Diablo 3 Best Class [Ranked Tier List] (Latest Patch)

Diablo 3 Best Class
How strong and dark will you be with the class you choose?

What are the strongest, middle classes and bad in Season 22?
Patch 2.6.10


Hey guys, all ok? Frankenstein here in the area to bring you a super update on how they are as news of Season 22 Shadows of Nefalem, in terms of best, middle and worst classes, with the why, efficiency analysis and much more!


Hey you, warrior and nefalem warrior, season 22 is on the air with a series of news, obviously bringing a series of doubts about which class you should start with, why you start with it and how to stay during the season , right? I will expose here, my updates, opinions and favorite ideas, always trying to relate them to those in the ranking of the best global players, in a well updated, organized and well summarized way for all you. Oh, and there’s more, I’m going to separate Season 22 classes here into tiers, so you can look at them and analyze their pros and cons.


Tier-S: S, of supreme, correct? Hahaha, These are the classes that we can call Godlikes, or, in other words, the ones with less chance of going wrong with your choice.

Tier-A: The Tier-A classes are among the “pre godlikes”, that is, they are the classes that present a good performance, have a good efficiency, but, they may not reach the Tier-S category for some specific factor.

Tier-B: They are good, they can stand out in brief details, but they fall short in some aspects.

Tier-C: They are classes of weak points, kind of nauseating and maybe not so interesting in terms of mid-late game performances.

Tier-D: The classes here are the most ruined, the ones with the worst performances and synergies.


1) Demon Hunter (S-Tier)

Here, basically, I present you the strongest class in the game.

DH is an extremely strong, efficient, fast character, with points of occurrence and advantages. My recommendation, based on past seasons and also the current season, is DH. For you who are starting to play now, and are looking to make your first adventure.

- An extremely high DPS, extreme battle potential with good races, against elites and monsters in great quantity.

- You may not be able to easily level up (1 ~ 70) (This is often a personal problem, remembering that it varies from person to person), you may have some difficulty here or there, due to the discounted items you need to get, more surely you will get a good weapon in your Kanai cube, or a Karlei point, or a Lord Greenstone fan, which will help a lot.

- At level 70, the build that you should try to build is the Set of Lands of Dread Set, where you will achieve a great ease of game development.

- You have to get a beast of 1 hand Dawn (which will give you the necessary recharge for you to stay in Vengeance mode all the time).

- As a group, the DH class can act more as a support, with excellent buffs, and can help damage the Sorcerers or Necromancers.

- Extremely FANTASTIC Speedfarm, fast (even in supplication 16, hunts), strong, and efficient at high slit levels.

- The problem here, in DH, in my opinion, is that Terras do Pavor is so strong, that basically there is no other choice with the same efficiency in the S22, because the other well-known builds are outdated.

Demon Hunter's overall rating for a season 22? 99.8 / 100


2) Barbarian (S-Tier)

The supreme, the fearless, the lord of strength, Barbarian.

Well, we started our list, with obviously the most unbeatable being in diablo 3, barbarian. Why is the barbarian at the top of our list in the S category? Because he is basically a character with everything and all the facilities (let's say so), that you need. Completing the first 4 chapters of the season, you get the Horde of the 90 savages, which falls into the category of an excellent set. Remembering that the barbarian is excellent for group play (Rat Runs), Rat Runs are xp explosions made in a group, as quickly as possible, they can associate with Necromancers (1 support barbarian, 1 support necromancer, 2 DPS necromancers), as a good request, to make larger cracks, as quickly as possible.

- The barbarian is really easy to level up (1 ~ 70), has good skill mechanics and runes, a very good chance of getting good / excellent weapons with upgrading the Kanai cube.

- Basically it is an easy character to build (level up without difficulties).

- Excellent sets to get you started, like (Horde of the Savage 90s, resource generator build (Frenzy), or Wrath of Shredding Wastes (Destroy the Elites).

- It has an extreme speed, broken runes, skills that combine intensely (Whirlwind + Rend + Furious Charge).

- It has an enviable mechanics when it comes to playing both solo and group.

- Basically in the Mid / Late game, you can get excellent combos with the sets

(Wastes set + Bul-Katho´s set), + Kanai cube that will provide you with excellent combinations of attributes with skills.

- Rat Runs with extreme efficiency, speed and power.

- Why am I going to give 99.5% to the barbarian this season? Why the fourth space of Kanai's cube, will provide better performance in other classes (Speedfarm much faster)

- Overall barbarian rating for Season 22? 99.5 / 100


3) Monk (A-Tier)

Monk is being a surprise this season, because although he has not been modified in this 2.6.10 patch, he has had a sensational buff on Sheng Long's Legendary Fists skill.

- It is a character with average / good efficiency at the time of up (1 ~ 70).

- The set that you will be presented at Haedrig's Gift, is the Precepts of Justice (Which is the build that will be stronger in Monk, this season).

- Precepts of Justice + the Season Bonus + Kanai Cube (With Balance + Okun´s Law), will give you an excellent consistency, mid late game.

- If you get Balance or Torches-incense from the Great Temple, it will help you a lot in your trajectory.

