Diablo 3 Eternal Collection: 5 Important Things To Know

Diablo 3 Eternal Collection

Just What is The Eternal Collection?

With the announcement of Blizzard releasing this new collection many fans have been wondering just what is it? Most of the confusion came from a post that had the game rating and synopsis. The game is rated M but the description was very odd, it just detailed the killing and brutality of the game but also included a decapitated topless succubi. 

The collection will include the Diablo 3 game, the Reaper of Souls expansion and the new Rise of the Necromancer pack. The developers at Blizzard wanted to give everything the game has to offer into one definitive volume.

1. The Platform? 

I am sorry PC but this is not for you, but don’t worry because I’m sure you will get something special in time. This new collection is for Xbox One and PS4. Why are they only releasing it for consoles and not the PC where they have more players? Well you might have just answered your own question. The PC version of the game also has the ability to update to newer versions making the need for a collection useless. With the release of a new collection it will get the old Diablo fans who have stopped playing on their PS4 or Xbox One to dust it off and dive into new adventures. Blizzard is most likely trying to get their Diablo console market back to what it used to be, as where their PC numbers are still strong.

2. The Cost

Now Blizzard has not released any information on the date or price of the game but guesses are already being made. The original game when it came out in 2014 cost $60 for both PlayStation and Xbox. When the expansion for Reaper of souls came out it also cost $60. This leads fans to believe that if we are getting enough content in this collection then it will most likely cost the same amount as the last two games, being $60. What would be really surprising is that they release the expansion and the DLC necromancer content on separate packages so players can just have the character and not have to by the new game. If Blizzard takes this route one might see a price of $20 or $30 for a new character.

3. The Necromancer

Necromancer concept art

Let’s face it this is going to be the main reason why every body will buy this game. They want to play as their favorite hero character from Diablo 2. As we are still uncertain of a lot of factors about this new expansion collection, we are putting all of our eggs in the basket with this one. The new collection will feature the necromancer character. In addition to that the player also gets an in-game pet, two additional character slots, a portrait frame, pennant, banner, and banner sigil. They are also adding in set specific items for the necromancer and a very interesting ability list for them. All the announcements released so far seem to be focusing on the new class and will be the main part of the collection.

4. The Necromancer Gameplay

Rise of the Necromancer DLC Pack Review (Diablo 3 2.6 gameplay)

Reading up on the released information from Blizzard, we know that the necromancer is going to be blood focused. What this means is that they are adding a new mechanic to the game that revolves around the amount of blood a necromancer has. Picture it being like his mana pool. 

This is pretty exciting news because it is a new way to play the game. With such skills as Blood dash and Bone spear and also having the ability to use their own health to boost attack damage, the necromancer could turn out to be the best character yet!

5. The Content

Diablo III: Eternal Collection gameplay

Diablo 3 had a difficult period when they released the Reaper of souls expansion because it was released the same time as the Ultimate evil edition. These two releases both conflicted with each other making fans confused on which one to get or if they needed to get both. 

With the new release of the Eternal collection it would be smart for Blizzard to include everything they have from the first release to what they are adding now. By doing this fans will be ecstatic to have everything on one disk (download) and won’t question whether or not they are missing any content. All the content in one place is what we are hoping for in this new collection and maybe that word itself is a hint to what it contains.

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