANE, having one of the best and most complete benefits directly offered by the kanai cube and the season buff.

If you are looking for a good start to the game, with a fantastic and brilliant AoE style, Necromancer is right for you.

Check out how good a necromancer is with the Bone Spear build and its absurdly insane set:

4) Arcanist Arcane Torrent + Hydra

"Feel the elements entering your skin."

Well, the Arcanist he has been having a series of controversies and debuffs. Basically, at the current moment when we are in patch 22, the arcanist is a class in my view, difficult to play, but with an excellent AoE build.

You will struggle a little to develop with the Arcanist. The Veu de Tifao set has excellent damage, however, for you to build all the set you need, you may be a little late compared to other classes.

The Arcanist has constant damage in the area with a speed not so fast, but with a very good consistency of damage. Despite having a difficult gameplay, having the right items, runes and skills, you can have a good development with your build.

Why is this build great?

Why do you have explosive damage, attacking multiple targets at the same time. So, she comes in here, as a model of how the Arcanist can be really interesting in his AoE farm, more pro mid / late game.

Check out a GR speed solo + a Push at high levels:

5) Crusader Aegide Of Bravura + Handles Of Paradise

"I feel your fear"

Here's what was missing, Crusader.

Although the Crusader presents an average game start, due to difficulties in get yours goods equipments, the crusader comes here on merits, with his fist of paradise build, facing an immense number of enemies and an intense Speedfarm.

Aegis of Bravura was once considered the strongest build in the game and is still extremely powerful and bloody, because of the recent buffs in the Set Fervor de Norvald´s, thus building an extremely powerful Speedarm AoE Build with Fists of Heaven.

An extra here, of a very interesting AoE build too, is the bombing build. It's a little overlooked build, but it's still usable. (On America's server, they used the bombing build, down to 149 solo level), so you can see that it remains consistent.

Why do I recommend Crusader for a good AoE build?

Why do I consider Crusader to be a very interesting character this season 22, especially due to the fourth space of Kanai's cube and the season buffs, besides, you have a good efficiency to make the torment 16.

Check out more information on some examples of the Fists of Paradise build:


By: Frankenstein

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