Diablo 3 Legendary Farming 2017: 10 Tricks and Tips

Diablo 3 Legendary Farming Guide.
In need of legendaries

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From Sticks and Stones to Bling and Blang

It’s late at night and you just plowed through another cave killing more monsters than you could count because your screen was just a blob of bodies and bright lights. Out of mana, health potions and Mountain Dew you should turn back or just teleport back to the town but you pursue onward. Turning the final corner of the unexplored map you see a small group of monsters with one glowing. “This is the one” you think to yourself and you press every button to attack it trying to end the fight quickly and then you hear the sound. That lovely whoosh followed by the high pitched hum oh a brightly glowing object on the floor. You have finally found what you are looking for, a legendary item.

Now you don’t have to do all of that to get a legendary, sometimes you are playing with your friends and the first monster Dylan kills he gets one. Why? Well because that's just how real life and this game work. Although you do have a higher probability of getting legendary items the more you play and defeat monsters there is always the random probability factor that plays in.

Have no fear though! If you follow these ten tips you will dramatically increase your chances for success!

10. High Level Bounties

In the world of Diablo the bounty options are the ones that feel the most looked over. Everybody jumps right into doing rifts, which are great but in tandem with bounties can be a valuable resource. Bounties are quests that require you to either kill a monster, clear an area or complete an event which in of itself can help you get a legendary. The real help are the rewards for bounties.

A high level bounty contract completed.

Once able to complete high level bounties you may receive a legendary item as a reward. Who knows, do enough of them and maybe you can get a set?

9. Rifts and Guardians

A rift guardian stands his ground against a player.

It is no secret here that rifts are your best friend when it comes to Diablo 3 legendary farming. They are ideal for grinding through crawls, gaining experience and collecting a lot of item drops. Although the Legendary drop rate in normal rifts is a little better than the over world it is still low, that where the guardian comes into. The guardian is your best bet to getting a legendary drop in a normal rift. They are essentially the bosses of the rift so once you defeat them they should drop fairly decent loot for you to pick up and then inevitably throw away for something better when it comes along.

8. Greater Rifts and Greater Guardians

A greater rift with a greater guardian and challenge.

The next logical step right? If you are strong enough to make it through the normal rifts well move on to the greater ones. I hope you don’t need me to tell you that these are a little tougher do I? Good, than we are on the same page. What makes these rifts different than the regular ones you’ve been doing is that they have a higher percentage chance of dropping legendary items. Almost having a guarantee that at the end of the tunnel of torment you’ve been going through will be worth it. The guardian at the end will give you some good loot once defeated and if you managed to work a bounty in there than good for you! I’m so proud!

7. Treasure Goblin Realm

The treasure goblin realm after defeating the boss.

Yes it’s true, the place that we all have wondered about. Every person who has played Diablo 3 has asked the question “where do the treasure goblins go when they jump in that portal? If I am fast enough can I go through that portal with him?” Well this might not help you as much with getting legendary items it is a cool place to go to get gold and other loot! Who doesn’t love loot?

There is a complex system one must do to be able to get to this pleasure I mean treasure realm so stick with me okay? Alright first you need a puzzle ring. This is a legendary ring so maybe with all the farming you have been doing up to this point you picked one up. Once you have the ring you have to go to Kanai’s cube and, here is the complicated part, put the ring in the cube. Once that is done it should open up a portal to the treasure goblin realm where you are free to frolic and play amongst the goblins...if that's what you are into. Oh and watch out for their Baroness, it isn’t the most friendly of goblins. Check out this link for a more detailed explanation.

6. Kanai’s Cube

Hey you made it back from the treasure goblin realm, did you have a good time? Any way back to business, legendaries you need them but maybe you have already picked up a couple along the way, at least I hope so, if not hold onto your rare items!. Kanai’s Cube can really help you here again. By using the cube you can transmute items into new things, extract legendary item effects and put them on new items but most importantly you can turn rare items into legendary ones! It’s like crafting your own legendary items almost like cheating but it will cost you. 