- Focusing on the support monk build, with a series of buffs and speedfarms, you will never be without a group.

- You have the possibility to make a good slit push, that is, really high slits with very intense levels. (Push, basically, would be a challenge to ever larger cracks).

- Good placement against Chiefs and Elites

- If you want to invest in Fists of Shenlong, you will really destroy, making an extremely efficient farm.

- I think Monk, in my view, is somewhat limited in some matters.

Monk overall rating for season 22? 88/100


4) Necromancer (A-Tier)

Necromancer is an extremely efficient class, very quiet to play at the beginning of the game and is very attractive.

- You'll be able to level up (1 ~ 70) extremely fast, whether you're getting a good 2-handed scythe.

- With a third Kanai cube recipe, you can get it with a very good chance Claws of the Essence, which was really puffed in patch 2.6.9

- The set you will be presented at Dadiva de Haedric is the Burning Carnival Mask, which together with the Bone Spear set, is the strongest Necromancer build at the present time and perhaps one of the strongest builds of the season.

- What's the matter with Necro, in my view? You will be very attached to the item Haunting Visions, because it is the one that will make your Blood Simulator alive all the time. If your Simulacre died, you will lose a lot of damage from the Set.

- I recommend you start with the Legacy of Dreams + Skeleton Wizard build until you get Amazing Visions.

- His speedfarm is relatively good, he is very benefited by the 4 slot of the kanai cube, but in relation to a monk or DH, he is still far behind.

- Necromancer overall rating for season 22? 87/100


5) Crusader (B-Tier)

Well, here we are with the tank king.

The Crusader is an average character, you have a good efficiency to make the torment 16, although it is not fast in relation to the other classes. For the larger crevices, I already find it a little more stuck. But check out its context this Season 22.

- Low / medium start class, due to the low chance of getting the necessary equipment.

- It is a relatively easy class to assemble, the set that you will be presented at Dadiva de Haedrig is the Aegis of Bravery.

- Various builds (which will depend on your gameplayer), such as Aegis of Valor + Fist of Paraiso (Farmbuild), Furia do Paraiso (Pushbuild), Bombing build.

- Kanai's Cube, with excellent potential for Paradise Fury, such as (Destiny of the Wicked + Shield of Fury)

- In relation to other classes in cracks, it is very slow.

- The Crusader in a group, with the use of Fury of Paradise will be the absolute RGK (Rift Guardian Killer) of this season. RGK is when you are in very high level rifts, and you need a very high and consistent damage, of individual character, for you to kill the Rift Guardian + a few Elites.

And that is why I consider Crusader to be a reasonable character, everything will depend on the style of game you take or the build you choose.

Crusader overall rating for season 22? 82/100


6) Sorcerer (C-Tier)

The Sorcerer has his place here, in sixth place.

- The Sorcerer has an average start to the game, even if you don't get some interesting equipment, he will have a regular development, as he is the master of the massacre bonuses.

- Achieving an Imminent Death Mojo, you will achieve a good performance in the Spirit Save skill, considerably damaging your damage and improving your performance in the game.

- At level 70, you will be presented by Dadiva de Haedric with Mundunugu Clothing, this being the build you will want to play as a Wizard.

- At the beginning of the season, for you to stay alive, maybe a Sacred Mower, it will fulfill this role well, because it will apply the number of applications of the souls. The Lakumba Ornament Armband will also give you a good development. The worst of all and the one that will take the most work is the Void Ring.

- The main role that I see for the Wizard is that of Trash Killer, however, with the current season bonus prevailing more the Necromancer class (It will be much stronger), so it is up to you to choose which one you can invest to be a good trash killer.

-It is not a good Speedfarm, even more with a worse result in larger cracks.

Sorcerer overall rating for a season 22? 75/100


7) Arcanist (D-Tier)

The arcanist has been doing a couple of seasons that has been having a horrible performance, and this season 22, it doesn't seem to have changed that.

- To level up with the arcanist of 1 ~ 70, he has the WORST development of all classes. That is, the most difficult and hateful to level.

- You can get level 1 a Winter's Breath, which will increase the damage of your Hydra, but here comes a series of controversies about the arcanist. I recommend that you wait until you decide which wand you want to improve for the third recipe from Kanai's cube. If you decide to invest in the Faiscar da Serpente wand, it pays to take the Winter Whistle at level 1. But if you don't get the Faiscar da Serpente wand, wait until level 33, so you have the chance to get a Carved Coat, so , more interesting than the Winter Breath.

- You will have a hard time assembling your arcanist at the beginning.

- The set you will receive for Dadiva de Haedric is the Veil of Typhon, which despite having a very nice damage, does not have a good game dynamic. (Errors, behind errors in the arcanist).

- You will have a little work to assemble your builds with the arcanist.

- As a team, you have the possibility to play with the Tornado de Energia, however, although everything is ok on the consoles, some bugs can still be detected on the PC (Again, more bugs).

- The arcanist's Speedfarm is slow / average, being in the last option, in relation to the other characters this season. However, you can try to play with the Speedfarm build of Legacies of Orb of Ice and Vyr with Explosion Wave.

- Arcanist overall rating for season 22? 68/100

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