Diablo 3 Best Class 2019 [Diablo 3 Tier List]

Diablo 3 Tier List 2019
Archangel Tyrael he watches us all

Whether you are a newcomer or an old hand this Diablo tier list will give you an idea of where to start.

This list gives you an overview of the best classes to slay those demons. 

Diablo 3 Tier List summary

S- tier, offers the most varied skill sets. While still giving you the fastest regeneration properties.

  • Necromancer 95/100

A -tier still gives you decent characters they just take longer to regenerate which causes longer cooldown periods.

  • Wizard 85/100
  • Demon hunter 80/100

B- tier still allows for decent gameplay if you have the right build sets. The skill sets alone simply will not keep you alive in the more intense levels. They do have their advantages with their sheer strength.

  • Crusader 78/100
  • Barbarian 75/100

C- tier These are the weakest of the classes; their build sets will simply not save them. They rely primarily on their magic skills.

  • Monk 70/100
  • Witch Doctor 65/100)

Necromancer (S-Tier)

The demons of hell have a new puppet master.

The demons of hell have a new puppet master.

The Necromancer is the strongest overall class.

Necromancer strengths

  • This class is the overall strongest, with the fastest regeneration.
  • They can draw energy from the living as well as the undead.
  • Their power to reanimate the undead allows them to have an army at their disposal.
  • They are the best for both solo and group play.
  • Hardcore players often use the necromancer class.

Necromancer Weaknesses

  • The larger the army of undead the more energy the necromancer must absorb.
  • This is an additional class; you get the necromancer by purchasing the Rise of the Necromancer pack.

Necromancer rating 95/100

Wizard (A-tier)

This girl can rock your world!

The wizard class is the strongest of the original classes. They have both melee and long-range skills.

Wizard strengths

  • They have a quicker regeneration of their base arcane magic.
  • This class is great for either hardcore or softcore play.
  • Great for solo play while still being useful in group play.

Wizard weaknesses

  • They often need to rely on their passive skill shields to survive.
  • Hardcore players will use the wizard class with the strongest build sets.

Wizard usefulness rating 85/100

Demon Hunter (A-Tier) 

Shes a real slayer!

She's a real slayer!

The demon hunter class is the second strongest of the original classes. They primarily use long-range versus melee.

Demon Hunter strengths

  • They have unlimited arrows and bolts. While other classes need to carry extra inventory the demon hunter does not.
  • The sentry, as well as the hydra ability, allows for reinforcements to be drawn.
  • They also have the use of traps and exploding projectiles.

Demon Hunter Weaknesses

  • They are better with group play since the other players can handle the melee hoards.
  • Very few hardcore players use this class.

Demon Hunter rating 80/100

Crusader (B tier)

He may be a holy man but he will destroy demons.

The Crusader class is the reincarnation of the former Paladin class. Both classes are considered the Holy Warriors.

Crusader strengths

  • The Vigilant, wrathful, and renewal skills allow for the fastest of life regeneration.
  • They also heal and protect anyone within their group.
  • They are great for melee fighting

Crusader Weaknesses

  • Being primarily melee, they are vulnerable to long-range attacks.
  • The punish and shield bash skills offer great strength, you often rely on active skills.
  • The speed of which the wrath regenerates is slower than the demon hunter class.
  • The crusader is an additional class, you get the crusader with the Reaper of Souls expansion pack.

Crusader Rating 78/100

Barbarian (B Tier)

The demon hordes are no match for this guy.

The Barbarian class is the most barbaric of the original classes. They are often brutish in their attacking.

Barbarian Strengths

  • The brute strength allows them to just plow through enemies.
  • They love hand to hand combat, they are for melee attacks.
  • They are still good for group play.

Barbarian Weaknesses

  • They lack the healing capabilities of the Crusader class.
  • They are melee fighting only.
  • They are the most vulnerable from long-range attacks.
  • You see this class being used primarily in softcore mode.

Barbarian rating 75/100

Monk (C tier)

Now you see him Now you don't!

The monk class is the sacred warrior of the original classes. They have healing powers much like the Crusader class.

Monk Strengths

  • The Fleet-footed skill allows the Monk to get out of enemy hoard situations faster.
  • They heal themselves quickly.
  • They are the martial artist fighters.

Monk Weaknesses

  • While they can heal themselves, it is not as strong as the Crusader class.
  • They rely primarily on their active skill set to survive.
  • The regeneration of the Spirit is far slower than the Necromancer class.
  • Hardcore players very rarely use the Monk class.
  • They are weaker than the Crusader class.

Monk Rating 70/100

Witch Doctor (C tier)

Come here so he can hex you!

The witch doctor class is the overall weakest class.

Witch Doctor strength

  • They can slow down and infect their enemies.
  • They can also summon the undead.
  • Their strength is in their spell casting.

Witch Doctor Weaknesses

  • They summoning abilities are far weaker than the Necromancers.
  • They are extremely vulnerable to both melee and long-range attacks.
  • Softcore players use the witch doctor the hardcore players do not.
  • Their mana has the slowest regeneration rate of all the classes.
  • They are rarely seen in solo play.

Witch Doctor Rating 65/100​

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