Kanai’s cube menu when opened.

The big ticket resource you are going to need is Death’s Breath which is only found on the biggest and baddest of the monsters so hopefully you picked some of those up as well during your adventure! The cubes infinite power doesn’t end there you can also convert set items, gems and more but you will have to find the cube and test it out yourself.

5. Speed Farming

You are going to be farming no matter what so why not do it with some speed! Speed farming is all about clearing enemies fast and getting through heavily populated areas with no problem. The key to speed farming is the build on your character. Each character has its own direction in terms of speediness. It is all about doing great area of effect damage or being able to mow down enemies without waiting for cool downs.

A comedic Witch Doctor build that involves carrying a chicken item. 

For this it would be beneficial to look up some specific builds to see what  would work best for you, but the rumor is that there is no one faster than the Chicken Doctor. Check out this link for the best speed farm builds.

4. Putting In Time Pays Off

A Crusader walking the scorched battlefield where he fights for his religious figure head.

It may not seem like it but Diablo 3 actually is very generous with legendary items. According to some players it works out to getting a legendary item about every hour if you are really trying for it. Hey that’s not bad! You just have to put in the time and effort so the game knows that you really really want that item and need it. This is just common logic for any game, the longer you put into it the more rewarding it all is. Not only will you acquire some legendary items you will also gain experience, levels and other items that could possibly be helpful. So grab some more snack and drinks because you are going to be in for a long night, but don’t worry because it will all pay off in the end.

3. The Diablo Community

The main Diablo hero fighting off the monsters of the night.

Every game has a fan base, a group of people who all share their love for the game with one another. Some communities are more loyal then others. The Diablo community has one of the best. Blizzard in general knows how to make their fans happy and give them what they want putting a huge amount of effort into each of their games. 

The community has set up websites, wiki’s, and forums to communicate with each other on how to beat a certain level, get an item or just strategic playing. It is a place where if you are having trouble with finding legendary items you can talk with hundreds of people who have faced the same problem and now know how to over come that issue. That being said the community won’t give you legendary items…actually depending on if you join a certain party they might, but the point is they can tell you exactly how to do it. They have helped me out a lot and are extremely nice so why not go introduce yourself.

2. Farm With Friends

I have said it once and I will say it again, farming with friends is the best thing you can do for trying to get legendary items. Not only do you have fun but you fly through areas and have help doing it. The best part is that you don’t even have to worry about your friends picking up your items because it is only there for you. Now you won't have to sprint in after killing a boss or enemy. What is also good about playing with friends is that the difficulty scales and so do the drop rates, slightly. The best part is that if you are playing with friends you almost double or triple your chances because they might pick up something that only you can use so trading amongst yourself is incredibly helpful. So call your friends what can they be doing that is more important?

The friends list menu that has a comedic tone to it when no one is online.

1. Know Your Limits

The Diablo 3 difficulty levels from Normal to Torment IX

Now that you have been grinding hard and have your friends on you think you can jump right into Torment XII no problem right? Wrong! The difficulty gets much harder not just in one aspect in every. The difference in monster damage from Normal to T5 is 1652%, that is an insane amount of damage that you're going to be taken. At TX the monster's health is 200082%, how are you even suppose to kill that? 

This is the common problem that a lot of new player's face they think just because they are doing really well in act 1 they can skip four difficulty levels and go straight to getting the higher legendary drop rate but once they get to act 2 with those infuriating flies, they soon realize that they have made a great mistake.

This is the key to getting legendary items though, the higher the difficulty you play on the better chance of getting an item. Up to T1 players have a 1.5% chance of getting a legendary drop but once they cross over into T2 it now goes up to 50% and so on from there. So once you are ready ramp up the difficulty but within what you can handle. Remember the legendary is not going to help you if you die before you get to swing it.

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