[Top 10] Diablo 3 Best Wizard Skills For High Damage

Diablo 3 Best Wizard Skills
Wizard utilizes an All-out Arcane Assault to destroy foes.

Wizards are truly the glass cannon class of Diablo 3 and much like Tom Brady, (NFL Quarterback) if they can stay protected, they can deal tons of damage.  However, also like Tom Brady, when opponents get too close they get in trouble real fast.  Today I will be detailing the Top 10 High Damage Skills for the Wizard so hopefully, you can wipe out the enemies before they have a chance to attack you.  

 *All Percentages based on a Level 70 Character*

10. Arcane Orb (Great for Beginners)

This skill is learned at level 5 and does decent damage off the bat with 435% weapon damage.  50 levels later this is increased to 950% with the use of the Frozen Orb rune.  As with most Wizard attacks, you generally will be using crowd control effects to slow, group, and attack as many enemies as possible from a large distance. This skill damages anything within 15 yards of your target. 

Full Skill Details Here: Arcane Orb

9. Disintegrate (Good for tankier builds midway through level progression)

The Wizard skillset rewards you for being able to sit in one place and channel resources.  Disintegrate focuses a ray of energy toward the target initially dealing 390% weapon damage and increasing every second to a maximum of 890% weapon damage.  Higher-end Wizard builds that can take a few hits can opt for the Entropy rune which fractures the beam of energy into a cone that deals a maximum of 1115% weapon damage.  This skill is ideally used after Black-Hole and Slow-Time on a crowd of enemies. 

Full Skill Details Here: Disintegrate

8. Ray of Frost (Good for Channel heavy playstyle)

Another skill that rewards crowd control and distance from enemies, Ray of Frost works similarly to Disintegrate with the increasing damage the longer you cast.  In addition to these features, you also are chilling enemies which in turn keeps them away from you so you can cast the skill longer.  At level 28 you gain the rune Black Ice which turns this skill from being a damage dealer to only your target but an area damage dealer upon the first kill by leaving a patch of black ice that deals 1625% weapon damage over 3 seconds to anyone who passes through it. 

Full Skill Details Here: Ray of Frost

7. Black Hole (Good for grouping enemies)

Blackhole is thought of mainly for the crowd control effects that it has but it is also a pretty solid damage dealer too.  The crowd control effects come from conjuring the black hole which sucks every enemy within 15 yards towards it.  However, this attack also deals 700% weapon damage to all affected enemies.  As with all the other skills in Diablo, you can upgrade the damage dealt by Blackhole, the Blazar rune in particular maintains the initial 700% weapon damage plus causing an explosion that deals an additional 724% weapon damage to all enemies within 15 yards.  I typically use this skill as the beginning of my attack sequence to group monsters.

Full Skill Details Here: Black Hole

6. Explosive Blast (Good for when you are surrounded)

I typically will use explosive blast immediately after using black hole to draw enemies into a crowd around me and teleport away.  This skill initially deals 945% weapon damage but boosts to 1485% with the first rune, Unleashed.  I also will use this skill if I get in a bind and am surrounded.

Full Skill Details Here: Explosive Blast    

5. Blizzard (Good for Ranged/Crowd Control attack)

This skill is a great ranged attack that has Crowd Control properties as well as being a solid damage dealer.  Ideally, you will have an already slowed or stunned group of enemies several yards away.  The use of Blizzard deals an initial 1075% weapon damage to enemies in a 12-yard radius.  The go-to rune for this skill is Unrelenting Storm as it buffs the damage output to 1810%. 

Full Skill Info Here: Blizzard

4. Meteor (Great for high damage attack)

I like to use meteor in one of two ways, the first is a “dump-the-mag” approach using the Star Pact rune to expend all remaining Arcane power, and for every point of Arcane that is “dumped,” meteor adds 20% more weapon damage to the already impressive 740% plus 235% burn area damage.  If you need a stronger meteor and don’t have expendable Arcane points, go with the Molten Impact rune to increase the meteor damage to a flat 1648% weapon and 625% burn area.

Full Skill Details Here: Meteor

3. Arcane Torrent (Great for Channeling) 

Arcane Torrent has a high damage potential as a channeling skill capping out at 1010% weapon damage as a barrage of Arcane blasts towards a target.  This skill is learned at level 12 and by level 25 you have access to one of the highest damage dealing skills in the Wizard’s repertoire.  Death Blossom, while not extremely practical, deals an impressive 2495% weapon damage as random to nearby targets. 

Full Skill Details Here: Arcane Torrent

2. Energy Twister (Great for inline enemies)

    Coming in Second, Energy Twister is a great skill to cast when the hordes are crowding narrow passageways as the attack deals 1525% weapon damage to anything in its path. If one raging twister is good, two is better right? RIGHT.  The Raging Storm rune rewards casting multiple casts by combining any colliding twisters to form a superstorm capable of dealing 3,200% weapon damage.

Full Skill Detail Here: Energy Twister

1.  Archon Form (Great for High-end builds)

The ultimate fruition of a Wizard’s skill, becoming a being of pure Arcane energy.    When using this skill paired with the 3680% explosion from the combustion rune you can dish out some impressive damage in seconds flat.  This skill is incorporated into most high-end Wizard builds and is extremely effective

Full Skill Details Here: Archon Form

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